A few tips for converting a small bathroom

Interior of a stylish bathroom

Turning glossy pages of magazines about design, and considering the possible options for designing bathrooms, one wonders that all of them require the presence of large areas.

Moreover, in addition to the necessary set of sanitary ware (including a jacuzzi instead of an ordinary bathroom) and furniture, in each room you can see couches for relaxation, armchairs, stimulants and massagers.

But in real life, few people can boast of free spaces - everything looks a bit different. Surely everyone who looked at this topic solved the problem of arranging a small bathroom room so that it looked modern, beautiful, but also functional and comfortable.

The following projects, perhaps, will help to select several successful tricks and methods for solving similar problems.

Interior of a stylish bathroom

First of all, you need to remember that dark colors and massive objects are inadmissible. When choosing a color scheme, you should pay attention to light shades. Very elegant and stylish look rooms, decorated in beige or gray tones.

In this case, it is possible to add contrasting elements, such as a floor mat or applications on the walls, which will emphasize the elegance of the design. It should be noted that the shiny and reflective surfaces of the shell and the bathroom visually increase the space.

Interior of a stylish bathroom

No less effective and effective way of expanding space is the use of mirrors and glass partitions, cabinets and shelves, as well as correctly organized lighting - a stream of light directed along the walls and in the direction from floor to ceiling visually enlarges the room.

Interior of the bathroom

Design and redevelopment of bathrooms is complicated by the fact that all plumbing has a rigid binding to the water supply and sewerage system.

General appearance can be generalized by masking communications using vertical plating, which allows you to visually raise the ceilings, as well as to place behind it numerous shelves or lockers to store the necessary items (bath accessories, towels, linens, etc.).

Interior of a stylish bathroom

A little to save square meters will help to replace the bathtub on a shower with glass doors.

Brilliant and transparent designs will give the room airiness, a sense of freedom and more light and air, and the richest choice of these products will allow you to choose the most convenient and functional option that will delight your owners for many years.

Interior of a stylish bathroom

When you furnish a bathroom, you should not ignore the large enough racks made of light mesh or latticed metal or wooden structures that do not weight the interior.

Interior of a stylish bathroom