3 myths about tiny spaces - violate the rules

You probably heard more than once that to create a beautiful and ergonomic interior of a small apartment there are certain principles and norms. Among them are: neutral gamma for finishing various surfaces, miniature furniture and the location of objects above eye level.

Chocolate color in the design of a small studio

Harmonious combination of cream and chocolate in the design of the kitchen

However, these are just misconceptions. Nobody obliges you to use these solutions for the design of modest apartments.

In today's article, we will introduce you to three misconceptions related to the decoration of a tiny shelter. Also we will tell you about how and why these principles can and should be violated.

Bar counter in the living room

Simple and concise layout of the apartments

Myth number 1. For the decoration of tiny housing is suitable exclusively for snow-white

Naturally, we will not argue that the neutral palette expands the space. But this does not mean that you have to drive yourself into a rigid framework. You can easily use for decoration of walls, floor and ceiling a variety of materials, characterized by a combination of light and dark tones.

In a tiny room try to play with the volume, forming it thanks to the contrasting color in the decoration. For example, you can paint one wall surface in a saturated shade (brown, purple, pink). This cunning trick will create in the room an optical illusion of depth, drama and expressiveness.

As a result of the visual accentuation of one partition, the apartments will appear wider and larger. Another important principle of decor is the use of colorful details and interior items. They not only transform the premises, but also distract the attention of family members and guests from a modest square.

Workplace in the living room

Wood in decoration brings to the atmosphere incredible charm and magnetic appeal

Accent wall in the bedroom

The saturated color in the decoration of the partition wall gives the room depth and expressiveness

Contrast decoration of the kitchen

Functional layout of a one-room apartment

Bright accents in the design of a small studio

Windows with panoramic glass and bright red wallpaper give the room brightness and dynamism

Myth number 2. To equip the studio you need to select a miniature furnishing

The use of small furniture makes it possible to visually reduce the area of ​​the apartments, but in addition, you can reduce its number. This tricky reception allows you to make the room voluminous, light and airy.

Arrange in the guest cabin a miniature modular sofa, on which you can comfortably accommodate all your friends and acquaintances, as well as a large bed in the boudoir, so that it's great to get enough sleep.

Large Items stylish furniture, as a rule, more comfortable and cozy. In addition, they give the interior a comfortable and neat appearance. At the same time, small accessories and decorative elements form visual chaos and disorder.

Corner sofa in the living room with panoramic windows

Windows with panoramic glazing bring ease and natural charm to the atmosphere

Mirror cabinet in the bedroom

Sliding mirror doors of the built-in cabinet visually expand the space

Bedroom in white color

Snow-white decoration of the boudoir looks gently and laconically

A lot of accessories in the living room

Eclectic ornaments on the walls look extremely interesting and creative

Bedroom in pastel colors

The decoration of the bedroom is sustained in neutral beige and turquoise shades

An arc-shaped floor lamp in the living room

Floor lamp with arc-shaped base emphasizes the height of the ceiling

Myth number 3. In small rooms, all decorations and objects should be positioned at a height

Of course, you should use the maximum area of ​​the room, as well as the surface of the walls. However, this does not mean that we have to hang shelves above the head of the bed, a sofa or a desk. Any jewelry and accessories located above the eye level, "eat" space.

It is not necessary to hang shelves on all walls, it is better to choose only one partition and fill it with a rack or cabinets. Very original in interior of a small room will look compositions from shelves and consoles.

Built-in full-wall bookcase

The bookcase from floor to ceiling gives the room a visual height

Wooden decoration in the studio

The use of wood in the decoration of the floor and furniture brings warmth and elegance to the atmosphere

Kitchen set for the whole wall

Cabinets up to the ceiling allow you to maximize every square centimeter of the area