Gray bedroom - photo ideas how to beautifully decorate a

At first glance, gray is a dull and sad color. But, if we talk about design work, then it is considered one of the most common. Black and white colors are opposite to each other, and gray is just the so-called "middle" between them.

Grey bedroom

Thanks to its different shades, you can make a chic interior in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and especially in the bedroom. It perfectly emphasizes the beautiful design, the bedroom in gray will look very stylish. This color is perfectly suited to a variety of other shades.

It is very important to remember that gray shades have an impact on the human psyche. The darker they are, the more oppressed the situation seems to be.


Therefore, light gray tones will be more welcome. They do not put pressure on the psyche, the atmosphere is pleasant. A person will feel comfortable and calm. But this is not the main thing.


At the sight of gray color, the human subconscious also works. In the gray bedroom, a person feels protected, since the gray color resembles a metal, a powerful concrete wall. It helps a person to be more calm.


The bedroom is the main resting place, that's why it needs to be done so that the conditions are as comfortable as possible. When choosing a gray shade, it is best to adhere to neutrality, it should not be too dark or too light.

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You can draw a gray background and highlight it among other colors. The presence of this color is suitable for both young and older people. In the first case, more contrasting and fashionable combinations will be selected, in the other - calm, monochrome tones.


Table of contents of the article:

  • Important details in the design of the gray bedroom
  • How the gray interior of the bedroom is made unique
  • Fiery flowers and gray
  • Blue and Gray
  • Photo of the interior of the gray bedroom

Important details in the design of the gray bedroom

To create coziness in the gray bedroom, you need to familiarize yourself with the decorative properties of the chosen color. In it, in fact, a lot of unique things.


Gray colors are suitable for any shade, the combination in all cases will be ideal. Also the big role here is played by the area of ​​the room and its architectural differences. It is important to consider the level of illumination, both day and night.


To make the small bedroom seem visually more voluminous, one should tend to the use case of only light gray color.

Kimberton_Master Bed Room

But, rooms, in which almost no sunlight gets, it is also best to decorate in light gray colors.


As noted above, the gray color is perfectly combined with different colors. But the desired result can be achieved only by selecting them correctly in terms of brightness. The darker the gray, the brighter the second color. Accordingly, the lighter the gray, the lower the level of brightness will need a different color. The main thing is to observe this balance between shades.


Before you begin to translate into reality the desired interior, you need to make sure the combination of selected colors. Only having thought different options, having listened to sets of councils of designers, having looked through many photos of gray bedroom, it is possible to begin work.

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How the gray interior of the bedroom is made unique

There is a thought about the detrimental effect of dark blue tones in the gray bedroom. Family couples such a combination to some extent can cause harm, namely their warm feelings.


Each person has his own desires and tastes. They are quite different. One may like this or that combination of colors, while others simply can not accept this.


But still, when choosing an interior, it is important to listen to the advice of the masters. Only combining their desires with the recommendations of designers can create an atmosphere of coziness in the bedroom. And here are some useful tips on combining gray with others:

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1. A soothing effect will produce a combination of gray and blue interiors.


2. It will help to remove fatigue gray with green.


3. Red and gray will promote the awakening of passion.


4. With gray-yellow shades, the heat will be felt.


5. Gray-violet combination will make an uncomfortable, unpleasant atmosphere.


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How effective is the combination of gray with white?


This is one of the most successful combinations. In this you can be 100% sure. The main thing is not to overdo it, we must approach with creativity to this issue. For example, the combination will be successful if to a gray pick up not a pure white shade, and a little lemon.


In a gray-white room, there should not be too many items. Bright paintings, pillows, souvenirs are welcomed. Even more beauty will add home flowers. And this room should be very well illuminated.


How much will gray color match? To emphasize the refined style of the interior and make it fascinating, it is best to combine a light gray with black. And it is even better to add a third color - white.

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The combination of gray with pink and purple. If you add a pink color to the gray, it will look very gentle and original.


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It's the same with purple. The wallpaper will take a silver tinge. Starting from this, you can combine in the same colors, for example, a bed and a blanket.


Fiery flowers and gray

Since everything depends on the brightness of the selected color, it is worthwhile to try with red and orange. They should not be very expressive and burning. Give preference to more subdued shades and comfort in the bedroom is guaranteed.


What if you combine green and gray? Of course, this combination is possible. But there are also some nuances. Colors should not be too bright. To a light gray background it is often recommended to select soft green shades.


Blue and Gray

Here, too, the luminance level plays a significant role. The brighter, the better. With this combination, the room will seem larger than it really is. Alternatively, you can add a third color, if desired.


And so we came to the conclusion that the gray color can not be called simple. How many interesting things can you do with his fate, combining with other shades of different colors. It remains only not to stop fantasizing, do not be afraid to experiment, and arrange for yourself and your family all the comforts and comforts.


Photo of the interior of the gray bedroom


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