Interior "can not": read, remember, use

In the house, as in man, everything should be fine. Thoroughly thought out design and furnishings are the guarantee of a wonderful mood and well-being.

Living room in white

Let's learn about the main shortcomings that threaten to become a real failure when creating your own project.

1. How not to spoil a small space

The key to success in the rational use of the area. First, limit the amount of furniture. And to arrange it better near the walls, and not scatter across the room. A large and roomy closet (preferably with doors made of mirrors or opaque, frosted glass) is an alternative to a set of nightstands, shelves, chests of drawers. The same applies to accessories, if they are too much, then the room gets the effect of clutter. Make with their help only 2-3 bright accents.

Secondly, the wrong color solution. You should avoid the abundance of white, remember the pastel shades, they are very diverse and not boring. The same goes for flooring. Let it be bright, so you will visually increase the area. If it is dark, then "throw" a beige or milky carpet.

Third, engage the vertical space. Charming hanging shelves in the style of hi-tech or with a rustic touch will bring in the interior of uniqueness and charm. It should also mention the curtains, do not hang them too low, the most optimal option - the ceiling tires.

Fourthly, more light and a small room will become cozier and more spacious. The built-in point or concealed fixtures, floor lamps of light design, are ideal.

Sofa at the wall in the living room

2. Layout and design of small-sized

The first thing to put the issue of storage of things, the limited area requires a balanced solution. Use horizontal areas, niches that are easy to disguise in the wall. Do not be afraid of large furniture, the main thing is that it is proportional to the volume of the room. But all sorts of little things should be in a limited number, get rid of the old and unnecessary.

Before starting the repair, you must carefully plan everything, down to the smallest detail. Do not get carried away by zoning and using different materials as dividers. The unity of style - that's what makes the small size better.

Open plan in a small apartment

3. Living room without errors

One of the most common problems is the abundance of furniture and the wrong selection of different accessories. Go away from the usual arrangement of sofas and tables near the walls, along the perimeter. According to experts in the field of design, the arrangement of small zones, grouped elements, looks much more interesting.

Another misfortune of most living rooms is the uniformity and fear of bright accents. All the space in one color scheme (albeit different in shades) is extremely boring and has not been relevant for a long time. Do not confuse juicy colors and elements, dotted with the desire to absorb the apartment in all colors of the rainbow. The main ally in this matter is a sense of proportion. A couple of orange pillows or green curtains on the windows will bring in the interior of freshness and individuality.

It is also worth mentioning about the pictures, photos, or rather about their location. Often intuitively, we understand that something is wrong, but the habit does not allow us to see the error. It's all about height. Cloths hang very often under the ceiling, meanwhile, as an ideal place - at eye level (remember art galleries, museums) and on the same line, if it does not apply to collages from different size frames.

Bright living room with bright accents

4. "Lyapy" in the bedroom

The main principle in creating a zone for sleep and rest is a feeling of comfort and solitude. Do not make the lighting too bright and "beating" in the eyes, it is best to muffle and softness. The same goes for the color scheme. It is better to be less saturated, use pastel and natural shades.

The role is played by the location of the bed in space. Consider its size and dimensions, it is most convenient when there is access from both sides. Contrary to popular belief, furniture, pushed into a corner, in contrast, will reduce the volume of the room.

Fireplace in the classic bedroom

5. Deficiencies in the children's room

Do not try to implement in the design of the room for your children their old fantasies and dreams, and best of all consult them, find out the wishes and preferences, because the room is meant for them. As a rule, the plot design (space or sea ship, princess's house, etc.) quickly bores everyone. Therefore, planning repairs for a long time, give preference to neutral design options, and give them one or another topic will help accessories or furniture that change, much easier.

Children are not to be saved. But the funds must be invested competently. It is best to spend them on high-quality environmentally friendly materials, but leave expensive accessories and trinkets for later. Let the situation be functional, designed for children's games, where an irrepressible character can correct something with a pencil and felt-tip pens.

The original bed-castle in the nursery

6. Failures in the kitchen

A triangle with a sink, a stove and a fridge should be calculated rationally: not too large, but not tiny, on which two people will hardly fit. With regard to materials, it is worth considering the quality. Having saved initially on buying tiles or special coating for walls, in the near future you risk ruining the surface of the steam from cooking food and grease stains that are not laundered. The same can be said about the hood, this is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Kitchen island with bar counter

7. Bathroom without problems

This is the place in an apartment or house, on the arrangement of which it is simply unreasonable to save. Any shortcomings or cheap materials in the future can easily lead to breakage of sanitary ware, and this threatens the flood and repair of the whole thing. Therefore, if you are at a loss with installing communications, lighting, then it's better to invite specialists.

Choose the right source code that matches the specifics of the room. Namely: resistant to high humidity, temperature changes, the appearance of fungus and mold.

Interior of a stylish modern bathroom

8. Queen of mistakes - poor lighting

Most often you can find a reception when only one light source is used, which is fundamentally wrong. Create multi-level designs with spotlights, sconces, floor lamps, etc.

Use dimmers - power controllers, they will allow you to create an atmosphere in the room, which is called on demand. If the room has large cabinets, then do not neglect the additional lighting built into them.

Multi-level lighting in the room

9. Improper color matching

• Choose a color palette based on lighting. The same shades with natural and artificial lighting look quite different.

• No one restricts you to the number of colors, but 2-3 are preferred or as many additional ones, for accents.

• Unity of the interior, all rooms must echo with each other, and not be a separate universe.

• On error, learn and this fact, take risks, try, only so you can find the perfect solution.

Interior in a pastel palette with accents

10. Set the order correctly

Having made repairs according to all the rules and using the tips given, you have received ergonomic housing. But now it is important to support it in a worthy way, and this will require cleaning and putting things in order. Use, for example, modern special containers and boxes that carry not only a functional load, but also decorative. Do not clog space with unnecessary things.

Organizer for the wardrobe

11. Mistakes to be made

Violating some of the rules is not only pleasant, but sometimes useful, concerns this and your own design of the room. What is unacceptable in some conditions, in others will play with new colors and become a highlight. Therefore, everything is strictly individual and depends on how you submit a non-standard solution. The floor without the carpet, the absence of curtains on the windows or pillows on the couch and so on - all this is worth trying and see what happens in the end.

Bright apartment with open plan