Unique ideas for the organization of storage areas in

Storage rack

If you rent a small apartment or a house, you must have faced the problem of compact and rational placement of clothes, shoes and personal belongings.

Miniature baskets, concise headset items and modular furnishings will allow you to form wonderful storage areas. Today, in our new story, we will introduce you to exceptional solutions for transforming the decoration of modest apartments.

Even a small closet closet can turn into a wonderful office with a laconic desk and unmatched lighting.

Minimalist shelves, charming ornaments and artwork will allow you to fill this corner unusual house incredible creativity and personality. After the completion of the office can be easily hidden from prying eyes.

Study in the pantry

Cabinet in style by Ed Ritger Photography

The coffee table can provide functional hidden storage. It is perfect for the location of games, blankets and remote from the TV. In addition, such a subject of a furniture set will perfectly transform a modest space and fill the apartments with brightness and creativity.

Coffee table with storage compartment

Project by Kerrie L. Kelly

You can place woven and plastic baskets under a bench or table. Please note, in this example, these accessories were located at the foot of the bed. In this case, you can easily get them and fill with new things and objects.

Laundry baskets under the bed

Bedroom from the studio Niche Interiors

The bed with drawers is ideal for placing children's toys or bedding. To equip the home cabinet, an excellent solution will be a laconic couch with several drawers and baskets. In addition, this unusual furniture can harmoniously fit into any decoration not only modern, but also traditional.

Bed with drawers in the nursery

Детская от Lauren Liess Interiors

A classic wooden cabinet in the kitchen can be equipped in a functional and practical home office.

On the counter, you can easily place a computer and office equipment, and the upper shelves can be used as an improvised pantry. In addition, after the completion of the work, the owners will be able to close the shelving doors and form an exquisite and aesthetically pleasing appearance in the apartments.

Cabinet in the closet

Cabinet from the workshop Venegas and Company

A bedside table with drawers can hide anything: spare bed linens, alarm clock, photo albums, stockings and socks, as well as other small items. Choose the model designer furniture, which will fit perfectly into the furniture of the bedroom.

Combine the nightstand with a beautiful table lamp, a charming bouquet and incomparable accessories to form a warm and cozy atmosphere in the atmosphere.

Bedside table with drawers in the bedroom

Eura Bierman Photography Boudoir

The addition of a curbstone in the living room creates a comfortable surface for the installation of lamps, sculptures or ornaments, and it can also be used as a hidden storage space. In the example in the next photo, this element visually divides two functional areas: the guest salon and the dining area.

Drawer in the living room

Host of Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

A beautiful chest of drawers or a secretary in the hallway will be an excellent place to hide gloves, hats, leashes and keys. Complement your headset with charming photo frames, a large mirror and ceramic figures.

Beautiful chest of drawers in the hallway

Bedroom in classical style

The children's game table provides an ideal place for stationery and toys.

Children's play table with drawer

Детская от Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

We presented to your attention the marvelous advice and recommendations for the arrangement of stunning areas and storage areas in removable apartments that do not require significant resources and time for their implementation.

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