Kitchen design in houses with a bay window

Dining area in the kitchen with a bay window

For many years, the bay window was considered the exclusive prerogative of a private house, creating an atmosphere of expansion of space and finding a home at a certain height. Recently, in the time of the increased popularity of eclectic views in the world of construction and design, the bay window in the design of the kitchen has become an integral part of most houses of the p44t series, which have several floors and are considered high-rise buildings. This trend was picked up in the 1980s, when houses with a bay window in the kitchen began to be put into operation.

  • How useful is the bay window?
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How useful is the bay window?

The practical use of the bay window is not clear to many people. To understand the nature of this element of design, it is worth considering its need. Firstly, the bay window promotes the expansion of the useful area of ​​the apartment. Despite the small area, many things become more comfortable, because there is a corner that can be filled with certain items.

Location of a dining table and a soft diva in the kitchen with a bay window Secondly, the bay window in the houses of the series n 44, as a rule, is located next to the windows. This increases the level of insolation in the rooms, thereby contributing to a positive effect on the health of people living in this apartment, and gives the space additional light tones. Simultaneously, in many situations, this solves the problem with lighting.

Design of kitchen design with a bay window in a block of flats In addition to pragmatic advantages, the bay window improves the facade of the building. Many could observe how the exterior of the building looks when the layout includes the presence of a bay window. Fourthly, now the space of fantasies has a detail that can be turned in the necessary direction to give the interior a unique visibility.

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Kitchen with a bay window in classical style In the high-rise buildings, which provide a bay window in the kitchen, there is an approximate kitchen size - 13-15 sq / m. The Erker has the shape of a trapezoid. However, the most diverse variations of the shape of this element are provided: triangular, rectangular, oval and other variations. This means that here again you can make a choice in the direction of improving the interior. It is also necessary to take into account the special shape of the ledge when planning the kitchen in the house of the p44t series, because it is necessary to select the special shape and purpose of the bay window.

Kitchen with a bay window in eco style The design theory contains two main options for decorating a kitchen with a bay window. The first option is to use the bay window as a separate zone, which looks like a balcony, and is able to separate from the main room by some kind of screen, arch, bar counter, and other household items.

The second option involves the use of a bay window directly as part of the kitchen area. The pouring part plays the role of an additional element of the room, there is a need to develop an interior from the window instead of the hob.

Design kitchen design in a berry-colored with a bay window with a bar counter at the window

Design options

The versatility of the bay window allows the maximum use of imagination, but not everyone has a desire to do so. Consider the main options for decorating the kitchen, which are used in most dwellings. This space can be used as a working area with a sink or for cooking. You can install a headset that completely fills the wall. Before the window it is necessary to install a sink. This will make cooking and washing dishes quite a pleasant process, regardless of the situation.

Design kitchen design with bay window and bar counter in the form of a workplace

It is common to use this place as a dining area. A kitchen set in this case should be arranged linearly in two rows, so that it looks like the letter "G". Free space can be filled with a lunch set, which includes dishes, a serving set and other thematic elements. Space curtain the curtains of a suitable color. Take care that the shape of the table in the room corresponds to the geometric forms of the bay window. It is quite an interesting option to arrange a recreation area. This greatly enriches the interior of the kitchen. A similar procedure is done with the help of a small sofa or armchairs, which stand at the will of the coffee table. In the bay window of the kitchen, the sofa-bed looks good. A small coffee table suits him perfectly. In fact, you create a lounge-zone in which you will spend tea every morning.

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Kitchen with bay window with a dining area by the window and a bar counter Creating a workplace or a place of incarnation of a hobby is also possible to arrange. To do this, it is necessary to install a folding table, an armchair and put the computer. You can have there documents, notebooks and various office supplies. Place for a cup of coffee or tea, for sure, also found.

Dining area at the window with Roman curtains in the kitchen with a bay window Recently, the embodiment of a winter garden in this space has become popular. This allows for the presence of high temperature, sufficient humidity and good insolation. This helps plants to exist normally. Various designs will help to realize this. You can install a large number of shelves, which will accommodate a huge number of plants. If you did not find an option among the above, but want to use the bay window, then you can just leave it empty. Anyway, someday you will definitely need this space. For example, in the winter you can install a Christmas tree and put gifts for relatives and friends. To frame the space, use the curtain.

Bright kitchen with a bay window An important aspect of choosing a path for using a bay window is what type of cuisine you prefer - a kitchen with a dining room or a kitchen combined with a living room. The first option involves partitioning the zone. This can be done with the help of a bar rack, arched doorway, narrow shelving or directly dining area. Be sure to make partitions up to one and a half meters in height. This solution is necessary, so that the space that is located outside the bay window, everything was in order with the insolation. The second case shows that you must choose the necessary furniture for the kitchen in the tone of the composition of the living room.

Design Tips

The main rule is the fact that this room has excellent lighting due to the additional windows. This makes it possible to use any color schemes. There are two main variants of room coloring:

  • Light and neutral tones that do not cause anxiety, but only soothe the inhabitants of the house (more suitable for a recreation area);
  • Expressive contrasts created to serve as a catalyst (more suitable for the work area);

Think about it, to give the special texture or patterns to the walls as certain accents.

Kitchen with a bay window with a bar counter and spacious closets Be sure to decorate the window openings. Remember that decorating the windows will determine the variety of curtains that you can later use. Think about what's closer to you: roller shutters or standard, classic Roman curtains, curtains for cafes, country curtains, French models or others. There is a possibility of combining curtain options. However, remember that the fabric should be used light and translucent, so as not to degrade the insolation, which is created by the additional window openings in the bay window.

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Kitchen with bay window and wooden chest of drawers by the window

By the length of the bay window you can stretch the cornices. Do not place flammable materials near the stove (if you have made a cooking zone in the bay window), otherwise it can result in negative consequences. The interior of the kitchen with a bay window, as you have already noticed, has a universal component. You can independently choose which destination will have this space, and arrange it in such a way as to provide yourself with the maximum level of comfort.