People and things in a small interior: the original version

Things in a small interior of the house on wheels

Place things in the small interior of such a house is not easy

Where to store things in a small interior? How to organize a place to sleep? How to create conditions for meeting the hygienic needs of tenants? Is it possible to have a full kitchen in conditions of a deficit of square meters? These and many other questions are asked to themselves by all the architects who set foot on the difficult path of designing tiny houses. They critically assess the importance of each function, trying to maintain the comfort of home at the proper level.

In this sense, especially impressive is the creation of architect Kelly Davis, who has already created several stunning structures in cooperation with Dan Dobrovolsky. This time our attention was drawn to the house designed by him on wheels, called Traveler XL (a hint at large dimensions of the building in comparison with the previous works of the author).

The project raises some questions concerning design, space planning and choice, which we do, and he himself answers them.

Things in a small bathroom interior

In the house there is a truly luxurious bathroom, with a comfortable dressing table, a washing machine and a full-size bathtub, which can be replaced by a shower if desired.

The layout of a small house

In the opposite part of the house there is a built-in double bed. And this in itself is surprising, because in most cases such objects are equipped with mezzanine sleeping places, because of which many older people simply refuse the idea of ​​getting compact housing.

Stairs and steep steps represent a real danger at night (and those who are for ... visit the restroom quite often). In the end, you can hit your head with a mezzanine.

Things in the small interior of the bedroom

And here is a real bedroom with a large window and plenty of storage space. Of course, the so-called royal bed, which is equipped with this house, has become standard in America, but we believe that it would be right to offer potential buyers a bundle with an ordinary double bed as an alternative. This solution will provide room for movement.

Things in the small interior of the living room

Due to the presence of a full bedroom, located in the back of the house, the living room was in its middle. It seems cramped and not very comfortable. Here is an example of a compromise.

A large bed in a small bedroom

Someone decides that this is an unacceptable luxury - to occupy most of the living space with a bed. But if not she and not a loft, then what? Is there an alternative to both options?

Maybe it's a bed with a lifting mechanism, which is securely fixed under the ceiling and easily lowered, allowing in the daytime to use the room as a living room, and in the night as a bedroom. However, its installation is a complex and costly exercise.

Lifting platform in a small interior

There is another option: the bed, which is pushed under the living area, located on the platform. The problem with it is the need to keep free space in front of the platform, so that there is much room for this bed.

A pull-out bed in a small house

It's time to discuss the kitchen and dining room. In European apartments, which are at least three times as spacious as Traveler XL, refrigerators and slabs with a width of 60 centimeters are usually installed. The technique of American manufacturers has much more impressive dimensions, but is it really necessary in a tiny house?

It is felt that the devices dominate the interior presented in the photo. But, judging by the comments of Dan and Kelly, it was conceived:

"This house is a space for permanent residence, and in it everything is real. Hence the full-sized kitchen with bathroom, a comfortable dining table, a living room with a fireplace and a large TV. " Things in the small interior of the kitchen

In a sense, the developers of this project violated the basic dogmas of the concept of ultra-compact construction, but we can only thank them for it. 

Small house on wheels

Would you agree to live in such a house?