Creative idea for a small room - we hide the sleeping bed in

Folding beds in the interior

Where to place a bed, when there is not enough space in the dwelling, is a good question, right? A lot of people thought about this difficult and intricate problem.

Therefore, decorators try to make our life easier by inventing new conceptual ideas. Not so long ago, architects came up with another solution! It is not only multi-functional, but also aesthetic.

Master Harry Thaler invented a sleeping bed, which can be hidden in the headset. This concept was made on the idea of ​​a gallery of contemporary creativity, furniture was named Atelierhouse.

Folding beds folded Container for dressing room One-Bedroom Rollaway Bed Wardrobe in the container Sleeper in the container Container for a bed in the folded form

From the decorator was necessary to implement a room that would be comfortable for several people and visually attractive.

Harry Thaler picked up a fairly uncommon and simple way out, using the wheels - for mobility the headset, and combining the bed with the closet.

If friends come to you or you need to quickly release the space in the room, the bed hides for a few moments.

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