Kitchen at the entrance to the apartment: a project to

Modern interior of a small kitchen

Modern kitchen at the entrance to the apartment

In many apartments, the kitchen, living room and dining room share a single enclosed space. This means that they must be combined with each other and form a holistic image.

We would like to introduce you to the original kitchen, which occupies part of the foyer in the apartments located in one of the Boston condominiums. Given this circumstance, the apartment owners decided to update its interior to make it more warm and welcoming. Designer Emily Pinni was able to increase the area of ​​working surfaces and storage area, giving space elegance and gloss.

She moved the bar counter to the adjoining room, creating conditions for the organization of the storage system.

White decoration of a small kitchen

Hinged cabinets up to the ceiling allow maximum use of vertical space. White color prevents the appearance of a heavy impression. Pinni intentionally did not include in the design of decorative lighting, limited to built-in devices.

Worktops from Calcutta marble are well combined with mosaic tiles, which are lined with walls of the working area. The whiteness of the decor is diluted with stainless steel elements - kitchen equipment, mixer and cabinet handles. Duplicating the components of the finish allowed to soften the transition between the kitchen and the rest of the interior.

Black floor in a small kitchen

The apartment is located in the historical part of the city, so Pinni especially delicately approached the preservation of the elements of the exterior decoration of the house. The lower edges of the windows are below the countertops, which the designer has equipped with hidden covers to prevent objects from falling into the formed cracks.

White furniture in a small kitchen

The design developed by Pinni was the perfect solution in this unusual situation. Being located away from the living area, the kitchen has become a full-fledged component of the interior in general.