Interior of the living room with a fireplace in the house -

Design of a living room with a fireplace in the house

Today, the interior of the living room with a fireplace became a characteristic symbol of the comfort of individual houses, a romantic atmosphere, while fulfilling the status role - the owner of the fireplace, without doubt, a successful and modern-minded person.

  • Classification
  • History
  • The appearance of decoration
  • Classic as well as Victorian styles
  • Рустикальный
  • Style branches from Art Deco - Modernism, HiTek, avant-garde, bionics, tiled


A significant influence on the design of a home fireplace as an element of the living room is provided by its device. Today, it is common to divide them into several parameters.

1. By installation method:

  • wall - with an adjacent wall, but not recessed rear wall, they can be installed not only for the living room. Almost any room can become a place of its installation even after the construction is completed;
  • built-in - choosing such a fireplace for the living room, it should be noted that it can only be installed during construction or major repairs, they are heated up to the cladding;
  • island - these stand alone and located at a distance from the walls, have a circular view, which allows you to create a design that gives the opportunity to look at the flame from different sides;
  • corner - the location of the living room, such a fireplace makes it possible to create a unique design of the so-called "red corner".

The design of the living room in the house with a fireplace and panoramic windows

2. By type of firebox.

By this feature, the fireplaces are divided into 2 types:

  • open type, flame burning is not fenced off from the space of the room, sometimes decorative decorations are used, they practically do not fill the room with heat in the living room, they are used exclusively as a decorative element in the overall design;
  • closed type - the furnace part is isolated from the room space by a special door.
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The current technology of making heat-resistant glass made it possible to offer the client a fireplace design that will fill the room with heat, and will also create the opportunity to admire the game of the languages ​​of burning flames. You can also make a fireplace with a floating door - it can smoothly shift up, the fireplace becomes an open type.

Living room in the house with fireplace and corner sofa

3. By type of fuel.

The types of fuel used are:

  • woody - this option allows you to create not only the design of the living room of different styles, but create the opportunity to enjoy the light aroma of burning dry firewood, they can be installed by creating a living room design with a fireplace in a private house, since the restriction imposes the need to remove smoke directly from the room to the street;
  • Gas - the flame is created by burning the supplied natural gas;
  • electric - they do not require fuel, since they create only an optical imitation of the game of flame languages: the artificiality of such "burning" significantly narrows the style framework in the design development;
  • biofireplaces - such devices - inventions of the XXI century, the special fuel used does not form smoke, ash, ash - so they do not require a chimney, it can be used not only for the living room, choosing any place.

The fireplace fireplace is covered with glass from the living room

Currently, several styles are distinguished. Of course, strict rules that require adherence to any one of them, no, they can be synthesized. The main thing is that the fireplace chosen for the living room looked organic, was not a foreign object of the interior of the room.

Large fireplace in the living room in a private houseFireplace Corner


History камина в интерьере как устройство для отопления говорит о том, что они появились еще до эпохи раннего средневековья, но их первые изображения доступны историкам только начиная с этого периода. Начиная с 10-го века, они имели графические и округлые формы.

Bright design of the living room in the house with a fireplace

Over time, the classic fireplace in the interior of the living room underwent a number of changes. From the 12th to the 16th century, when Gothic dominated, such heating devices were of a grand size, made of primitively processed stone, and sometimes without processing.

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Living room with a small fireplace in the house

The next period is the Renaissance. The concepts of ancient art and its decorative components begin to dominate the design. The decorative component of the design, determined by the ancient art, is getting developed. The stone remains the main material, but it begins to adorn with fancy carvings, to paint, there are original heating devices of this type for the living room, differing in appearance. The fireplace becomes an element of the decor of the room.

The design of the living room in a modern style with a fireplace

The appearance of decoration

Since 1725, when installing a fireplace, they begin to use a small crushed stone - goblet. With the end of the 18th century, the dominance of classicism sets in, and the appearance of the fireplaces in the living room acquires strict straight lines, regular forms. Appearance underwent changes with the offensive, the so-called Epoch of Napoleon. In the living rooms they were decorated with the use of expensive materials - rare types of marble, lapis lazuli. Living room with such a fireplace in the house will be appropriate only if they are trying to emphasize the luxury of the surrounding environment.

The living room with a fireplace decorated with stucco moldingTV above the fireplace in the interior of the living room

After the defeat of Napoleon, the lines of classicism and Renaissance are quickly becoming fashionable again, the tree is being used for decoration. The fireplace, as an element of the interior, did not change until 1920, before the appearance of Art Deco. He synthesized aesthetic, decorative and practical, heating functions and became the ancestor of fireplaces in the living room of Art Nouveau, high-tech. If you create such a living room with a fireplace this style - it will exclusively decorate the country house.

A fireplace made of rough stone in the living room

Classic as well as Victorian styles

Classic style fireplace is characterized by the presence of a U-shaped portal, as well as an open fireplace. The masters of this style use the stone of natural rocks, sometimes wood or cast iron. For a country house, a living room with such a fireplace is not only cozy, but also a warm room in winter. If you are attracted by living rooms with a fireplace immersed in a wall, richly decorated with wooden ornaments with Celtic or Scottish motifs - note that this decoration is ideal for a private country house, whose owner chose the style of "Good Old England".

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The design of the living room in the house with a fireplace in front of the sofa corner


Also called country style. The fireplace of this style has small and medium sizes, D-shaped. In a small living room they are installed as wall and corner. For the design of the portal use inexpensive natural, as well as artificial materials, for example, shell rock, sandstone. A characteristic feature of this style is the arrangement of a special separate niche, where firewood is stacked. The living room with such a fireplace is very often decorated in a country house.

Fireplace in the living room - a comfortable place in the houseDesign of the hall with a fireplace

Style branches from Art Deco - Modernism, HiTek, avant-garde, bionics, tiled

These modern styles of design have appeared since the middle of the last century. For them, minimalism, unexpected design with respect to the forms and decor, the use of various modern materials, the ability to install not only in the living room, but also rooms of other purposes are characteristic of them. A living room with a fireplace of this type in a country private house will become an ornament of your home.

Bio fireplace in the living room in the house

Vanguard involves the search for, the embodiment of new forms using non-standard materials, for example, an interior with a fireplace made of glass, metal. It is this style that decorators choose when creating an interior with a fireplace for the apartments, and smoke through the ventilation pipe is removed from the room. Such a living room in a private house will necessarily become the center of attention.

Living room in Art Nouveau style with fireplace

Bionics and tiled styles. Bionics appeared at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries. Characterized by the desire to minimize angles, as well as straight lines, the desire to create an optical illusion of movement in the living room. For country cottages this style is rarely used. Tiled, the design of which was proposed by Russian artists who took the tiles as the basis for decorating - ceramic decorative elements, traditional elements of Russian stoves. A living room with a fireplace of this type in a country private house will become a real highlight of the country cottage.

Bright living room with fireplace in the house

For a country house with several living rooms you can install fireplaces of different style.