The project of a cubic house for free people

The project of a cubic house with a transformer function

Cubic house project at the exhibition

The result of the cubic house project might object to Mick Jagger. As the singer once remarked, you can not always get what you want. In particular, regarding real estate, one has to be satisfied with what the developers propose when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, as well as those parts of the house where there are water pipes. For convenience and efficiency, they are usually mounted in corners in the neighborhood. But these rooms are very personal and people prefer when they are more isolated.

Since the late 90s, the Urban Capital project company in Toronto is looking for ways to separate these zones in order to give consumers more freedom. The original solution can be considered a mockup of space built around a cubic construction with the function of a transformer. The pilot development was implemented in conjunction with the company TreeHugger founder Graham Hill.

Cubic house project: draft

Drawing of the cubic house project

Now the next step is taken. The firm Urban Capital with designer Luca Nichetto created Cubitat. This cube is 10x10x10 feet (approximately 3x3x3 meters), it completely contains everything you need for living - a bathroom, a kitchen and laundry room, storage cupboards and a pull-out double bed that does not take up space in the drawer.

This is all that is needed in the apartment, perhaps, except for a rug for yoga. There is a comfortable kitchen with a refrigerator, a freezer and a dishwasher in half the height of the built-in panel. Plus a lot of storage space for all utensils.

Cubic house project: kitchen

Kitchen area

The bathroom contains a shower cubicle behind a matte glass wall and a laundry cabinet that is not too noticeable in the photo.

The project of a cubic house: a small bathroom

Excellent and small bathroom, quite comfortable

Sliding bed, designed in such a way that you can safely watch TV in bed. The idea of ​​a retractable bed looks more convenient than the concept of a berth Murphy. You do not have to fix the mattress to remove the sleeper when unexpected guests called at the door. You can simply close this model with one click.

Cubic house project: a sliding bed

The bed is moved in one motion

The project of a cubic house: a place for storage

There are a lot of storage space in the back panel

It's really great. The traditional building is being built for a long time. Plumbing and wiring are installed at different stages. Kubitat separates the residential area from external walls, offering to connect everything you need and use. He creates a dense prefabricated house in a box and can be placed anywhere: new housing, an old factory, a loft or a school.

There are several serious problems that need to be solved. The biggest thing is that the cube does not pass through the door. This really limits its use. Bucky Fuller, designing his finished bathrooms in the forties, cut them into pieces to reassemble inside. Perhaps it is applicable here.

The project of a cubic house. Bedroom with TV

The most remarkable thing is how the services are separated directly from the space. Professor Peter Prangnell of the University of Toronto named the three main components of architecture: support, content and action. This can be interpreted as the basic structure of the building, serving as supporting material, what we contribute to its filling, and how we use it - the action. Support is developed by architects and builders.

The concept of Fill is similar to the choice, for which the future. The more volume is filled, instead of remaining only support, the wider the possibilities of consumers. And the better the concept is developed, the more places there will be for action. So Urban Capital and Nichetto Studios have done an extensive step for this. And you, would not you refuse such a house?