7 grand ideas for small kitchens and baths - pay attention

Orchid near the washbasin

Modern realities can hardly please the majority of readers with various extra possibilities, which is why the questions on the processes of transforming an existing interior and bringing it to a normal and modern state are often revealed on the pages of our forum. This topic is especially relevant in the conditions of small apartments. It is for this reason that we decided that a few practical, and most importantly, visual advices will not seem superfluous to you, and may be pushing you to your own bold creative decisions.

Beautiful bathroom

Raise the optical ceiling level in your room. The old, but reliable scheme associated with the application of striped wallpaper completely takes on the function of some crane, raising the height of your room to an even greater value. Very effective and really practical is the contrast of black and white colors. Such a color scheme of the room will really help to solve this problem in full. Ceiling decoration in such a situation should differ simplicity and harmonize with the overall interior.

Design of kitchen area

Let there always be sunshine. High-quality lighting, especially in conjunction with an abundance of sunny colors will fill your rooms with a special mood and make them a little more than they really are. This technique is especially relevant in small kitchens, where tightness negatively affects the cooking process. The installation of large windows will not only brighten up the discomfort, but will also provide additional ventilation during the warm season.

Modern bathroom

Selection of additional elements of the interior, which will support the overall design decision and give additional functionality. Various pieces of furniture and decor, realized as ready-made, and custom-made, can perfectly fit into an already existing image. Interior stylistics will not be broken if you try to combine modern tiles and wood, and also competently approach the issue of color design. If such an action will lead to an increase in the functionality of the premises, then all the works will certainly not be in vain.

Bathroom decoration

Think big. Special models of modern sanitary ware and, in particular, baths, allow these products to be installed in virtually any area that has virtually any configuration. Even in a small bathroom you will feel cozy and comfortable, and the opportunity to soak in the bathroom will only enhance this emotional effect.

Original washbasin

Choose only the plumbing that really satisfies all the requests related to the dimensions of your premises. Exclusive sanitary engineering of this kind will not only successfully fit into the space of your bathroom, but also create a special and unique interior, looking at which you will experience a real pleasure.

Design of kitchen area

Equip your kitchen with taste and a certain zest. The original and modern kitchen set will not only save a sufficient amount of useful space, but also create a special interior, for the positive perception of which you need a minimum amount of effort. Red kettle with a set of dishes, decorated in the same color and a set for spices, featuring an interesting design solution - elements that together form the basis for such an interesting design. Similar decoration of the room with the help of ware items not only seemingly cute, but also practical.


Do not leave any corner of your room unattended. If you think that some parts of your room should be selected in order to create a certain design accent, do not hesitate and act bolder. A small strip of ceramic mosaic, which served as a background for the original washbasin, is an example of a creative move that can be fully used for such purposes.

Bathroom Interior Design

Another perspective of this sample of magnificent design will allow more broadly and in detail to appreciate the beauty of the idea, which so successfully was embodied in real life.