What are curtains - threads (40 photos)

Just recently, curtains-threads appeared in Russia. This interior decoration is very famous. It was invented in the East and has a rich history. Kisei was used to shade the room, but did not close the way for air passage. Thin threads on the door or window opening look exquisitely and interesting. They share zones in the apartment, tables in restaurants. They help to create lightness and airiness of space.

Today it is one of the well-known modern ways of decorating window frames, which changes the look at curtains and gives other possibilities to textiles. Filament curtains have many other names, but you can say one thing - it's an ornament that consists of several swirls of intertwined threads. From above they are fixed by a wide beautiful ribbon, which is attached to the cornice.

Curtains with lurex

Exquisitely and elegantly look the curtains of the thread with lurex inserts.

Curtains in the living room

Curtains with strass and beads.

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  • 4 Care Requirements
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  • 6 Curtains of a thread - elegantly and romantically

The main advantages of thread curtains

Since thread curtains were created in the East, they were used to protect them from the sun. But let us consider other positive aspects:

  1. This product has a large color gamut, which is an excellent option for decorating a window in a children's room or bedroom.
  2. You can create the atmosphere of celebration and solemnity yourself, adding all the stones, beads.
  3. It is easy enough and very simple to mount on any cornice.
  4. It is possible to change the color or pattern by changing the location of the threads. Good weaving does not allow damage.
  5. Are used for allocation of zones in a premise (in offices, restaurants, children's establishments, in an apartment).
  6. Well combined with other ways of decorating window openings: tulle, blinds, Roman curtains.
  7. If other decorations (stones, beads) are used, then there is no need for additional care. It is allowed to wash in a machine, just folding into a roll and bandaging in several places.

There are some disadvantages:

  1. If the house has animals, in particular a cat, then the best option would be conventional curtains.
  2. They look good, but you need to carefully select the color and design (that was a combination with the decoration of the room, furniture, style).
  3. We must carefully approach the selection of threaded curtains with decoration, as a large number of decor can look tasteless, and soon get bored.
Original curtains in the classic combination of colors black and white in the interior of the kitchen of medium size.

Original curtains in the classic combination of colors black and white in the interior of the kitchen of medium size.

Curtains in the living room

A classical variant of drawing up of a drawing room in style hi-tech, streaming threads of silver and black outflow of pig-iron.

Zoning of the bedroom

Exquisitely and romantically, you can decorate the interior of a spacious bedroom by fencing off the sleeper with a curtain of light threads.

Types of thread curtains

Thread curtains in the interior give the room a cosiness and beauty. A wide choice of colors and designs allows you to combine with different styles - both classics and original modernity.

Today there are a large number of types of curtains:

  1. Curtains "Wide noodles".
  2. Curtains "Spiral".
  3. "Chains" - thick ropes and at the same time very soft, like plush.

In the latter variant, the threads are twisted like spirals. Plus - a guarantee that the aesthetic appearance of the curtain will always be perfect. There are:

  1. Monophonic thread curtains.
  2. Combined shades of "Rainbow". You can observe a thin, gradual transition of one color scale to another. The materials are both monochrome and multi-colored. Unusualness is attached to lurex.
  3. Collection "Rain" is very elegant and unique. This can be achieved by adding lurex and feathers, beads to the thread. The height can be adjusted by trimming the main fabric.
  4. Threads with pompoms, with beads can be bought or made by yourself, which, of course, will require a lot of effort and time, but will please with its unusualness. To do this, you need a lot of beads of different shades, shapes and material.
  5. Curtain-thread "Butterfly". This is one of the most charming species. Most often it is used in rooms for children. Such products may include one tone or several. Can be combined with textile butterflies, have different patterns: from flora and fauna to abstraction.
Curtains in the living room

Curtains of a thread with a regular bugle woven into a thread will create a rainbow effect and a summer blind rain.

Flat Threads

Flat threads for curtains or "wide noodles".

Volumetric threads for curtains

Volumetric threads for curtains "spiral".

How to use such curtains in the interior?

For the guest room in the old style, curtains with fringed threads are used. In order to give the usual classical atmosphere, you do not need to choose bright colors. And you can use thin laces or completely different colors.

For hi-tech silver threads (cold), made of metal balls, fabrics with lurex, small chains are taken. Use single-color products.

Cotton, linen or bamboo threads fit perfectly to the ecological style.

Products from the muslin are unique curtains, which will complement different versions of the interior styles of the present.

The bedroom at all times was associated with romance and seclusion, tranquility. They will help to give a stream of thread on the window openings. For a young girl's room, it is appropriate to use threaded curtains with feathers or beads, rhinestones. For a bedroom of young spouses a functional method is used - a combination of different colors and textures. Giving tenderness is possible with the help of floral compositions, sticks.

Classic Edition

The classical version of the threads in the form of rings is "chains".

Curtains of the thread in the interior of the nursery also find their place. Here the preference is given to bright colors with the image of animals or plant world, pictures from favorite cartoons. They will find their place of volume invoices, various decorations. All this will help create a favorable atmosphere, creative attitude to the child.

In the kitchen, shortened curtains are mostly used.

Widespread use is inherent in multi-level beams. To this end, the choice falls on synthetics, which does not absorb smells and does not absorb dust.

Care Requirements

Very delicate, at first glance, the textiles are beautifully erased. For this purpose, the article is shaped into braids, removed from the window opening and folded into a pouch. Very suitable modes are "manual washing" or "delicate mode". They can be washed in soapy water. And for decorations with a solid decor, washing in a washing machine is unacceptable, only hand washing. You do not need to iron it. Enough, getting out of the car, just hang it up again and straighten it. As a result, the care procedure will take much less time than for simple curtains.

Modern and fashionable filament curtains emphasize the refinement and warm atmosphere of the room. With them, it's so easy to change the interior and thereby surprise others.

Thread curtains are fashionable. Video

Curtains of a thread - elegantly and romantically