Kitchen design 13 sq.m. m - examples of interior photo

TV above the table in the kitchen

The decoration of the kitchen space is a necessary stage of any repair. After all, the kitchen - it's not just one of the premises of the apartment, it's the working space on which the most important operations for cooking are being made. And in the case of a standard apartment, the kitchen also serves as a dining room. Of course, the larger the apartment is allocated to the kitchen, the easier it is to make it comfortable and, at the same time, aesthetically attractive. However, in planning the interior of a large kitchen, you can admit the annoying mistakes that will make the use of this room not very convenient. That's why so important is the proper design of the kitchen 13 sq. M. meters.

White furniture in the kitchen

The most suitable and convenient for the kitchen at 13 meters are the following layout options:

  • Single-row, also called linear;
  • Two-row, or a mirror layout;
  • Corner version of the layout;
  • U-shaped organization of space.

The choice of a specific variant of interior design depends both on your own preferences and on the layout of the apartment - the number and size of windows, the location of the front door, etc. The most traditional one is the kitchen layout.

Painting over the table in the kitchen

In one row

A single-row version of design is widespread everywhere, this is one of the most popular types of design. It is typical for him to place the kitchen set in one row, along one of the walls. At the same time, the dining area is organized along the opposite wall.

Transparent chairs in the kitchen

The advantages of such a solution are obvious. First, such organization of space does not require significant material costs for alteration of the premises. Secondly, this accommodation option allows you to make maximum use of the space of the room. Third, this option is great if you need to place a fairly large table or sofa in the dining area.

There are certain drawbacks to this design. The main problem of the linear layout of the kitchen is the impossibility of forming a "working triangle" between the stove, the refrigerator, and also the sink. So the process of cooking in such a kitchen will not be as convenient as possible. The second disadvantage is the need for a constantly free middle of the room - otherwise the process of cooking will be very inconvenient.

Lamps in the kitchen Table with a glass lid in the kitchen  Kitchen with black furniture  Pictures above the table in the kitchen  TV in the kitchen  Kitchen with white interior

Parallel Layout

Similar design of a typical kitchen 13 sq.m. It is suitable for a narrow room when it is impossible to place all the necessary working elements along one wall. In this case, some of them are placed along the left wall, and part - along the opposite, right.

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Usually on one side there is a sink and a plate, and also a working surface for cutting products. On the other hand, with such a layout, a refrigerator, built-in oven, microwave oven and other small kitchen appliances are placed.

Kitchen with dining room

Plus this layout - the convenience of cooking, because the working elements constitute a convenient triangle, they are all accessible to the cook, and at the same time do not interfere with it.

Another plus of the two-row layout is the possibility to rationally use the space near the window. In this version of the design, it would be very appropriate to look at the "compartmental" arrangement of the dining table - exactly in the window aperture, with two parallel rows of seats.

Suspended chandelier above the table Stylish kitchen interior  Kitchen with white interior  Table with chairs in the middle of the kitchen  Furniture for a natural tree in the kitchen  Red furniture in the kitchen

Color design

One-row arrangement of furniture in the kitchen allows you to use a wide variety of colors and shades for interior decoration. You can use both light, delicate colors - white, blue, cream, and deeper and bright - black, red, brown. One-row layout looks good when using loft style elements in kitchen design, and using extreme high-tech or delicate style of Provence.

The combination of white and bard colors in the kitchen

When choosing a two-row layout, you need to be more cautious in choosing a color scheme. After all, incorrectly selected colors can visually narrow the already narrow room. At the same time, the right color selection is the key to creating a cozy atmosphere that emphasizes the advantages of the chosen interior.

In the parallel arrangement of kitchen furniture, it is better to give preference to light tones without overusing extreme colors. This does not mean that you can not use red, black, white or their combinations. However, it is worth noting that the design of a two-row kitchen in such colors is possible only if the room is wide enough and bright. Otherwise, a cozy kitchen risks becoming a train compartment or a large closet.

Black and yellow kitchen interior Kitchen and dining room  Yellow furniture in the kitchen  Orange-white kitchen interior  Suspended light above the bar  White and blue kitchen interior

Choosing a sofa. Straight or angular?

The area of ​​thirteen square meters allows you to place a large enough number of necessary furniture elements in the kitchen. Kitchen sofa - very comfortable, as well as a stylish design element.

There are both direct kitchen sofas, and are considered more traditional angular. The sofas of other, more complex forms are much less common. In the standard kitchen, corner or small straight sofas are most appropriate. The choice of the shape of the sofa depends on the amount of free space in the kitchen and the peculiarities of the location of other furniture.

Soft kitchen design

Angular option is considered more practical, because it can comfortably accommodate several people. In addition, with the help of a corner sofa it is very simple to visually separate the dining area - it is enough to put a dining table of a suitable shape near the sofa. At the same time, it is more difficult to place it so as not to block the passage and, at the same time, not create discomfort for those sitting on it.

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A straight sofa takes up less space, it does not have to be placed in a corner - in this respect it is more universal than a corner. However, the choice of this type of sofa design requires the presence of additional chairs or stools near the dining table.

