Stunning bedroom in a cube: rational idea for a small room

If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to equip a small apartment, we offer you the work of the art studio ECDM.

We offer you an apartment of 50 square meters. in Montrouge. It is located just a few kilometers from Paris. Since the residential area is small, it has become the subject of reincarnation in a unique housing with an extraordinary redevelopment. The owner of this room is an artist. Therefore, the solution must also be with an unconventional approach.

For this, we decided to place the bedroom in a suspended cube in the middle of the room.

This liberated 9 sq. M., Which were used for book shelving and even arranged two couches.

This solution only pushes positive conclusions.

The bedroom in the cube allows you to make space in the style of minimalism. In this case, you can improve the functionality of furniture and use original parts. Connecting the living room area and the dining room, the designer was able to increase the amount of light. Thanks to this action, it was possible to get rid of the dark corners.

Light color was not chosen for nothing. With him, almost everything is combined, so you can complement it and you need it. The designers submitted the idea, and the rest of the steps followed the owners.

The sofa, which is located half a meter from the wall, attracts attention. With this method, the room becomes visually larger and more spacious.

Such an original architecture and design was able to make Emmanuel Kombarel and Dominique Marak. They both work at the ECDM agency.