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Interior in a small private house: Through House in Canada

Charming interior of a small house Through House was developed and implemented by the talented employees of the architectural company Dubbeldam Architecture + Design. This residence is located on a small plot of land in the Canadian city of Toronto, Ontario, in one of the areas with dense buildings.

Outside Through House in Canada

Owners of this building, built in the XIX century, wanted to have a modern mansion with remarkable lighting and functional layout. Designers and architects carried out a major overhaul of the cottage with a total area of ​​115 square meters, while retaining a small patio while redeveloping.

For interior design мастера использовали стилистику минимализма, которая замечательно подходит для таких современных скромных апартаментов. For отделки стен, пола и потолка была подобрана нейтральная белоснежная палитра, визуально расширяющая помещение и наполняющая обстановку невероятным сиянием, уютом и теплотой.

Entrance door Through House in Canada

On the first floor of the building there is a kitchen, combined with a dining room, and a cozy guest lounge. A laconic staircase with frosted plastic fences and wooden stairs leads to the second floor, where spacious bedrooms for family members are equipped. Even the bathroom with toilet is decorated with semi-matt walls.

Kitchen Through House in Canada Patio Through House in Canada Canteen Through House in Canada Staircase in Through House Staircase in Through House

For оснащения комнат подобран простой и лаконичный гарнитур, который не загромождает пространство и придаёт помещениям невероятное очарование, функциональность и комфорт. На внутреннем дворике оборудована небольшая площадка для игр и развлечений, а также великолепное место для трапезы.

Bedroom and bathroom Through House in Canada Bathroom Through House in Canada Patio Through House in Canada

This zone is combined with a kitchen, a living room and a dining room thanks to sliding doors with panoramic glass, through which the space is filled with dazzling sunshine, warmth and incredible comfort. A wooden canopy, gently filtering natural light, accentuates the area for a summer meal.

First-level layout of Through House in Canada First Level Through House in Canada Second floor planning through House in Canada The second level of Through House in Canada Roof Layout Through House in Canada Roof Through House in Canada The layout of all levels of Through House in Canada