Chic interior - how to create and design

Chic interior

Although chic and luxury evoke a strong association with expensive mansions, they can be embodied even in the decoration of a modest country house or apartment in Khrushchev. Internal content does not always correspond to the outer shell. As they say, you can not prohibit a beautiful life. In order to recreate the chic interior in your home, it is better to hire a professional, since such design is based on details and does not tolerate dilettantism. The luxurious interior of the apartment will require impressive capital investment and genuine designer talent. In a chic atmosphere, one wants to not only live, but also endlessly accept guest lines, because the house has something to see and there is something to admire. Luxury accommodation should look expensive, elegant and effective, as if from the cover of the magazine about fashion trends in design. About what nuances need to be considered when improving expensive apartments and talk below.

The bedroom is an ideal place for rest, in which you can read a book with great comfort or do yourself a chic boudoir. The living room is designed for large hallways of guests and little like those rooms where friends' companies play a monopoly and watch football matches. An indispensable element of the interior will be a bar counter. The office is decorated in a classical style with an abundance of genuine leather. The main attribute of this room is the library. In spacious cottages there is always room for a dining room with a long dining table. However, such a space for the embodiment of designer's ideas is the destiny of private houses. In one-bedroom apartments or modern studios there is no place for such maneuvers. This is not a reason to give up the dream of expensive design. Although luxury and tight spaces are mixed badly, but a number of tricks and techniques will allow to realize the ideas of a beautiful interior in a tight framework.

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The statue at the window TV above the fireplace  Stairs in the interior  Living room with a podium  Sofas and windows  Decorative palm trees in the interior

Key factors and style

The secret of luxury interior design lies in the skillful combination of colors, competent selection and arrangement of furniture, combining the texture of materials and decorating the decoration with decor. The chosen style will play a fundamental role in the design. It is he who will give a guide for the designer. The line of elite styles includes both classical and modern trends. Although professionals often take as a basis the interiors of French country mansions. In their style, there was a trio of ageless classics: Empire, Rococo and Baroque. Styles go together and use an abundance of elegant decor, soft vegetative patterns on expensive textiles, antiques, stucco molding and gilding. Furniture is selected from natural wood. The walls are covered with expensive fabric wallpaper with a floral pattern. Ideally, these directions for apartments with a large number of rooms, which are similar in design to palaces. A more relaxed classic prefers deep chocolate shades in combination with white, flowing shapes and lines, soft fabrics of curtains, tablecloths and upholstery. From the ceiling hang heavy chandeliers, decorated with crystal and gilding. The walls are decorated with reproductions of paintings by famous artists. The floors are covered with expensive wood and rugs with patterns on calm brown tones.

Design of a luxurious interior  Decorative fireplace in the living room  Light furniture in the bedroom  TV in front of the bed  Living room combined with dining room

Colonial style is also referred to as a luxury line, but its chic manifests itself somewhat differently. The direction welcomes bright decorative details against a background of calm pastel shades. From stucco and an abundance of pretentious details this style has refused. In it more and more angular forms, similar to the details of modern trends. Colonial style is a harmonious combination of classics and ethnics, because such houses were settled in a foreign territory. In the interior piece of the homeland, the influence of the local culture still flowed, which resulted in unusual details of the design: original canvases on the walls, exotic houseplants, vases and handmade jugs, curtains with national motives.

Pendant fireplace in the interior  Patterns on the floor  Four-poster bed  Multi-level ceiling in the living room  Gilding in the interior

Neoclassicism is a fashionable potpourri that combines old principles with new design techniques. Eco-style can also be luxurious. Natural materials are always expensive. Of course, panoramic windows, wooden furniture and minimalism in details look little like classic luxury, but the concept of "chic" over time also changes. Even a log frame can look expensive and stylish, if it embodies the canons of the Alpine chalet or industrial loft style.

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Stucco molding in the living room Ceiling illuminated in the living room  Raspberry sofa in the interior  Carved furniture in the bedroom  Niches in the wall  Parquet in the interior

Features of the organization of space

Luxury accommodation assumes the availability of large areas. Furniture on them is located at ease and at the same time using its minimal set, as to force every meter of the room is not needed. The central compositions are welcome. For example, a kitchen with an island layout, a living room with a main zone in the middle of the room or a bed without a standard accent wall behind the headboard in the bedroom. To visually increase the space use a large number of reflective surfaces: mirrors and glasses.

Organization of a luxurious interior space Work desk by the window  Living room with corner sofa  Desktop in the bedroom  Bookcase along the wall  Interior with columns

Glamor in the interior

One of the options of the smartest modern interior is the glamorous style. In it, the emphasis is not on aesthetics, but on value. The decoration uses only the most expensive, branded things:

  • Gems;
  • Antiques;
  • Original paintings;
  • Leather and fur;
  • Exclusive details, which are created only in one copy.

