What can surprise the clever table from nextdesk

Clever table from NextDesk

Smart table is the ideal solution for students and working at home

Encore is a really smart desk, and at the same time it's incredibly eco-friendly. Judge for yourself: its top is a bamboo with a coating that does not contain toxic volatile compounds, and the base is made of recycled aluminum. This idea for a small interior from a company that for many years has guaranteed the absence of formaldehyde in its products, but now has decided to go further in its conscious attitude to the environment. Name it NextDesk.

So, the Encore table top is made of bamboo, a fast growing evergreen plant. For one day, it grows about a meter, while ordinary trees reach maturity no earlier than 30 years. Cutting bamboo is even necessary, and 20 percent of its plantations can be destroyed without harming the ecosystem.

The frame of the design table is made from recycled aluminum, which reduces the need for further extraction of primary materials. At the same time, secondary aluminum is of very high quality. Powder coating of the frame does not contain harmful chemicals, which means that it does not emit gases into the atmosphere.

The person who buys this product and unpacks it for the first time is likely to be initially scared by the impressive weight of the aluminum support and table top. Nevertheless, to assemble it will not be difficult even for those who do not have experience in such matters to women. The attached instructions are very detailed, so everything will take about an hour or a little more.

Details of a smart table Smart Encore Table

According to the manufacturer, Encore is a height-adjustable electrical workstation. The fact is that the product is equipped with an engine and a numeric keypad, allowing you to change the position of the countertop. This means that the user of almost any growth can be located behind him sitting or standing, depending on the current situation.

Studies show that people who have access to adjustable tables often prefer to work on the computer standing up, because this posture makes you stay alert and focused on the task, which is especially important in the morning and evening hours.

The table is quite heavy: it weighs more than 45 kilograms, which means that it does not swing, does not stagger and does not move when a person leans on it. The product is executed perfectly, and the adjustment of its height, coupled with watching the numbers on the display, amuses children. The user, by the way, can register three positions in the device's memory.

It would seem that there is nothing to add something to Encore. But no! We simply have to say about the possibility of ordering a table according to individual parameters.

The material of the countertop (rubber tree or bamboo), the height, the carcass finish, the presence or absence of the frame at the keyboard, and the position and number of sleeves for the wires are determined by the customer. Moreover, the manufacturer will equip the product with the built-in speaker system, monitor mount, charging platform, etc., as required by the customer. It can become a table of your dreams, without exaggeration.

The price of the product in the basic configuration is about 1000 US dollars. You can buy it online, through the official website NextDesk.

If you, dear readers, decide to buy it, do not forget to share your impressions with us!