We make a new year's wreath at the door with our own hands

Even beginners can follow these tips to easily create a wonderful festive decoration with the help of branches of plants and bright berries.

  • Create a New Year's mood
  • Required Tools
  • Step-by-step description of works

Create a New Year's mood

Nothing transmits so holiday spirit, as a fresh Christmas wreath, which can be hung on the door or over the fireplace. The process of making a wreath of fresh branches with leaves consists of eight simple steps - an ideal step-by-step instruction for those who do it for the first time. Follow our advice, and create a living festive decoration.

Final result

For this time of the year, the texture combination of ordinary lemon branches with leaves that can be easily obtained at any time of the year, and the branches of seasonal plants such as blueberries, calotsadrus (Californian cedar) and boxwood are ideal. The bright red berries of the holly will create the necessary colorful contrast.

Required Tools

All the material required for us to work

So, in order to make this wreath, you will need:

  • Branches of lemon tree with leaves
  • Branches of blueberries with leaves
  • Branches of calotseus with leaves
  • Buckwheat branches with leaves
  • Branches of the holly with berries

All this can be found at the local flower shop. From 5 to 10 branches of each plant should be enough.

Additional materials and tools:

  • Frame for a wreath of metal wire with a diameter of about 20 cm, with staples (can be purchased in stores selling goods for needlework or in flower shops)
  • Stapler
  • The tape is 5 cm wide and about 1, 5 m long.
  • Scissors
  • Secateurs
  • Garden gloves
  • A hammer

Begin to crop excess

Step-by-step description of works

1. Lay the frame of metal wire on a flat surface and place on it lemon leaves as a base. Trim excess stems. Do not feel sorry for the leaves for the base, unfolding them in a fan-like manner between the staples along the entire circumference of the frame.

Gently fit into the frame

2. Add a layer of blueberry branches. Use pruners to prune the branches to the length you need.

Cut off the excess length of branches with a pruner

Use a generous bunch of blueberry branches for each staple. This will add a nice texture, and at the same time will not overload the overall appearance of the wreath.

Densely lay branches to each other

Make sure that the branches of the blueberry are evenly distributed over all the braces of the frame.

Our intermediate result

3. The branches of the Californian cedar can be prickly, so in order to proceed to the next step, you will need to put on garden gloves. Cut the branches of cedar into small twigs and place these twigs inside each staple. The number of twigs used depends entirely on your taste and the feeling of beauty. The branches of the Californian cedar give the decoration a special festive look, and, besides, they have a magnificent aroma.

Cedar branches

4. Break the branches of boxwood into small twigs, starting with larger bundles and ending with smaller ones. Place the twigs of boxwood closer to the inner ring of the wreath. Start with large bundles of branches, and then use small ones to fill all the holes.

We begin to weave our cedar branches into a wreath

5. Now decorate the wreath with holly berries to give it a festive color.

A branch of holly berries

Cut the twigs with the berries so that they are about the same length as the twig in the picture.

That's the length we need, be careful

6. Carefully place a small twig with berries in each staple. The holly can be very brittle, so when working with it, be careful.

Carefully add them to our wreath

Now that you have placed all the leaves, branches and berries on the frame, your wreath is almost formed and will look something like the one shown in the photo.

Approximately this is how our wreath should look like after 6 stages

7. Find the staples in the green of the branches and clamp each. If the braces do not lend themselves, use a hammer. Before you tighten the staples, make sure that all branches and leaves are positioned correctly, so that after nothing falls. Holding the staples, hide them from the eyes, stuck into the wreath with a few additional twigs.

We bend the brackets on the frame

8. Cut about 1.5 m of tape in order to make a loop for hanging our decoration.

Choose a tape with the mind

Wrap both ends of the tape around the frame a short distance from each other, and secure them with a stapler.

We tie a wreath to our ribbon

We fix the ribbon on the wreath with a stapler

Cut the top of the tape in two to tie the edges with a bow (take a look at the first picture to see what you should get).

We make a beautiful knot and hang it on the door!

We hope that you have succeeded, if you have any questions, without hesitation, ask them! We will try to help you.