Small dressing rooms: 5 unusual options for organizing space

Interior of a small dressing room

Reasoning about how to equip a place in which you can choose an outfit according to the occasion lead to the question: is it possible to place this splendor in a small area? Most often under the dressing room they give their own bedroom. But this option is suitable only for spacious rooms. But what should we do to get more benefits at a minimum cost? It so happened that often we choose a closet, not thinking about whether it will be convenient and useful in the future. And if you approach this question in a different way,

Fantasizing about the ideal dressing room, we paint for ourselves the image of a spacious room with free access to all the clothes at once. But to connect the desired and reality is a completely solvable task even in a small area. In this case, we just need to arrange the cabinet along the wall. Even, rather, not a closet, but only half of it. The walls and ceiling are supported by supports, and already to them - rods and consoles. Shelves can be made as many as you want, if only it would be convenient for you. Instead of doors it is suggested to use curtains made of dense fabric - the main thing is to combine them interior items. From time to time, the fabric can be changed and this can help to update the perception of the room.

Cloakroom behind the curtains

Another version of the wardrobe is suitable for those who do not like to make a lot of effort, but wants to get a stylish result. Portable hangers. This option will be preferred by people who do not want to hide the wardrobe from the guests' eyes. And let you have the feeling that you are in a mall or studio, but this original way of storing things is a success for fashionistas. The stand can be moved from place to place, thereby constantly introducing fresh breath into the appearance of the interior.

Portable dressing room

Another creative variant with a rack for hangers, located upside down, belongs, apparently, to the photo artist. However, it is possible to take such an idea for a note: it is unusual and does not require much space, therefore it fits perfectly into interior of a small studio.

Stand for hangers

An elegant chest of drawers with a large number of drawers, drawers and hooks on the door is indispensable for storing accessories.

Elegant dresser for clothes

And one more interesting approach to the decision of a question on accommodation of a wardrobe. The weight of the hooks hanging from the ceiling is ideal for light clothing, footwear and fashion accessories. And would you risk so refresh your apartment?

Suspended clothes hangers