Futurism in the interior +75 style photos

Futurism in the interior

Futurism combines a group of avant-garde styles that originate in Russia and Italy in the years 1910-1920. The direction developed simultaneously in different areas of cultural life: painting, music, literature and poetry. The name of the style comes from the Latin "futurum", which translates as "the future". In search of new and unusual representatives of the direction tried to look forward, draw a unique picture, become visionaries of their time. Futurism in the interior was applied after the boom in style in architecture. In the buildings of those times there is a cult of the "age of technology", it was worshiped and considered the only true vector behind which the future stands. The history of the style is almost a hundred years old. During this time, he not only dynamically developed, experienced periods of ups and downs, but also gave rise to new offshoots: neo-futurism, constructivism, and after hi-tech. The revival "from the ashes" occurred in the middle of the last century, in the era of the development of genetic engineering, nuclear tests and the first steps towards the conquest of the cosmos. Now futuristic ideas are distinguished by freedom, a constant desire to crumple borders and go beyond them, look into the future and get ahead of it. Style has found its place in the everyday life of man, organically combining advanced technology with unusual solutions in art.

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Interior in the style of Futurism Shelf with books over the desk  Orange armchairs in a light interior  Panels on the wall  Yellow armchair in a dark living room  Interior with parallel lay-out

Main differences of style

Futuristic interiors stand out against the background of other popular styles. It should be noted that not everyone is capable of such bold decisions. The familiar concepts of coziness and comfort are transformed and acquire unusual outlines, which you need to get used to. The original futuristic situation will seem to many to be similar to the museum, where non-trivial art objects demonstrate. For style are characteristic:

  • Unusual forms. In the interior picture will be present geometric figures, straight lines and rounded, smoothed corners;
  • Artificial lighting. In the concept of Futurism, contacts with nature are completely cut off. A person has only an isolated house, in which artificial lighting is maintained around the clock. The sun in the rooms will be small;
  • A new life of habitual things. No trivial wardrobes or sofas in futurism you will not meet. Furniture will be the least like yourself: curved backs, extraordinary shapes, complex combinations;
  • Chromed surfaces, plastic, plexiglas. In decoration, this style is similar to the high-tech potpourri and the industrial direction;
  • "Clever" decor with the use of optical illusions. The world is controlled by the intellect, and accordingly the decorations of the room must be the product of his work;
  • The presence of glass partitions for zoning space. Ideal housing for the implementation of futuristic ideas will be a studio apartment or "odnushka", which is divided into sectors;
  • The colors are predominantly cold, gray, white and black. Design decisions are based on the principle of contrasts;
  • Multifunctional furniture. Futurism does not like the useless use of space, like minimalism.

Unusual forms - interior features in the style of futurism  Semicircular sofa in front of a decorative fireplace  Living room combined with dining room  Walls with illumination in the interior  Pillows on the floor in the living room

Together, the above features give birth to original stylistic solutions that do not look like trivial interiors.

Vivid pictures in the white interior  Black tiles on the floor  Shelves in the form of honeycombs along the walls  Turquoise sofa in beige living room  Indoor flower on the table

Futurism is present in the decoration of many "state" buildings, where they usually study and develop computer technologies. Style is used in offices and hallways of premises. The main goal of the design solution is to show that the company is engaged in modern research and is ahead of its time.

Large window in the bedroom Niches in the wall  The original shelf on the floor  Semicircular windows in the living room  TV in the niche  Marble floor in the interior

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Interior decoration

Style is considered universal. It organically looks in any room: kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway, bathroom and even a children's room. However, owners should prepare for expensive repairs, as the embodiment of extraordinary ideas will require large investments. In the decoration prevail artificial materials, which look luxurious, but in no way cheap or primitive.

White interior in the style of futurism Patterns on the ceiling  White corner sofa and table opposite the TV set  Kitchen with podium  Armchairs and a sofa in the bedroom  Pots of flowers on a shelf

Materials and finishing

In the design of the "box" of the room, plastic, glass, chrome surfaces prevail. Walls are pasted with foil wallpaper or covered with PVC panels, imitating metal. Above it hangs a stretch ceiling, the glossy surface of which is solid, without patterns or patterns. In more simple versions use white, blue or gray plaster. The floor is decorated with paintings with complex geometric patterns. Produce such options on order. In some cases, the floor is covered with linoleum or decorated with rugs of unusual shapes with a short pile. The tree will have to be abandoned completely. In this respect, the style is categorical.

