Another 60 ideas on expanding space in small interiors

Mirror in a small dining room

Together with readers of our site about small interiors we continue to track design ideas for the design of a close space and its visual expansion.

1. One of the rules for the visual separation of walls is the use of cold colors in their decoration.

Interior decoration in cold colors Interior decoration in cold colors Baby in cold colors Bedroom in cold colors Bedroom in cold colors Bedroom in cold colors Living room in cold colors Baby in cold colors Bedroom in cold colors Living room in cold colors Bedroom in cold colors

2. The simplest scheme for unloading the interior is not getting rid of pieces of furniture, but disguising more overloading parts. It will be enough, for example, to put on one-piece covers on pillows and lay bedspreads of the same color.

Monochrome covers on chairs in the dining room Uniform pillow and padding Making the bedroom in one color Making the bedroom in one color Monochrome upholstery in armchairs in the living room

3. It is best to buy immediately multifunctional furniture. For example, hiding in wardrobes and shelving beds, reclining table tops and ironing boards. By experience, we do not recommend closets-secretaries, in themselves these are rather bulky constructions.

Single-color furniture set in the living room Single-color furniture set in the living room Original mobile hanger Single-color furniture in the office Compact bedside table with drawers Original bookshelf Armchair with a niche for toys Armchair in niche under the seat Armchair with niche under the seat Two-level bed with an office Multifunction table Compact study and bedroom Baskets for storage under the bench Folding sofa bed

4. Of course, large furniture takes place, which is already a deficit, but at the same time, some sofas and armchairs, unfolding for the night, can create comfortable conditions for sleeping. Therefore, they should not be abandoned.

Bed of the original form A small cabinet in the closet Corner sofa in the living room Interior of a small living room Compact living room and study Original open rack Retractable beds in a nursery Compact bedroom and study Shelves in the back of the couch Sofa with pockets Square sliding coffee table Functional furniture set in the nursery Bunk bed in the nursery Living room with ocean view Bright interior design for children

5. Mirrors. These can be huge mirrored panels in the floor, built into sliding doors of cabinets or a set of small ones on the wall. In any case, the room will add light and air.

Large mirror in the bedroom Mirrors in the corridor Large mirror in the interior Large mirror in the hallway Large mirror in the office

6. Unfortunately, a small space has a tendency to fast cluttering. Therefore it will be more practical to choose even sofas with built-in storage modules, benches, curbstones and tables with drawers.

Armchair with cells for books Bedside table with drawers Bedside tables with drawers Wardrobe with sitting area Desk with shelves Shelves for books under the couch