The interior of a small apartment in milan transformed to

Interior of a small apartment from PLANAIR

Interior of a small apartment in Milan

Interior of a small apartment in Milan, размером чуть менее 30 кв. м впечатляет. Здесь удалось разместить все, что необходимо для комфортного проживания: кухню, гостиную, спальню, ванную комнату и даже столовую.

Studio-developer PLANAIR, showed real miracles of ingenuity, creating a single storage system, leaving, at the same time, the room is spacious and bright. Let's take a closer look at what was done.

If we open the front door, we will see a living room, combined with a kitchen, where there are many boxes for storing food, books, clothes and other things.

Interior of a small apartment with storage systems Interior of a small bright apartment

Standing with his back to the entrance and face to the window, you can see that the kitchen with the living room is located on the right side, and behind the opposite wall are hidden bedroom and dining room.

Interior of a small spacious apartment

In the following photos you can see how the doors that hide the rest of the apartment are folded.

Interior of a small transformed apartment Interior of a small apartment in light colors

Another perspective that allows you to better consider the sleeper.

Bedroom behind the screen in a small apartment Screen in the interior of a small apartment

The bed is located on a high podium, near it there is a dining table and another window.

Sleeper on the podium

Steps that are needed to get to the bed, one hand move out of the cabinet and can be pushed back so as not to interfere. You are probably curious where the passage to the bathroom, and so, it is located behind a black wall with a window-porthole, and the door to it to the right of the shelves with flowers.

Pull-out steps in a small apartment Pull-out steps to the bed

Since the bed is on a raised platform, this allows you to place additional storage shelves under it. In this case, the designers provided the module on which the bed is placed, a hinged lid, and inside they arranged a small dressing room.

Cloakroom under the bed Storage systems for sleeping

In the following photos you can see how the bedroom looks from the inside, when the doors are closed. Part of the light still penetrates through round holes, such can be seen throughout the apartment. They also serve as handles for which you need to cling to open and close all these doors.

Screen with holes for light Bed above the kitchen

Nearby there is a dining area, designed for four people, which can also be a workplace. Please note that the sill was made of the same material as all the furniture.

Dining area in a small apartment

As a result, we see a multifunctional interior, which can be transformed depending on the needs of people living in it. He allows, how to arrange a party with a lot of guests, and do their own business, without interfering with the other. And would you want your apartment to be smashed into small rooms with a light movement of your hand?