Pictures above the sofa Interesting ceiling in the kitchen  Beige and violet kitchen interior  Soft kitchen design  Corner sofa in the kitchen  Strict kitchen design

Seating couch

Whichever version of the sofa is preferred, it is necessary to place it correctly. With the right approach to placement, it does not take up too much space and will not interfere, and also perfectly fit into the interior, giving the kitchen additional notes of coziness.

First of all - the sofa should be at a sufficient distance from the front door. So he will not block the passage.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the sofa is far enough from the working area of ​​the kitchen area - this is not only an interior issue, but, above all, security, especially if the kitchen is equipped with a gas stove instead of an electric one.

Bamboo on the walls of the kitchen

The sofa should not be located back to the window opening. After all, otherwise it will not only block the daylight - it will not be too comfortable to sit on a couch installed in this way.

It is advisable to choose angles and other places for setting the sofa, where it will not interfere with the movement. A practical option is to install a sofa under the hanging closets, but there are certain disadvantages to this solution. First, overhanging structures do not contribute much to comfort. Secondly, access to the contents of lockers in this case will be somewhat difficult.

Glass table and white sofa in the kitchen Green sofa in the white kitchen  Transparent chair in the kitchen  Paintings on the wall above the couch  A small table at the sofa in the kitchen  Beige and blue kitchen

Kitchen with balcony

If the kitchen has access to the balcony, an excellent option is to combine both rooms, pre-glazed and insulated balcony. This will immediately achieve two goals - an increase in the premises and the creation of a separate dining area.

Bar counter in the kitchen

In this variant of the interior, a dining table and a small but comfortable sofa are installed on the balcony or, if the area permits, two small sofas - on either side of the table. The dining area is separated by a bar counter, or simply stands out with a different color of walls and style of decoration. Plus a similar solution - an increase in the area of ​​the kitchen and a visual separation of the dining area.

However, this method is good in case the apartment has another balcony. In the opposite case, the combination of the kitchen and the balcony does not look very appropriate. The best solution is to install a sliding door on most of the wall and place on the balcony of a small, possibly - folding table and several comfortable chairs. This will preserve the functionality of the balcony and increase the free space of the kitchen.

Kitchen with an interior in soft colors Ceiling light in the kitchen  Pictures in the kitchen  Kitchen with pistachio-white interior  Yellow chairs in the kitchen  Lilac furniture in the kitchen

Kitchen-living room - for small apartments

The combination of a kitchen and living room in one room is an excellent option if the room does not differ in size. After all, the absence between the walls of the wall visually enlarges the living room, makes it lighter and more spacious. Yes, and looks like this solution is very attractive, you just need to adhere to several rules for decorating premises.

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In the kitchen combined with the living room there must be a cooking area visually separated from the rest of the space. You can use for this purpose the decoration of a different texture and color material, arrange a bar counter or fence space with kitchen furniture.

Pictures above the sofa на кухне

Another option - to arrange rooms in different styles. Underlined utilitarian cuisine, where metal and plastic dominate, and a cozy living room with a predominance of soft natural materials, will not merge with each other even in the absence of a wall.

The second option - the combination of kitchen and living room. Such a decision will be successful if the total area of ​​the premises is large enough. Both the kitchen and the living room are decorated in the same style and in the same color scheme, but the space with the stove is separated by a massive table with a built-in sink, a counter with a built-in hob or, if the means and dimensions of the rooms allow - a fireplace or open hearth with an extract.

Different floor coverings in the kitchen Rug with squares in the living room  Tulips on the table in the living room  Orange kitchen furniture in the interior  TV in front of the table  Modern kitchen design

Color Separation

If these options look expensive, you can divide the room in a contrast color scheme. Very beautiful look decorated with materials of dark colors and natural colors, a living area and a light kitchen. No less successful option is the design of the kitchen in the loft style - with elements of unfinished brickwork, the predominance of mixed colors and shades, combined with a living room in which simple and light colors predominate, elegant but not fanciful, furniture, light drapes and curtains.

White carpet in front of the sofa

It will also help the widespread use of artificial stone simulating marble or other natural materials in the kitchen area. The monumentality and coldness of this material will perfectly emphasize the comfort and comfort of the living area.

The third option - the use of absolutely identical materials, similar in style to furniture and accessories that differ only in color. For example, the "cream" kitchen area will contrast with the living room decorated with a natural tree, visually dividing them.

Painting over the table

Furniture for a combined kitchen with a living room

Furniture also should serve as zoning of studio space combined with a living room kitchen. In the living room is justified the use of furniture with a lot of soft elements. Separation of rooms is best done using a rack or a special P-shaped cabinet. Complemented with high stools, it can serve as a dining table, which saves space.

Bright furniture in the kitchen

If the kitchen studio is separated from the living room by a bar counter, fireplace or fireplace, and the design of the two rooms is made in one style, an interesting solution will be to use identical elements in the kitchen and living room furniture. It can be the same or similar in style of decorative inserts of metal, wood or other material, the use of materials of absolutely identical texture, or equipping both rooms with furniture with similar graphic elements of the upholstery.

In general, there are many ideas for decorating a standard thirteen meter kitchen. Loft and kitchen-studio, one- or two-row decoration, combined with a balcony or separated by partitions of the premises - with the proper distribution of furniture, any variant of the kitchen will be stylish and comfortable for the tenants.