Kitchoo mini kitchen

Designer kitchenette

Those who often happen in Europe, they know how deplorable it is with housing economy class. While in England there are useless protests against the reduction of the area of ​​apartments in new buildings, manufacturers are looking for ways to make such a property any cozy.

And now the company Kitchoo managed to create a project that completely changes small kitchen interior, capable of settling in a small corner of any room. The laconic design is complemented by a very ergonomic fittings and built-in appliances. In the small table there is a plate for two burners and a miniature sink.

Below the simple facades are a freezer, boxes for dishes. Here you can place a small stock of products and a set of plates and cups for a small family. A simple blender is part of the compulsory bundle, as are the storage compartments.

In addition, you can buy a cabinet with a dishwasher, microwave, a drawer for rubbish. It also has small dimensions and perfectly matches with the main subject. And all this together makes it possible to make life quite comfortable even in an apartment measuring 12 square meters.

Designer kitchenette Designer kitchenette Designer kitchenette