10 simple ways to make a bathroom look expensive

How to create your own spa oasis without spending a lot of money? We offer 10 simple ideas that will help to give your bathroom a luxurious look:

1. Soft and fluffy accents

Choose for the bathroom soft, fluffy, neutral in color towels and bathrobes, as well as a suitable floor mat. Hang them on the towel warmer or, to create a sense of spa, gently fold and put in a prominent place.

Soft towels for the bathroom White towels in the design of the bathroom White towels on the shelves in the bathroom

2. Muffled light

Bright lighting in the bathroom is necessary for performing cosmetic procedures, but absolutely not suitable for relaxation and creating the effect of luxury. The installation of a separate LED-backlight, sconce or simply a switch to a softer light will help to give your bathroom the necessary sexuality and warmth.

Stylish lighting in the bathroom led lighting in the bathroom Beautiful wall sconces in bathroom design

3. Stimulants for the sense organs

We do not only assess the environment with our eyes, right? Use modern gadgets or more traditional decor (aromatic sticks, candles etc.), to bring to your bathroom your favorite sensations, sounds and aromas.

Bathroom GadgetFlavors for the bathroomBathroom decoration

4. Elegant mixers and attachments

In order to radically transform the bathroom it is not necessary to buy a new sink, bath or shower. A new faucet may be enough to change the style of the room from cold minimalism to subtle luxury. And if you want to reduce costs to a minimum, you can do without buying a new nozzle on the shower.

Beautiful bathroom faucet in the bathroom Old Style Basin Mixer Shower head with light

5. Works of art and accessories

A big mistake in decorating bathrooms is to create a clinical order - when only towels, bottles with shampoos and nothing "superfluous" remain in sight. Like any other room in the house, the bathroom must have its own decorations - paintings, caskets, vases etc. things that add space to individuality, character, coziness and rich appearance.

Beautiful accessories on a tray Luxurious bathroom decorBathroom decoration in mixed style

6. Comfortable armchair or other seat

Luxury is impossible without comfort. And what can create additional comfort in the bathroom? Of course, comfortable seats, the choice of which depends on the size of the room. Low stool or ottoman, elegant chair or couch - choose what suits you best, and enjoy the elegance and comfort of your bathroom!

Wooden chair for the bathroom Armchair and table in bathroom design Luxurious large bathroom

7. Cleanliness and order

In paragraph 5, we mentioned that clinical order in the bathroom is undesirable. However, there is something even more disastrous for the appearance of your bathroom - this is the lack of organized order in general. Are your cosmetic and hygiene products visible? Then add a nice tray and turn them into a simple, but nice composition! And do not forget to keep the mirrors and other surfaces clean: splashes and dust are incompatible with luxury and comfort.

Stylish bathroom accessories Arranging the order in the bathroom Beautifully decorated bathroom

8. Houseplants

Not only do they help clear the air, indoor plants are also a simple way to add a bright accent to the bathroom and a comfortable residential appearance. A high level of humidity in this room simplifies the process of caring for plants. Which of them are the best for your bathroom? Try aloe vera, bamboo and philodendrons.

Bathroom decoration with indoor plants Bamboo in bathroom design Small bathroom with green plants

9. A tray for a bath

Another easy way to give the bathroom a note of "luxury" style is to put a wooden tray on the bath itself. The warm texture of the tree harmonizes well with the cold shiny surfaces, and the shape of the tray allows you to keep your favorite book, a glass of wine and everything else you need for a comfortable and relaxing home spa!

Functional tray for bath Simple bath tray

10. Glamorous mirror

Glamorous mirrors in gracefully curved metal frames are capable of giving a sense of luxury to any interiors. Just make sure that the color of the metal on the frame matches the color of the fixture fixtures, mixers or other elements.

Glamorous mirror in gold rim Stylish mirror over the sink in the bathroom Large mirror in the bathroom