Glamor in the interior  Merlin Monroe on the wall  Mirror in the living room  Red sofa in black and white interior  Picture with poppies on the wall

Of course, all this expensive splendor in the absence of taste can be mixed into ridiculous combinations, so it's better to invite a professional designer to design. He stylishly arrange a glamorous collection around the perimeter of the premises and look the interior will be organic.

The partition between the beads between the dining room and the living room Chandelier over the table  Making a fireplace with marble  Dark wallpaper in the living room  Lilac color in the interior  Lamps on the chest of drawers near the sofa

Color design

In the color palette should prevail quiet shades, which are combined with noble, deep tones. The second include:

  • A rich wine color;
  • Deep shade of blue velvet;
  • Juicy chocolate tone;
  • Emerald Green;
  • Bright lilac lavender color;
  • Amber yellow;
  • Olive;
  • Steel gray;
  • Light peach shade.

Chic interior в светлых тонах  Soft panels on the walls  Zoning with flooring  The second light in the interior  Bedroom in classic style

The interior palette must subconsciously call an associative array with expensive things. For example, bordovo-red resembles a shade of expensive wine in a crystal glass, and blue velvet was traditionally used in upholstery of palace furniture.

Arches in the living room

When choosing colors, be guided by your inner feelings. The situation should not only correspond to the canons of chic and let the dust in your eyes, but also be comfortable, because the owners in it will have to live, and not visit occasionally during the celebrations. It is the color palette that has a huge influence on mood formation and the "aura" of a particular room.

Vases in the septum  Living room in bright colors  Built-in ceiling lights  Bedroom with fireplace  Dark wood in the interior

Furniture and fittings

Furniture is made only from natural materials. No imitations (DSP, MDF) can be used in a luxury setting. It is advisable to select furniture sets that will be diluted with unique antiques. Handles are made of bronze, brass or other metal with gilding. This coating is also used in the frames of mirrors, framed framed paintings. The facades of furniture are decorated with rosettes, moldings and elegant carved decor.

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Furniture in a chic interior Leather armchairs and a sofa in the living room  Niches between windows  Patterns on the ceiling  Unusual table in the living room  Interior with a second light

Do not forget about lighting

An important role in the correct perception of space is played by lighting. In a luxurious apartment, it is usually a lot, since such a premise can not have any drawbacks, the light must penetrate into its most remote corners. Glasses and mirrors have been mentioned above, which are used in a chic design to enhance their reflective effect, highlighting combined with these elements. In the course are not only ceiling chandeliers, but also sconces, lamps (floor, table) and hidden lamps that give diffused light.

Lighting in a chic interior  Table-island in the kitchen  Turquoise carpet in the bright living room  Ceiling from the fabric in the interior  Mirror on the wall in the dining room

A stylish addition to the decor will be the installation of hidden light bulbs in the ceiling area, if the room used a frame when decorating the ceiling. This additional lighting with the chandelier turned off will create a mystical twilight.

Parquet in the living-dining room Zoning with Backlight  Firewood on the floor by the fireplace  Chandelier with candles in the living room  Living room in beige tones  Floor lamp at the couch

Important details of the interior

Design is always brought to the mind with the help of decorative trifles. They remind the final touches on an almost finished picture, when the artist steps back a couple of steps, evaluates his creation with a critical eye and adds a couple of brush strokes that make the canvas complete. In luxurious styles on small things they do not save, although the overall decoration of the room is full of handmade examples and numerous ornaments. Sofas and beds are necessarily decorated with pillows made of expensive fabrics with neat patterns. The floors are covered with carpets. For example, Persian, if you can buy them. Horizontal surfaces should not be wasted, so they put on old telephones, lamps with statues instead of legs, elegant vases from porcelain or stone with fresh bouquets, family photos in neat frames. A real sculpture of any room will be a man's sculpture in full growth. In classical styles, it can be statues of Greek gods, and in modern styles - ordinary people in unusual poses.

Decor in a chic interior Bed with a soft headboard  Painting over the sofa  Table and chairs in the bay window  Tile on the floor in the interior  Fresco in the living room


Luxury interiors remain an unattainable dream for many who do not have the finance to realize their fantasies. Unfortunately, there is no budget alternative for creating such a design. Uncompromising, one of the qualities of chic. If the finances allow, but doubts about their own taste overpower, it is better to seek professional help. If you clarify all the nuances and choose a competent specialist, the housing will not only be expensive to look at, but will also arrange for a permanent residence in it. After all, this is the trouble of many luxurious interiors: they look beautiful, but remain museum-like cold and uncomfortable.