Quality glass doors for sauna and bath - review from 18

If you are planning to build a sauna or a sauna, you should carefully approach the choice of doors. The most popular and convenient option are glass doors for sauna and bath. Since these rooms are characterized by a special temperature regime and high humidity, the door must retain its properties and do not deteriorate for a long time. The modern glass door for a bath or a sauna satisfies the basic requirements of buyers, however has also disadvantages. Today we will look at the features of glass doors in steam rooms and determine the right choice.

Glass door for a bath - advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of glass doors for a bath:

  1. Easy cleaning

The undoubted advantage of a glass door for a sauna and a bath is its easy cleaning. Often in the baths people use essential oils, which with steam settle on all the surfaces of the steam room, including on the doors. Washing a glass door is much easier than a wooden one, as the glass does not absorb moisture and does not have a porous surface that is clogged with time by deposits and dirt.

Glass door for sauna and sauna with a picture - photo

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  1. Modern design

Thanks to modern materials, the glass door for a sauna can have a frame from both natural wood and high-quality metal or plastic. As for the design of the glass itself, here you can also choose from a dozen options, starting with a tinted or matte finish and ending with drawings, glass engraving and decorative frame coating.

Door for sauna glass - choose design and quality Matte glass doors for sauna and bath Matte glass door for a bath and sauna with a transparent pattern

  1. Transparency of the door

This factor increases the safety of those in the pair, as it allows you to visually assess their condition. Often, when overheating people in the steam room lose consciousness. The presence of a transparent glass door allows you to notice the unconscious person without entering the steam room, and immediately take it out for first aid.

Transparent glass door for a bath with a wooden handle

  1. Visual expansion of space

Even if your steam room is small, installing a glass door will allow you to visually increase space, feel comfortable while staying inside and enjoy a beautiful view.

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  1. No deformation due to moisture and temperature

Glass doors for saunas and baths, unlike wooden ones, do not deform from constant exposure to moisture and high temperature, which makes them the most durable in the market.

Unusual glass doors for saunas and baths from opaque glass

What disadvantages are the glass doors for sauna and bath:

  1. Heating the glass increases the risk of burns

The glass has good thermal conductivity, so the glass door for the sauna quickly heats up to the temperature in the steam room, which can lead to a burn if it is touched by open parts of the body. In order not to touch the surface of the door with your hands, install wooden non-heating handles made of linden. Wood linden is heated less than other types of trees.

  1. The presence of glass in the door increases the risk of injury if accidentally damaged

As a rule, glass doors for a bath are made of special tempered or multi-layer heat-resistant glass, which is difficult to break, but the risk of injury still remains.

We choose high-quality glass doors for sauna and bath

What else is needed for glass doors in the sauna: accessories

To the accessories for doors to the bathhouse special requirements are imposed, including resistance to high temperature and humidity. Therefore, as a rule, quality fittings for glass doors in the sauna are made of stainless steel or have a special coating.

So, to install a glass door in a sauna or a sauna you will need:

  1. Hinges for glass doors in the sauna

Hinges are an important element that holds the entire structure, so they are not worth saving. Quality door hinges for glass doors should have increased protection against corrosion and temperature effects, as well as rubber gaskets for reliable glass fixation.

Reliable hinges for glass doors in the saunaGlass door for sauna and sauna with beautiful loopsSteel hinges for glass doors in the sauna with rubber padsHinges for glass doors in the sauna из нержавейки Fittings for glass doors in the sauna - painted metal hinges

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  1. Special fastening of doors to various surfaces
  2. Magnets and brackets for magnets, installed on the door

Magnets are used to lock the door in the closed position, but they can be easily opened by slightly pushing it.

Fittings for glass doors in sauna - magnets

  1. Locks and locks

Locks and locks, обычно устанавливаются с внешней стороны двери, для её надёжной фиксации в закрытом положении.

  1. Door handles

Assortment of pens for glass doors is huge. You can easily pick up the handle for the glass door in the sauna in accordance with its design and your preferences.

Wooden handle for glass doors in a sauna made of lime Chrome-plated fittings for glass doors in the sauna - door handlesGlass fences and doors for sauna and bath with wooden handle Stylish fittings for glass doors in the sauna - a handle made of wood