To spite the enemies - a functional and spectacular kitchen

Interior of a small kitchen

For the most functional and effective design of a small kitchen, specialists used a minimalist style. They gave the room a clear-light tone.

The ceiling and most of the walls were to be covered with white water-repellent paint. This reception visually increased the space and gave the room a unique chic.

The layout of a small kitchen

The layout of the kitchen 9 sq. M. m.

As a velvet lampshade attached using an aluminum bar was used. This mechanism allows you to fix the lamp in any position, recommended for lighting the necessary kitchen area.

In the center of the ceiling there is a hood with illumination. She creates an elusive shimmering shine in the kitchen and perfectly illuminates the work area.

Cooker hood with lighting in the kitchen

TV designers attached to the wall of MDF, which is a veneer of natural oak. A successful combination of elements and a well-chosen color scheme gave the room a warm home atmosphere.

TV on the wall in the kitchen

In the center of the room is a kitchen island. Here you can not only eat and receive guests, but also cook. The sensor glass-ceramic plate is built into the acrylic countertop.

Below are mounted capacious drawers with a retractable mechanism. They are a hidden and very convenient storage area.

Drawers under the stove

To the stove there is an oak table-transformer, the mechanism of which is equipped with castors. The device allows you to completely hide it in the island or push it to the desired length.

Dining table-transformer in the kitchen

If desired, you can fold plastic chairs and push the dining furniture. In this case, almost the whole area of ​​the kitchen will be free.

Served dining table

There was an additional table along the window. Behind it you can not only cook and eat food, but also work. Also in the design there is a niche for flower pots.

The window sill and countertops are made from natural oak. They perfectly match the rest of the interior.

String cornice with decorative clamps looks great with a snow-white cotton curtain.

Bar rack at the window

The oven is installed in the corner next to the window. It has an elevator, which lowers the food on the surface of the table after its preparation. This function gives access to the dish from all sides and is very convenient when the oven is at a high level.

Oven on the wall

In the opposite corner is installed a refrigerator and a multi-storied cabinet for storing bottles.

Low backlit shelves, folding doors and a practical microlift mechanism are installed above the window area. Under the counter top are boxes for kitchen utensils.

Kitchen set with drawers

One wall of the kitchen has a glossy white surface. It is a place for reminders and sending written messages to each other.

Message board in the kitchen Message board in the kitchen Storage system for kitchen utensils Storage system for kitchen utensils Storage system for kitchen utensils