12 modern kitchen interior styles: which one is right for

Style is much easier to recognize by sight than to describe in words: you will recognize it when you see it, and the photo that inspires you most often can surprise you. Do you think you know all about the style of your kitchen? Look at 12 descriptions of the most popular styles of kitchen design, and tell which one you like.

  • Farmer style
  • Rustic style
  • Art Nouveau style
  • Traditional style
  • Modern style
  • Transitional style
  • Craft style
  • Cottage style
  • The style of the Parisian bistro
  • Classic style
  • Mediterranean style
  • Eclecticism

Farmer style

Farmer style, наполненный теплом и уютом, напоминает о простоте деревенской жизни и в то же время привносит в интерьер максимум функциональности и удобства. Открытые полки, емкие мойки, классическое напольное покрытие и большой кухонный стол – в такой кухне всегда приятно находиться, ее невозможно не полюбить.

Kitchen in farm style

Rustic style

"Worn", "aged", "rough" - this may not be the first words that come to your mind when thinking about the kitchen. However, today the rustic-style kitchens successfully compete with the kitchens in the classic white decoration, thanks to the magnificent finish of wood, stone, brick, vintage decor elements and fireplaces.

Rustic style в интерьере кухни

Art Nouveau style

As a rule, the term "modern" has a fairly wide interpretation, but speaking of the kitchen in modern style, mean frameless kitchen cabinets, neat and simple furniture accessories, strict horizontal lines and lack of decorations - the main role is played by the natural beauty of the materials used.

Kitchen in Art Nouveau style

Traditional style

Traditional cuisine is easy to learn by details - arches, decorative stucco and consoles, paneled doors, a variety of vintage trim and figured legs - and even pendant chandeliers-candelabra. And it does not matter whether such a kitchen is framed in the best traditions of the American classics or the respectable old world - it will always carry a unique imprint of the owner's personality.

Traditional style в интерьере кухни

Modern style

Modern kitchens can be very tidy and minimalistic, but unlike modern style kitchens, the main feature of which is structural and systematic, modern kitchens show more playful elements in decoration and forms, and use elements of other styles to create their own vision of the present.

Kitchen in a modern style

Transitional style

Transitional style – великий посредник. Тепло и гостеприимность традиционного стиля, чистые, простые лини современного стиля – переходный стиль создает возможность баланса между элементами разных стилей, гармонично их объединяя. Благодаря своей гибкости, переходный стиль является излюбленным стилем оформления для тех, кто предпочитает как традиционные, так и современные мотивы в интерьере.

Transitional style на кухне, что это?

Craft style

This style appeared at the beginning of the 20th century as a response to the growth of the mass production and fussiness of the Victorian era. The inherent rich wood finish, built-in elements, hand-crafted decorative ceramic tiles and good-quality simplicity continue to fascinate us.

What is the handicraft style in the kitchen?

Cottage style

Cozy, joyful and unpretentious, cottage style in the kitchen reminds of times when life was much easier, and creates an atmosphere of easy, carefree life. Corrugated wooden panels, soft colors, vintage fittings, wooden floors and colorful accents and curtains will fill your kitchen with the comfort of a country house.

Cottage style в интерьере кухни

The style of the Parisian bistro

If you dream of a cup of sweet café au lait in Montmartre, why not add a little Parisian atmosphere to the interior of your own house? Muted lighting, beautiful kitchen utensils in sight, tiled floors and striped marquises will help you create the right impression.

Provencal cuisine

Classic style

What is a classic? The answer is as ambiguous as the style of cooking. And yet, the distinctive features of the classical style are white or cream-beige kitchen cabinets, simple architectural details and black accents. It is easy to give this style of individuality by adding elements in a modern, traditional or eclectic style according to one's own taste.

Classics in the interior of the kitchen

Mediterranean style

Cone-shaped hood, hand-painted tiles, kitchen furniture from warm wood, wooden beams at the ceiling and arched niches are just some of the features that make cuisines in the style of the Spanish revival so popular.

Mediterranean style в интерьере кухни


You are annoyed by the need to adhere to a single style, and you hate the framework? Your home is your territory: you can mix and match styles the way you like. The main thing is that your protest against conformism in the style of design was justified: make your kitchen truly individual, so that elements in the modern style, rustic motifs and strokes inherent in other styles harmoniously combined and complement each other, showing your sense of humor and disdain for boring rules .

Her Majesty the Eclectic