Unique design solutions for efficient use of space

Interior of a small kitchen


Many of us have often faced a problem when there is not enough space in the house. Furniture and accessories take up a lot of space, and in order not to create unnecessary clutter, you have to come up with original ideas that allow you to efficiently distribute the furnishings.

We prepared for the readers of our site about small interiors unusual, but quite realizable in life options that will create the most comfortable interior at the very minimum living space.

Interior of a small kitchen always seems close and gloomy, but this problem can be solved with the help of the correct arrangement of objects and furniture. Help in this shelves, wall cabinets and small bedside tables. They will allow to place all kitchen utensils in their places and do not create unnecessary discomfort. Practically, it functions and looks like this addition to the headset is beautiful and very modern.

Home Crafts from Hamper

Your dwelling can have not only a unique interior, but also have non-ordinary decor items that will become a beautiful accessory and will add comfort and true warmth to the atmosphere of your home. Boring and monotonous laundry baskets have been boring for a long time already to everyone, we suggest you to make your own object, which will be much more attractive than the purchased baskets and it will not have to be hidden in the darkest corners. On the contrary, it will add unique features to the interior of your apartment and tell you about it as a good housewife and needlewoman. 

Wicker basket

DIY project that nicely fits into the interior

Here, for example, is a wonderful way to re-arrange this element with the help of decorative knitting: stylishly and individually, and so - guaranteed - you will not find anywhere exactly the same. 

Flexible furniture

Furniture fancy designers accommodate the opportunity to conveniently accommodate guests and at the same time take up a bit of free space. We present to you a unique sofa, which, when necessary, not only unfolds, but also easily changes its shape.

Taiwanese company has created an original version of furniture-transformer. He copes with his task perfectly, in folded form can be used as a chair, and with the arrival of guests will become a roomy and cozy sofa. As soon as you see all its possibilities, you will not remain indifferent to this modern decision.

It is worth paying attention to modular storage systems.

Create an extraordinary laundry

Washing and drying machine have become an integral attribute for us, they save time for each hostess, which can be spent on more useful activities. In the cabinets, as you know, you can place not only things, but also household chemicals, and judging by their size, many other accessories. Using tips of designers, you can transform your home from cluttering objects that easily hide in the same cupboards.

Wardrobes in the laundry room

Unplugged and Unencumbered

Modern technologies with wireless gadgets have greatly simplified our life. But, as not cool, charging requires even the latest devices. We bring to your attention USB-outlet, which will help to place these devices in one place, leaving space on the bedside tables and tables for another purpose (4-port USB plates for charging devices from RCA).

Socket for charging mobile devices

4-port USB

Space saving

Many areas in your home can be used more efficiently: shelves in the kitchen or in another room can be installed, for example, under the stairs. And it does not matter what you store on them, the main thing is that any accessories will have their own corner and do not occupy more important places.

Storage system under the stairs

Each centimeter on the account

Unique shelving

Here is another very original idea that can serve as a wall shelf, stand on the floor or be used as a chair.

Shelves for books in the chair

A modern solution

Every house has to have comfortable armchair, luxurious, soft and cozy, for us it is an indispensable item. And by purchasing a similar design, you will save space for bookshelves, and turn the search for the desired book into an extremely serene occupation.

Cells for magazines in the armchair

Rock chair for storing literature and magazines

Use your personal space smartly and functionally!