Interesting ideas for using a niche in the interior

The niche represents an element of decor, which allows you to create a rich and flexible interior. This element is formed in tone to the main background or in contrast to it. It is not recommended to make out an opening in dark colors.

Select a similar element can be using decorative plaster, wallpaper or artificial stone.

The niche is functional and can be used for different needs. we put the bed in a niche or use this opening to equip the pantry.

  • Options for using a niche in the interior
  • Niche decoration
  • Illumination of the niche

Options for using a niche in the interior

Options for using a niche in the interior

The niche is a special deepening, which is intended to change the situation. Niches are made of plasterboard. They serve as a decorative and functional component. Stylish looks groove in combination with a dot illumination.

The interior uses the following varieties of niches:

  1. Horizontal grooves look good in a long corridor or corridor. Dot lamps are installed above them. Harmonizes with a similar decor brickwork. In such niches are placed photographs in glass photo frames, or original shelves for handbags or hats. A suitable option for a small living room, decorated in Italian style. Niches of horizontal type are organically combined with low furniture. Moreover, the stucco complements the composition.
  2. For rooms with high ceilings, vertical niches are suitable. They look great near a large closet or window. In such indentations convenient shelves are placed. And also creates a roomy library in a niche.
  3. In modern interiors look decorative niches. To do this, you need a number of niches in a square shape with a multi-colored backlight. Kitchen in the style of high-tech decorate the niches, which in color can merge with the main background or contrast with it. Also, decorative niches are suitable for a children's room, children's drawings, books and toys are added in them.
  4. Functional niches are used to disguise some elements of the interior: electrical wires or batteries. In a small apartment in a niche a place for a bed is equipped. This way of planning will save space for a coffee table or for a sports corner. In the bathroom, a groove is used to store towels and accessories. An interesting solution is a deepening in the wall for audio equipment and TV.

Functional niches are used to disguise some elements of the interior

It is not recommended to make niches in load-bearing structures. Such works have a high cost and break strength in structures.

In classical and vintage interiors, niches in the form of arches are used. These grooves are small in size.

The apertures in the classical style are decorated with statuettes and vases. In retro style, collages, panels and paintings are used. The niche is done in pastel shades: coffee, milk or chocolate.

Application features

A common option is to place an opening at the head of the bed. In this case, the groove separates the space. At the same time, book shelves are placed inside the niche, and special lighting is installed.

Interesting ideas for using a niche in the interior: examples, tips, photos

Making this element of the interior, it is worth considering the following nuances:

  1. The apertures allow solving certain functional tasks, but their main purpose is decorative.
  2. The niche elements are used as shelves or racks, but they will not replace large shelves.
  3. The use of the opening requires a reduction in the area, so it is wise to carry out the planning correctly.
  4. Similar elements are recommended in the premises, not cluttered with furniture. If there are a lot of furniture in the room, then such designs can disrupt the ergonomics of the room.

The Alcove can be placed asymmetrically. This requires an unused wall. Asymmetric layout is a lot of different in shape and size of niches on one part of the wall.

The symmetrical arrangement assumes identical depressions on both sides of the door, fireplace or window. The latter option includes a certain design of the windowsill.

Asymmetry is recommended for small rooms. Alkows of different shapes and sizes bring dynamics into space.

Symmetrical options are typical for classical interiors.

Niche decoration

Niche decoration

The use of niches in narrow and long spaces makes it possible to compensate for the monotony of space.

With the help of decorative depressions, interesting visual effects are created. If the holes are placed one above the other, the ceilings seem to be higher.

The horizontal arrangement of the alcove contributes to a visual increase in the length of the wall. The mirror surface inside the recess helps to expand the space.

To create interesting forms of construction, plasterboard, metal profiles for the frame and accessories are used.

The niche decor options differ depending on the overall style of the interior:

  1. To decorate the alcove in the country style, shelves of simple and unpretentious configuration are used.
  2. Symmetrical elements are used in retro style rooms. At the same time they are decorated with paintings, photographs or panels.
  3. For the classical interior, arch designs and rectangular shapes are suitable. At the edges of the design is stucco molding or carved decoration. Alkovs are used to decorate fireplaces or to protect a rest area.
  4. Almost always, niches are used in eastern interiors. Arch constructions with smooth shapes are used. The color palette is represented by saturated and bright shades. An important element of the decor are natural and light fabrics.
  5. In a minimalist style, minimal decor is applied.

The niche near the window is made using a vertical construction on the entire wall, or horizontal, which helps to mask communications.

The niche near the window is made out

We make a small workplace in a niche that is different in depth. Such constructions are equipped with additional lighting.

For small rooms a niche is a good option. At the same time, you can save space and relieve the area.

Materials for the design of niches

The design of the niche depends on its purpose. For decorating an alcove, the following types of material are used:

  1. Artificial or natural stone is considered the best solution for grooves with shelves in the hall or in the kitchen. It is recommended that horizontal structures be formed with a smoother stone.
  2. The element in the bedroom is decorated with laminate. In this case, the inner surface is pasted with this material.
  3. Drapery helps to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.
  4. Tiles and panels refer to practical and universal finishing materials.
  5. For decoration use a washable paint and putty.
  6. Decorative plaster is considered as a universal decorative material.

There are other ways to finish the alcove. The back of the wall can be mirrored. Also used for decoration of interior wall paper.

There are other ways to finish the alcove.

As a variant of the decor, color variations are used with different finishing materials. If the main background is made in light colors, then the groove is formed in darker colors. The wallpaper can be used in dark colors, but with a pattern that looks like a lighter interior finish.

If a niche is selected wallpaper or plaster in an identical color palette with the main background, then at the edges of the alcove, moldings or panels are mounted in darker shades.

Stained glass and mirrors inside the recess are highlighted. With the help of durable finishing materials and a frame, a convenient dressing room in the niche is made.

Illumination of the niche

Illumination of the niche

Дополнительная подсветка украсит любой альков. Для подсветки небольших напольных арок применяются световая имитация пламени или светильники в виде свечей. Illumination of the niche представляет необычный способ создания красивого декора. При правильном монтаже источников освещения создается стильный и функциональный декор.

A popular method for illuminating dimples is lighting halogen lamps. In this case, the fixtures are placed in the twin planes of the alcove.

If the area of ​​the niche is not large, then LED strips are used.

If the area of ​​the niche is not large, then LED strips are used.

LEDs are considered a more economical option for electricity consumption.

The diffuse illumination, which is produced with the help of a powerful incandescent lamp, is popular. This element is placed in the upper plane and covered with colored glass.

An interesting solution is the neon lamps, which are installed along the perimeter of the niche.

There are many variations in the use of niches in the interior. It is important that the decorative elements harmoniously fit into the interior.

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