Interior decoration in the style of futurism in light colors Bright carpet on the floor  Pendant armchair in the interior  Painting over the sofa  Lamps on the ceiling  Gray sofa and armchair in white interior

Color design

In accent colors blue, blue, violet, green, red prevail. All shades have a "cold" neon shine. A good option is to emphasize the color solution with the appropriate backlight. The main background is made of white, black or gray tone. They are neutral and combined with any shades. The main principle of color combinations is the play of contrasts. Accents must strike the eye, but their balance is strictly regulated.

Interior in the style of Futurism в светлых тонах с цветной подсветкой

In bedrooms and kitchens, the effect is slightly muffled with faded tones, since in these rooms a calm atmosphere should be maintained. A similar situation develops in small rooms where space can not be overloaded, otherwise one of the principles of futurism-freedom in the premises will be violated. In halls, hallways and bathrooms, contrasts do not hold back.

Table near the wall  Glass partition in the interior  White curtains on the windows  Black floor in the living room  TV on the sliding door

Do not recommend the use of futuristic interiors of natural shades of wood: brown, sand, nut. Organically, these colors will look only in retrofuturism. This trend reflects ideas that were popular in the last century. In the interiors represent the first ideologues of futurism about the present tense.

The original computer desk in the interior TV partition  Stairs in the interior  Room tree in the dining area  Hood above the stove  Red floor in the interior


When choosing furniture guided by its functionality. Sofas are transformed into beds, cabinets in tables, and shelving in couches. The most unusual variants of transfiguration are welcomed in a futuristic interior. Modern furniture with hinged structures without legs is actual. "Soaring" in the space of beds, chairs and tables will not only facilitate the cleaning of the floors, but also create the illusion of weightlessness. When choosing an environment, they focus on non-ordinary forms, which will allow to emphasize the interior features. Organically look semi-circular sofas, puff-balls, hollow inside armchairs, wavy hinged shelves, radius cabinets and coffee tables, more like polished gems.

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Light furniture in the interior in the style of futurism Shelf under the TV  Living room with balcony  Glass table between the sofas  Green bookshelves on the wall in the living room  Floor lamp at the couch


Lighting devices are placed on the ceiling, along the perimeter of the room, in decorative niches of furniture and walls, on tables and on the floor. Artificial light is seen as the main source. Plafonds of devices have the same non-standard forms, as well as furniture. The spring legs hold absolutely round or ellipsoidal "bowls". Particular attention is paid to point sources of scattered light. They are placed in large quantities, and the glow is usually not the standard white, but the shade is appropriate for accent tones in specific areas of the room.

Lighting в интерьере в стиле футуризм Chandelier over the table  Blinds on windows  Orange chairs around the table  Headlight backlight  White armchairs in the living room


Decorа в обстановке используется минимум. Однако те детали, которые все же присутствуют, своей оригинальность с лихвой компенсируют дефицит украшений. Футуристично смотрятся графические картины или коллажи на стенах. В комнате расставляют необычные часы, имеющие форму ДНК-молекул, кристаллические решетки, маятники, инсталляции из атомов и пузырьков воздуха, композиции из проволочных спиралей, стеклянные шары на ножках — все эти непонятные, но по-своему красивые элементы, выступают в роли основного декора.

Decor в интерьере в стиле футуризм Interior of studio apartment  Panel on the wall  Sofa with lighting in the living room  The combination of gray walls and white ceiling  Decorативный камин в интерьере

Futurism and new technologies

In futuristic interiors often use the latest achievements of technology. Although they harmoniously blend into the interior, they become just one of its elements. In this nuance, the main difference between the style and the closely resembling hi-tech is traced, where the technique serves as the basis around which the "plot" twists. Futurism is organically looked even without it, it compensates for the lack of contrasts, forms and non-ordinary materials. Many ideologists of the direction really became visionaries and foresaw the emergence of certain technical means, whose existence it was simply inconceivable to imagine in their era.

Living room in the style of futurism The partition between the dining room and the living room  Study in the bedroom  Painting over a decorative fireplace  Round sofa with a glass table in the living room  A semi-circular shelf on the wall


A laconic description of the direction is expressed by one phrase "look into the future". To create a unique design project, open the temporary veil and build your world the way it appears only in front of you. For inspiration, they recommend reading the works of famous science fiction writers who will give the beginning designers the right direction with their stories. Futurism is a style based solely on the imagination of a person and her boundless possibilities.

Spunya in the style of Futurism  Kitchen with parallel layout  Mirror over the sink  Zoning with flooring  Laminate floor and wall in the interior