Interior of a small kitchen in the nordic style: decor rules

Interior of small kitchen in Scandinavian style

Interior of small kitchen in Scandinavian style

It seems to us that the interior of the small kitchen and the Scandinavian style are literally created for each other. If you also hold this opinion, and the repair of the "heart" of the house is included in your immediate plans, be sure to read our article. She tells about all the principles of this direction and approaches to decorating kitchens in accordance with them. And the examples given in the review will serve as a source of inspiration for you.

Scandinavian style today in trend

Probably, this is not surprising for those who are familiar with its merits. It is perfect for kitchens of different areas and layouts. This style is able to transform and make more open, cozy and ergonomic compact spaces. The fact is that typical for such interiors components have simple shapes and organic textures.

Color palette

White color with all its shades peremptorily dominates in Scandinavian cuisines. As a rule, it can withstand walls and furniture, and floors decorate in darker colors. This combination of tones gives the interior an openness and ease.

However, absolutely white premises to most people seem sterile, cold and lifeless. Avoid this help additional wooden accents - like a countertop in the tone of the floor. Bright details are also able to revitalize the design of the kitchen and make it really cozy.

Interior of a small kitchen in white color


Certainly, looking through the pictures of Scandinavian interiors, you noticed that they all seem very bright. Well, it's quite logical that people who are forced to live in a climate of harsh climate tend to let as much sun as possible into their homes.

In Sweden, Norway or Finland, it is not customary to close windows with thick curtains, which can interfere with the penetration of natural light. Meanwhile, translucent curtains of high-quality textiles are quite acceptable.

Natural lighting in the interior of a small kitchen

Fixtures of different types - hanging, wall and even floor - are widely used in the design of Scandinavian cuisines. As a rule, they are concise and simple. But there are also alternative options, for example, an exquisite crystal chandelier, capable of repeatedly reflecting and refracting light. It will look great even in the most compact interior.

Artificial lighting in the interior of a small kitchen


Scandinavians are known for their love for bright textured textiles. To design kitchens in the Nordic style, you should choose the most colorful towels, unusual pillows, napkins from dense fabric and variegated rugs that will revitalize the interior.

Free surfaces should be occupied with pots with indoor plants, this is the most appropriate addition to the white background. As an alternative, they are perfect for a ceramic vase with fruit. Wicker baskets will also be appropriate. Walls can be decorated with vintage posters or photos within.

Decorативные элементы в оформлении интерьера небольшой кухни


In Scandinavian cuisine, simple furniture looks best, and it is desirable that it be made of natural wood. Yes, the white headset is a classic, but the countertops still have to be dark. Cabinet handles usually choose metal, and facades - with a glossy finish, for more efficient reflection of light.

Here are the basic requirements for furniture for interiors in the Scandinavian style: spaciousness, quality and external appeal. Each component of the situation must be concise and not overloaded with details.

Glossy furniture in the interior of a small kitchen Black accents in the interior of a small white kitchen Black furniture in the interior of a small white kitchen High anthers in the interior of a small kitchen

We believe that by looking at these photos, you are even more fond of the Scandinavian style. If this is so, be sure to decide on updating your own kitchen and share your experience with us!