Interior design of a luxury bedroom

The bedroom should not only reflect your personality and sense of style, but also differ in high comfort.

Delicate color solutions

I prefer the soft colors in the bedroom. One of my recent projects included the redesign of my own bedroom, the color palette of which was cream and pale pink. I work all day with flowers and when I want to sleep, I need comfort, in which there is no color at all. The soft dark gray walls in my bedroom provide a very simple and neutral background, which not only calms, but at the same time and does not bother. Pairing with the ceiling of the color of a light blush, my bedroom also has inserts of dark gray velvet. This will allow the interior of the bedroom to be varied and interesting. When it comes to "colorless" it is important to use "deep" colors and aesthetics in design. For example, a sofa covered with a cloth with a pattern of snake skin, velvet boucle on the bed and small French chairs upholstered in a thin cloth are perfect for a relaxing holiday amidst all this splendor.

A soft blue color is also an excellent solution for a bedroom. This is one of the most universal shades, providing a calming effect.

Interior design of a luxury bedroom

Mattresses, sheets and bedding

Simply put, buy the best mattress you can afford. I believe that people rest best on mattresses with a lining on independent springs and with a soft filler. Many claim that they prefer a hard mattress, but ultimately it is found that hard mattresses can lead to redness on the skin, bedsores and pain.

Another mistake in choosing bedding is the principle that says a large number of sheets will put an end to all your problems. In fact, this is not so. It is better to choose what type of sheet you prefer: with a corrugated texture or absolutely smooth. If you choose the first option, then I offer "Pine Cone Hill" sheets of 100% cotton. Lying on these sheets you feel like you are in a luxury hotel on the beach. From absolutely smooth sheets I recommend luxurious two-layer sheets "Egyptian" made from natural cotton. Thanks to the combed yarn, these sheets have great softness. Linen sheets are a new craze. If you do not mind wrinkles, then such sheets are your choice.

As for bedding, at the moment there are many ready-made sets of bed-clothes on the market. At the same time, it's very easy to combine some of the ready-made sets with other covers and cushions chosen by you.

Bedroom interior

Accommodation of interior items

The organization of the bedroom space is also important. It should combine functionality and beauty. The bed should be the composition center of the room. It should be installed in such a way that the head of the bed is on the opposite side of the entrance. Near the bed should be located one or more bedside tables. It does not matter whether this "twin bedside table" is or not, it is important to ensure that they have the same height. If the height is uneven, then the room will look unbalanced. On each of the tables, place the desk lamp, which gently light the bed. You can also add family photos, candles and a few accessories to personalize the situation. For guest rooms are excellent suites of classical literature and antique watches, which will add to the room a unique sophistication.

Seats are also a must in the bedroom. If you do not have enough space, put a small chair or stool to sit or shine. You can also place chairs at the end of the bed, which is often a good alternative when space is limited.

Design of a luxurious bedroom

A little bit about the details

Also, as in any design project, the whole hitch is in the details. I'm just about all those necessary little things that make the bedroom special. For example, cashmere blankets for the feet - this is perhaps the most luxurious thing with which you can keep warm. Despite their lightness, they are great for cold nights.

Bedroom design in dark colors

Fresh flowers are also a luxury, which I also enjoy. In the guest rooms you can place a bouquet of flowers on the chest of drawers away from the bed. This is very important, because some guests may have an allergy. Also I like to leave some chocolate on the bedside tables of the guest rooms. This is an ancient tradition used in some first-class hotels. To this, you can add a thick and fluffy bathrobe in the bathroom, as well as a set of special shampoos, soaps, lotions, toothbrushes and toothpaste. I love when my guests can be pampered. Such nice little things and provide coziness in any bedroom.