Stone in the interior: simple rules of style

Many people want to make the interior of their house or apartment more original and refined. And, according to experts, the best assistant in solving this issue may be a stone. This material is used for interior decoration for a long time, but only about five years ago it reached a peak of popularity.

Decorating rooms with natural stone

There are many options for using artificial or natural stone for interior decoration. However, this method of decoration and decoration will look neat, beautiful and stylish only if certain rules are observed. It is important to remember that masonry can be used in almost any interior, from the cabinet to the nursery.

Stone in the interior

Some nuances that should be remembered when using a stone in the design:

  • This "cold" material is perfectly combined with "warm" textures, for example, carpets, pillows, velvet or suede blinds. This combination will "balance" the coldness of the stone. To add a touch of lightness, it is advisable to "dilute" the interior, which uses elements of masonry, orange, yellow or red elements of the decor.
  • Joints of masonry should be combined with finishing materials of contrasting shades. In this case, stones of various sizes and shapes should be used, this will give the interior a touch of naturalness and natural beauty.
  • In the interior of the premises of a small area, the most accurate way to lay a stone is only one part of one wall. This approach will not "overload" the interior design, but at the same time - will make it really unusual.
  • For those who prefer exclusivity and believe that his house is his fortress, an excellent solution will be the stone ceiling finish. As a rule, for this purpose, materials of light shade are used. However, it is possible to use dark stone, if the remaining elements of the interior are created in a warm color scheme.

Making a fireplace with natural stone

What kind of stones to use when decorating an interior? This question is of concern to many. Experts recommend choosing brick masonry for lofts and modern interiors. A great addition to the interior in the classic or rustic style will be large-sized stones of various shapes. The cellular limestone is in good harmony with the rooms made in high-tech styles or minimalist. For finishing aprons in the kitchen or fireplace, it is better to use river pebbles. For other interesting solutions you can find here:

Photogallery Total | 4 photos Stone in the interior: простые правила стиля Stone in the interior: простые правила стиля Stone in the interior: простые правила стиля Stone in the interior: простые правила стиля