Benefits of using natural materials in the interior

You, probably, have already heard about the advantages of using in the interior design of natural materials - marble, wood, metal, ceramics. It is possible that you have already thought about what materials can be considered natural. Do not worry, you are not the only one who asked such a question. In the world of interior design, the concept of "natural" is treated fairly widely, and includes any materials to be recycled that can be found in nature.

  • Natural materials are durable
  • Your interior will keep up with the fashion
  • Times change, and interior design with natural materials remains relevant
  • Natural materials impart an individuality to neutral objects of decor
  • Best quality / price ratio

In our time, consumers pay more attention to the quality of the products they buy - and this is very correct. Materials that have undergone minimal processing are useful for both you and the environment. People began to consume whole organic products, to produce their own household appliances without chemical impurities, so that the same approach to interior design is a logical step.

Kitchen interior made of natural materials

If you are still not sure that you should join a cohort of connoisseurs of natural materials, you miss a lot. Read on to find out why renewable resources are what you need when it comes to interior design. You can change your mind.

Natural materials are durable

Perhaps you have heard the old saying that "now things are doing completely differently than before." She is quite truthful. Remember the old things in your parents' drawing room, which they inherited from the older generations. They are probably in relatively good condition, compared to the factory furniture that you bought just a few years ago. One of the reasons for the longevity of such things is that their manufacturers used natural materials.

Dining room from eco-friendly materials

Natural building materials are really very durable. Cork products made from bark of cork trees have an extraordinary elasticity (remember how the wine cork quickly restores the old form after it is taken out of the bottle) and there is never any dent on them, whatever you drop them. Granite is the hardest and dense natural stone, thanks to which the granite surfaces permanently retain a glossy sheen and remain resistant to damage.

Of course, in order for them to serve as long as possible, such materials need proper care. With any thing made of natural material, you should refer to the instructions from the manufacturer, but always remember several important points: always treat wooden surfaces with sandpaper before painting or applying varnish and do not use acid-containing cleaning agents on stone or metal surfaces.

Kitchen interior from environmentally friendly materials

Your interior will keep up with the fashion

The surrounding nature has a considerable influence on the trends in interior design. When it comes to creating a stylish interior design, the use of environmentally friendly materials is always the right decision.

Designers almost jumping for joy at the opportunity to create an interior that would link your house with nature, which means that natural materials can be used in the design of any detail of the interior. Do not exchange for trivialities and decorate the bathroom with a copper bath. If you prefer more elegant motifs, buy furniture made of eco-friendly materials. Need an even more subtle hint? Hang the bamboo blinds on the windows, which will protect you from the bright midday sun.

Bright and spacious living room made of natural materials

Do not be afraid to mix different materials. Light bamboo flooring will pay even more attention to the large wooden dining table. Metal lamps will give the charm to the interior in any style.

Times change, and interior design with natural materials remains relevant

Timeless style - that's what will allow your interior not to change for many years and always remain relevant. Who wants to do a complete change in the design of the house every couple of years, trying to keep up with modern tastes (especially since everything new, as you know, is a well-forgotten old one)? Renewable materials always top the lists of timeless trends, which is not surprising, given that they exist as much as the very concept of interior design.

Bathroom interior from marble

Your first step should be to select the materials that best fit your individual style:

  • if you like the relaxed atmosphere of the Mediterranean style, use ceramics and terracotta in the interior design;
  • for decoration in the classical style, try using elements of marble;
  • those who prefer the rustic style know that the most important thing is the finish of natural wood.

After you choose the right material, think about how to use it in the design. Most likely, you want the most expensive elements of the interior not to depend on the changing trends of fashion - floor coverings, furniture, even curtains or blinds on the windows.

Natural materials impart an individuality to neutral objects of decor

Oh, these neutral elements of design - they are the basis of any project for interior design. Can they be the most noticeable details of the design? Perhaps not, and yet they are necessary for the successful completion of the project. In each room there should be some neutral design element that would emphasize and draw attention to accent details made in a more daring style - and this connection should be stable.

Interior of living room made of natural wood with marble inserts

Any detail of the design, made of natural materials, will carry a small, unobtrusive differences from monotonous (and much more boring) details - for example, monochrome, painted in neutral paint walls. Each stone table top bears a unique marble pattern, which depends on the place where the stone was mined. In the same way, in every wooden floor covering you can see small drawbacks in the texture, giving it a special, unique character.

Using these materials in the design, take these individual features as part of the interior design. If you cover the wooden furniture with a bright varnish, you will make the structure of the tree shine in a special way. If you use floor tiles, let it be a natural terracotta shade - this shade can become accentuated in the decoration of the room.

Best quality / price ratio

Let's say frankly: when someone complains about interior design, two problems are mentioned mainly - the price and time spent on completing a design project. If you try not to go beyond a modest budget, the best solution is to use recycled, renewable materials.

Antique things from the era to deforestation and mass production often differ much higher quality than the things we buy in our time, because the furniture manufacturing standards in the past assumed a much wider choice of products. In our time, this is not always possible - especially if it's about mahogany furniture. If you know where to look, you can buy high-quality old furniture at half price new, and even cheaper.

The interior of the bedroom, made of eco-friendly materials

Almost in any region there are shops selling furniture and other interior items from environmentally friendly materials that you can process at your discretion and use in decorating your interior. You just need to know exactly where to look. Second-hand shops, websites selling antique furniture, communities dedicated to sharing and donating used things - that's where you should start. Those who need more information can contact local historical societies or even with some kind of warehouse of goods to be processed.

As for how to use such things, the list of options is unlimited. Old granary wood can go to the fireplace finish, a set of broken ceramic dishes can turn into a decorative composition for decorating the table. As a source of inspiration, you can use numerous online resources that can tell you a lot of ideas.

Needless to say, the renewable natural materials that you use in interior design are useful for the environment. In addition, they will not be burdensome for your budget and will say a lot of flattering about your taste. There are no shortcomings in this choice. Before making changes to your interior, read about our advice - we are sure that you will also become a connoisseur of natural materials, and they will take a worthy place in your home.

Do you like natural materials? How do you use such materials in decorating your interior?

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