Combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen - 50

Color scheme in the kitchen

In the design of the kitchen space, you need a competent combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen, optimally mixed in terms of aesthetics, the use of contrasts, all sorts of accents, halftones. Do not immediately select for your kitchen room your favorite colors, it is important to stick to the measure, do not forget about the rule of the golden mean. All the best, bright, contrasting, brilliant should be optimally balanced. And if you have a great desire to contemplate in your kitchen, let's say red, complementary tones should be calculated as correctly as possible for better visual perception.

But the derivatives from them, in the color circle, there are a great many, thanks to the mixing you can get almost any color, cold or vice versa warm scale. Blue alone gives designers a couple dozen of their amazing halftones. Color can be explained not only from the physical side, but from psychology. Have you ever noticed that this or that tone makes you happy, but the opposite is sadness.

White-blue colors

Color science, science, studying color, its characteristics helps to form the right relationship, the atmosphere of the house. All designers know about this, enjoy, offering the best of their work. We will necessarily discuss such interesting properties of color scales, with examples of their combinations, what mixtures are acceptable on the territory of the kitchen, and which ones should be avoided.

White and shades of blue winning design option

Color matching in the kitchen interior

Before you start re-equipping your kitchen, decide on the color. The main should not be a flashy, contrasting color, this is primarily fraught with rapid fatigue when in space, preferably a soft pastel tone.

Steel color and blue

Even sunny yellow, deep in saturation green, noble coffee or terracotta will look organically, stylishly, but only in matte finish. But the accents, only one or two, can be bright, catching eyes, because they add to the interior of the so-called zest, the final image, style. To create the house of your dreams is to adhere to certain rules.

Gentle greenish shade of the kitchen

Green and beige shades

This combination of colors, like beige and green, is an excellent option for those who want to see their kitchen soft. Urban residents, with a rabid rhythm of work, constant stress simply need to plunge into the "green" atmosphere. Calming, harmonious, helps to relax, rest not only morally, but also physically.

Combination of green and beige

It is recognized that green color has a beneficial effect on the organs of vision, relieves fatigue. Although it is worth considering that the same green color has a large number of shades, and can be both warm and cold. For example, a saturated green or deep emerald should not be used for decorating the walls of a small room.

Bright green facade

It is better to give preference to pastel pistachio, especially the extra softly beige, which is more appropriate to use in furniture colors will help to slightly reduce the weight of dimensional objects. Light kitchen set looks appropriate, in terms of ergonomics are most suitable for medium and small spaces.

Green apron and table top in white kitchen

Accents for the interior, where to choose your choice

Combination with white, help to refresh the look of the apartments. Using white you can not be afraid to overdo it, it will be appropriate for textile decoration, decoration of kitchen area, apron. Even large elements, decorative panels, ceramics with a glossy effect are a great opportunity to create a stylish image, mirrored, reflective surfaces - this is a visual increase in the useful area of ​​the kitchen.

Yellow-violet kitchen Sunny yellow, one of the most positively moody, improving mood, will transform your kitchen interior into a bright island of the house, but do not forget about the measure when using accents. Let the yellow halftone be used in prints, wall decorations, in small quantities.

Green and natural wood

Soft brown as an option of accent, but also in the form of wooden coverings, most likely the most competent color solution, for those who want to get a soft, home corner. Heat and coziness here gives the texture of wood, which has such an effect.

Wood texture and yellow

Gray color and its combination with other shades

If you see your kitchen in a strict, cold high - tech style, then you will face the question with what shade the gray color in the interior of the kitchen is combined, after all it is the main background of this style. The gray tone for many seems boring and dull, it's not for nothing that they compare the dullness of everyday life, with longing, mentioning this semitone. Therefore, it is necessary to find an accent. Perfectly combine all the cold halftones, neutral white.

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Gray with pink Blue, derived from it, when combined with gray, a solution for fairly large rooms. If you take a rich blue, dark tone, as an additional color will be found in the textile decor of the interior, upholstery of chairs, and for symmetry add a similar shade to the opposite zone, the cooking zone. Dark blue table top, mirror apron, an example of competent distribution of color in the design of the kitchen. But gently blue, pastel can be safely used for large areas, furnishings. Furniture, both a kitchen set and a dining room, you can safely choose blue, it will not press on you, "eat" the free space of the kitchen, on the contrary a combination of gray walls and furniture of blue, white gives lightness.

White, dark gray and red Do not want a cold interior feel, especially if the kitchen has a layout, with access to the shady side of the house, boldly add a warm gamut. The gray, as the main, fits orange, red, shades of brown.

Gray facade of the kitchen If you were confronted with the question of what the orange color in the interior of the kitchen combines, then you have found one of the optimal solutions, gray and white. In this neighborhood, this bright enough color will look harmonious, and besides a simple, not expressive gray color will play with new colors. Do not overdo it with orange, everything should be in moderation, so as not to get fed up with contrasts.

The combination of gray and beige

Allowed in small details, drawings, prints on ceramic tiles or curbs in the cooking area, bright paintings on the walls. Let it be two or three frames of orange on a gray wall with quiet photographs of the cityscape.

