English style in the interior: allow yourself more

To decorate the interior in the traditional style of the British? Easily. It is only necessary to take into account some features and the interior will be filled with the cozy atmosphere of old England. English style in the interior is quite traditional, so it does not work well with elements from other styles. There are no special strict rules for the design of the English interior, it can not be driven into a certain framework, but there are common features.


  • Interior features in the English style
    • Color spectrum
    • Room decoration
    • Furniture
    • Accessories and decor
  • Furnishing an apartment in English style
    • Decoration of the living room
    • Bedroom decoration
    • Kitchen decoration

English style in the interior: allow yourself more

Interior features in the English style

English is the same as the African style, Japanese and Egyptian refers to ethnic styles, but it has a greater content of classical details, restraint and refinement.

Color spectrum

English style is characterized by the use of natural, natural tones. The most suitable for creating an expensive interior are the shades of red, brown, mahogany, golden, sand, and deep saturated emerald colors.

There is only one rule that must be adhered to: when decorating walls in bright colors, furniture is made exclusively in pastel, muted shades and vice versa. Often and much is used in the English interior and white color.

English style in the interior: allow yourself more

Room decoration

The English style in the interior, above all, is characterized by symmetry and clarity of lines. In the finish of the floors a tree is used, it is best natural, but if there is no such option, then the materials of high quality made "under the tree" will do. As for the walls, the most traditional design option is the walls from the floor to the middle are covered with wood, and from the middle to the ceiling - pasted wallpaper. Most often used wallpaper in a floral delicate pattern or striped. It is also used and the usual painting of walls in calm monophonic colors. The ceiling can be decorated in different versions: plastered, painted or decorated with wooden panels.


Decorating the interior in English style, special attention is paid to the choice of furniture. All its elements should be from expensive tree species, for example, from stained oak, mahogany, walnut, made in dark colors. The highlight of the English interior is the Chesterfield sofa, a truly English model of the sofa, now known and loved throughout the world. It is also used a lot of armchairs and sun beds upholstered in quality textiles or leather. You should not save on buying coffee tables. It's great if they are many and desirably of different heights and sizes.

English style in the interior: allow yourself more

Accessories and decor

An obligatory element of the interior in the English style is the fireplace. Usually these are real fireplaces, but nowadays electric models, decorated under a stone or a tile, are increasingly used. In England, around the fireplace, it is customary for the whole family to gather for a tea party, so most of the upholstered furniture and a coffee table are centered around it. The fireplace shelf is decorated with numerous souvenirs, photographs and statuettes.

The walls are decorated with paintings and family photos. The English interior uses a "mirror" principle, when expensive paintings are decorated with strict simple monochrome frames, and cheap ones - richly decorated and gilded.

English style in the interior: allow yourself more

The floors of almost all rooms are covered with rich thick carpets of colorful flowers.

Furnishing an apartment in English style

The design of a house or apartment in the English style is chosen not only by status people who want to emphasize their position, but also residents of small apartments that look so much like English modest cozy houses; fans of restraint and closeness to the classics; lovers and collectors of different souvenirs, figurines, porcelain and crystal products, which are so often used in the decor of English interiors and, of course, bibliophiles, because no living room in the English style can do without a large and chic library.

Decoration of the living room

As mentioned above, the main element of the living room in the English style is the fireplace around which the furniture sets are centered. No less important element of the English living room are the library shelves, which are usually located on the entire height and width of one of the walls. Often books can be so high that you have to use a ladder-ladder, made of wood color, in harmony with the interior.

English style in the interior: allow yourself more

In the decor is used quite a lot of different accessories. Here the principle is perfect: the more, the better. Souvenirs, figurines, vases, lace napkins, decorative small pillows, warm plaid rugs and everything that you will like.

A separate mention requires lighting the living room. In English style, there is no place for bright, saturated light. Often basic lighting is not used. Preference is given to elegant floor lamps, lamps and even table lamps.

Bedroom decoration

The most important element of the bedroom in the English interior is the bed. It should be big enough with a beautiful high back and plenty of textiles: different sizes and colors of pillows, blankets, rugs with draperies decorated with openwork patterns and embroidery. The most suitable coloring is a small floral pattern of pastel shades.

Among the mandatory elements of furniture are bedside tables and dressing tables, as well as rocking chair with a soft warm blanket.

English style in the interior: allow yourself more

Kitchen decoration

Kitchen in the English style, even with the latest technology, should look as old-fashioned as possible. All equipment is hidden under the carved wooden panels, this applies even to the refrigerator, and the steel parts are replaced by ceramic ones.

English style in the interior: allow yourself more

In the manufacture of the kitchen set, natural expensive materials such as wood, marble and stone are used. This kitchen looks very reliable, made for many years. All the doors of the headset are decorated with carvings and beautiful gold-plated handles. Unlike items of equipment, dishes are stored in a conspicuous place, either on open shelves or in cupboards with glass doors.

To create an interior in English style is not so difficult, if you decide on this, write about your ideas in the comments.