What courses of interior design to choose in moscow

Courses in interior design teach the intricacies of creating and decorating interiors. Exist distance courses interior design, which include a special program, theoretical and practical exercises.

When passing the courses, you can independently learn how to create design projects and experiment with a variety of styles and design directions.

When choosing courses, it is worth paying attention to the technical part and on what programs are taught to use future specialists.

  • Features of distance courses
  • What are the design courses in Moscow?
  • What is taught in design courses?

What courses of interior design to choose in Moscow: remote options

Features of distance courses

Deciding what the online courses are better or worse than standard training, it is worth familiarizing with the advantages of distance learning.

This form of training has the following advantages:

  • It is carried out according to special educational materials.
  • You can keep in touch with the teachers online.
  • You do not have to quit your job.
  • You can get two specialties. The schedule is chosen independently.
  • It is possible to receive education in a convenient mode.
  • Used teaching materials, network resources and the experience gained by famous designers and architects.

Training in online mode involves the use of slide presentations, video and audio communication with teachers, an electronic bulletin board, chat rooms and even a remote desktop. Webinars are offered, providing an opportunity to discuss creative ideas and design solutions.

At the same time, graduates become consultants in choosing finishing materials, furniture products or creating interior solutions.

What courses of interior design to choose in Moscow: remote options

Distance courses include the following types of classes:

  1. Technical task.
  2. Planning solutions for teaching competent zoning and planning on the instructions of the customer.
  3. Visualization of interiors with the help of 3ds Max.
  4. Creation of concepts based on the basic styles: modern, Art Deco and classical.
  5. Application of lighting design in the interior. Implementation of light scenarios.
  6. Detailed design: colors and furniture.
  7. Working documentation for the project.

Terms of reference include the study of the object, measurement technology, contractual relations and the design of the technical design assignment.

For graphic support of the object, visualization is performed in graphic editors. To create the necessary objects you need to own the program 3 Dmodelirovaniya (Archikad and 3 D max).

The value in creating an interior has the correct distribution of light. Light design includes technical and visual components.

What courses of interior design to choose in Moscow: remote options

What are the design courses in Moscow?

The interior designer can independently create types of architectural composition. At the same time the graduate should be able to make project documentation and understand the properties of building materials.

Choosing the nearest courses on design and interior, it is necessary to decide what is interesting for the creative process or work in programs and design projects.

It is better to choose courses with a lot of practical tasks and exercises.

In Moscow, you can consider the following options:

  1. City center of professional and additional education.
  2. Moscow Educational Center Lubyansky.
  3. Training center "Specialist".
  4. School of Architecture and Design.
  5. Academy of the labor market.
  6. Academic School of Design.

What courses of interior design to choose in Moscow: remote options

What is taught in design courses?

The interior designer is a specialist in interior decoration. Wishing to learn a new profession, the question arises: what can I learn in courses on interior design?

A good designer understands painting, architecture and other artistic directions. At the same time, you need to be able to draw by hand and work in graphic programs. The designer must understand the combinations of colors and shades and have an idea of ​​the construction and be able to select the necessary materials.

Specialists of this profession are in demand in design bureaus and architectural companies.

What courses of interior design to choose in Moscow: remote options

It is worth highlighting the official duties of the designer:

  1. Development of architectural and planning solutions.
  2. Preparation of technical tasks according to the wishes of the customer.
  3. Formation of project documents.
  4. Maintenance of the facility at the stages of work.
  5. Selection of finishing materials.

The designer should have a profile education, know the legislation on re-planning and be able to work in such programs as ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop and 3Ds max.

At the courses of the future designer, the following skills and abilities are taught:

  1. Analysis of the idea of ​​the project.
  2. Development of the concept of the project.
  3. Optimization of project components and their combination.
  4. Development of a sketch.
  5. Create a layout and 3 D modeling.
  6. Development and calculation of drawings.
  7. Implementation of the project.
  8. Designing of furniture.
  9. Interior decoration after finishing works.
  10. Textile decoration of the room.

What courses of interior design to choose in Moscow: remote options

The courses study the basics of art and design and modern trends in design. Finishing materials, their assortment and selection criteria are also studied.

Artistic and graphic graphics include descriptive geometry, design graphics, constructive drawing and the basics of composition.

Creative design technologies are being studied: interior redevelopment, functional zoning and the development of sketches.

Separately studied the creation of the project apartment studio and country house. An important aspect of the training process is the engineering and technical equipment of the premises. We consider heating, water supply and ventilation. Electricians and lighting are being studied. The designer should have an idea about the schemes for connecting electrical equipment. A detailed study of computer design.

What courses of interior design to choose in Moscow: remote options

The profession of the designer is suitable for creative people with good taste and aesthetic abilities.

The choice of professional courses will help in a short time to get an interesting and prestigious profession.