Yellow apron in white and gray kitchen

By the way, the kitchen equipment, which in recent years is increasingly presented to customers in different colors, will help diversify the design. Even such home-made flowers for us in the interior of the kitchen will look different if we find pots of bright orange color for them.

Yellow-gray combination of colors

Purple color in the interior of the kitchen

More difficult task, to understand with what color violet colors are combined in the interior of the kitchen. Violet tones for meditation, help to refresh your head, thoughts. Itself is quite typical, if you use it as the main one, give preference to pastel tones, matte coatings. A relatively small kitchen, with purple walls a solution for bold, bright people.

Purple kitchen

An additional tone, to the main one, can be chosen from both cold and warm colors. No wonder the best designers say that examples of the ideal color solution can be found in nature, you just look at this variety of different shades, halftones in the plant world. What beautiful, bright flowers can meet us both on the field and in the woods, even on the flower garden of the city garden you can choose for yourself is not a bad option.

Dark purple kitchen Feel free to add to the violet green hues, but only two, three colors lighter than the main one. Textiles on the windows, light curtains or dense curtains of pastel green, will only improve the atmosphere.

Lilac color in the kitchen

  • Noble chocolate or coffee, all its shades, three shades darker, then it will nicely merge with the design of the kitchen.
  • It is only necessary to add bright white accents, household appliances, ceramic tiles or white table top, then we will immediately see a pleasant contrast for the eye, without which, by the way, any interior will look incomplete, faded. In monophonic space it will always be not cozy, there is literally nothing to "hook", to focus attention. Although it is still worth noting, such interiors have a place to be, executed in one color, with well-distributed lighting of the room, "playing" with chiaroscuro. Another thing is if the purple color is the complementary, not the primary one. Then, before you open a mass of all sorts of variations, in which violet advantageously emphasizes certain elements of the decoration.
  • The basis of the color scale in the interior of the kitchen can come out white, a unique color that gives lightness, freshness, a sense of novelty. Contrast derivatives of violet, it is lilac, purple, whitish pink in tone closer to white.
  • Shades of beige, ocher, right up to the coffee do not be afraid to use in the decoration of the walls.
  • Purple with blue

It is important to remember and know that if you are planning to install a purple color set in the kitchen area, then it should be darker in tone than the walls. This rule is suitable, of course, for other contrasting colors, but the apron is better not to be visually distinguished with ceramic tiles or panels with drawings and model prints. Another thing if the kitchen set of light tone, white or beige, in this case, necessarily select the material for an apron of a different shade.

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Blue tint

What colors blend green in the interior of the kitchen

The combination of green with other colors in the interior of the kitchen should not cause a lot of problems, these shades, as a rule, easily fit, harmoniously intertwined with others when decorating apartments.

Green with gold

  • Variants of mixing in the kitchen space with beige, brown, white hues can be considered classic. But such as green and red, blue to apply with caution, and only in large rooms. As a rule, these contrasting combinations will not bring anything but discomfort.

Deep green with a copper finish

  • There is an option to look for a rational solution, for example, pastel and not bright green, herbal or pistachio, in combination with indigo. Or vice versa, gently blue with a bright and rich green. The same goes for red, which does not need to be used in a clean range, only its shades, diverse in its tonal saturation.
  • Pay attention to such shades as a stunning bright purple, violet, calm gray, soft orange.

Pistachio with black

Brown in the interior

Most likely, the simplest question about the selection of colors in the interior of the kitchen will be associated with brown color. And let it seem to many not quite beautiful, yet it is by right considered the most "home", giving a sense of security, comfort. It occurs in every kitchen in the form of a kitchen set.

Brown color in combination with yellow

And although the problem with the color range of furniture production is not so acute now, the fashion for the kitchen from wood will never come out. And it's good, these shades are universal, and they fit almost the entire spectrum of colors. You just need to choose the right shade and tone from the set, then the kitchen will play in front of you, will become truly the heart of the house, its soul.

Shades of chocolate color

  • Brown and red at first glance is not a particularly acceptable combination. But it is necessary to slightly change red to coral, carrot and terracotta, as we see an ideal symbiosis with brown shades.
  • Brown, its shades will fit easily into the interior with the use of blue, deep saturated, for example, ultramarine and trendy indigo. Perfectly there is a combination of green and brown, this is a pacifying interior, tranquility, only natural shades, proximity to nature
  • If you lack the cheerfulness, fun, share of mischief in the brown interior, add orange shades. A fire-orange countertop in the cooking zone, with the obligatory support of a color solution in textile design or decorative dishes.

Brown with white

A creative option can be modular drawing on the wall. To begin with, you need to select a suitable pattern, make a stencil out of it. Help in this is not a tricky business can a simple cutter, and a dense sheet of paper for the stencil should be replaced with a thin plastic. It is quite another matter to mix and match the right color, suitable for the kitchen. Before painting on the wall, make a trial version on cardboard or plain paper, for example, a sheet of paper. Some paints have the property of lightening after drying. When the desired color is selected, on the previously marked wall we draw patterns using a stencil. Such a seemingly simple matter, can result in an unexpected result. A bright, accented with the help of a cover, a wall is practical, does not require large expenditures, and that the main thing is absolutely individual. Do not be afraid to experiment, let one or two patterns stand out on the wall, more saturated in tone tone.

