Luxury and style: even functional furniture for small

Multifunctional furniture for a small apartment

Functional furniture for small apartments from illDesigns

Functional furniture for small apartments "Residential cube" is a very stylish solution for small dwellings and premises. Designed by a group of designers to save space, this interior element was a godsend for space-limited spaces.

Furniture for a small cube-shaped apartment

Compact and stylish interior detail

Furniture for a small apartment from a dark tree

The classic "Residential Cube" is made of wenge wood

Initially, this kind of cabinet was designed to store a collection of vinyl records of one of the developers. However, he subsequently underwent some changes and acquired slightly different tasks.

Now this functional furniture for small apartments can be equipped with even a bed upstairs, which you can climb on a stylish black steel staircase.

Sleeper under the ceiling

Comfortable "royal" bed above will pleasantly surprise

In addition, the Residential Cube has a large interior space, where you can store anything you want, be it clothes or sports equipment.

Room inside a wooden cube

Inside the "Residential Cube" can go even a man of high stature

Wardrobe for a small apartment

The dressing room is quite spacious and roomy

Available such furniture in three variations: Mini, Urban and Wall. The difference between them is in size. Thus, the Mini model measures 2.6 x 1.6 meters with a height of 2 meters. The Urban model is up to 4 meters in length, while remaining the same in height and depth as the Mini.

Each of the presented forms includes a modern streamlined shelving, a wardrobe, storage space, and a platform with a bed. And, finally, the Wall can be made to any size, but not have a bed and a dressing room.

Functional furniture for a small apartment

Urban accessories

Perhaps the main advantage of such furniture is the ability to adapt it to any owner. When ordering, any buyer can make up his own, convenient configuration. It will not be difficult to do this, since all four sides can be involved in such a "Residential Cube".

A capacious dressing room for a small apartment

A lot of shelves for storing anything

For example, if you do not need so much storage space for something, then this element of the interior can be additionally equipped with various shelves, or supplemented with a working area in the form of a desk.

Work area for a small apartment

"Residential cube" can easily fit even the working area

Designed in Switzerland, this closet is designed to help you make full use of the space of your compact apartment.

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