Light top, dark bottom

Soft brown, pastel tone can be used not only when decorating walls, but also the ceiling! Yes, the decision is rather unusual, in such an interior the main thing is to observe the balance, remember that such a ceiling will gently "crush" the interior, and in no case should it suppress the basic idea of ​​a cozy corner in the house.

Walls in pastel colors, yellow kitchen

The ceiling of the chocolate color simply pushes its owners to make the interior design of the kitchen in beige tones, with a soft sofa, plenty of pillows for a comfortable pastime. White color will become an integral part of creating the right image.

Beige kitchen, dark island

Coffee perfectly rhymes in the kitchen space with such shades as lilac, purple. Fashionable stickers on the refrigerator or patterns on the walls, applied with a stencil, a variant to which many interior designers resort.

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Coffee shades Remember, the textile decoration of the dining area deserves your attention. It's no secret that the kitchen space is a popular place in the house, so use modern, dirt-repellent, moisture-resistant versions of upholstery.

Glossy facades for the kitchen

Shades of blue in the interior

Blue tone, a symbol of purity, freedom, extraordinarily fresh. No less interesting is the question, with what color the blue in the interior of the kitchen is combined.

Shades of blue in the lower cabinets of the kitchen

  • The first thing that comes to mind, the tenderest combination of blue, white, color of melted milk. In the interior of such a kitchen is always light, calm, modest in size, the rooms will acquire amazing airiness.

Blue Kitchen Furniture

  • Extremely amazing option, a mix of soft gray, ocher, blue pastel tone. And of course the blue can successfully combine with the semitones of blue. Suppose, in the decoration of the walls, we prefer the pastel blue, and the blue shades can help, create the necessary contrasts, using them in textiles, decorating elements, let it be curbs on the walls or a ceiling baguette, in any case, do not be afraid to add brightness, focus on details . Now we can afford a choice, a lot of decor elements for the interior, a variety of styles, techniques. Even a lamp or lamp, shelves, volumetric letters, paintings, panels and tiles, everything is made for home. At home, where it will be cozy, quiet, it remains only to decide which gamut to choose.

Turquoise color in the kitchen

  • Please note that with blue hues perfectly match natural textures, wood, stone. Blue, yellow can give space that zest, which in many ways will help decorate the interior of the kitchen in a bright, laid-back design. Provided that the yellow, will be two or three shades darker than the main blue.

White and turquoise kitchen

What colors blend the green color in the interior of the kitchen

The theme of colors that accentuates attention is complicated, but it is possible to solve the question of which gamut is combined with a green one in the interior of the kitchen, by an exception method. Complex coloring, communication with which for a long time can cause quite the same positive feelings as from yellow. This color can only act as an additional color, because it is too bright, involuntarily takes all attention to itself. It is quite dangerous to use pure lime to decorate large elements, especially walls or furniture. The maximum that can be allowed is a dining table, chairs with upholstery of the same color. Light curtains, but not dense curtains, with white or beige lambrequins.

Long kitchen in white-sezenom combination

Ornamental decorations, glass vases, dishes of bright salad on a white table or tablecloths, are appropriately looked in the interior with pastel tones from beige to green, ocher. A good combination can be obtained using gray and black, but only in a room with a footprint of at least eleven to twelve square meters. A kitchen set of a black shade will not look so severe, gloomy, if its asymmetric design is highlighted, for example, with a salad dressing. A pair of upper and lower cabinets in this color will make simple-looking furniture creative.

Large green kitchen

Bright lime color looks great with purple hues, but only if they also appear in the design of the space as additional. A beautiful, practical option is the decoration of the wall over the dining table with pictures or three-dimensional decorative panels with the obligatory presence of purple, salad. These can be unusual, creative lights or sconces in the lighting of the kitchen.

Rustic style in the kitchen

It is desirable, especially when using such bright contrast colors, not to add more than two or three objects. If the desire is huge, but there is a fear of spoiling the interior, breaking it into bright spots, it will be an excellent way to apply pure color, light green or any other accenting attention, in only one subject, and the same scale, but for three to four tone is lighter in the same textile decor.

Kitchen with an island in the center In the arsenal of designers, there are always tools for improving and ennobling spaces, with the help of decor elements. It is worth noting such masters of style as Tiffany, her lamps made a sensation, they became not an aging classics. Multicolored glass details collected in a whimsical pattern on the lampshade adorn more than one hundred of the best interiors in the world. Creativity does not borrow from Karim Rashid, he built the means of lighting, from necessity, into real art objects. Simple lamps, in his hands become the main details in the interior.

Stretched island in the kitchen with a sink

What to say about modular paintings and three-dimensional panels, here are truly universal objects that can enliven and embellish almost any home.