Kitchen wenge color - design and 25 photos

Kitchen wenge color in combination with pistachio walls

Repair in the house is always a crucial moment. Choosing the interior, furniture of a particular room, we always try to combine functionality, practicality, beautiful design. Most of all, this approach is necessary when planning kitchen facilities, because it is in this part of the house (apartment) most often the whole family gathers. Among the many interior solutions, a special place is occupied by the design of the Wenge kitchen, which captivates modern designers, and most importantly, customers the opportunity to combine originality and functionality. Use this African wood for both furniture manufacturing from solid wood (solid wood) and for individual inserts in the kitchen set. Despite the fact that many consider the Wenge to be strict, and some even ascetic, shade, in combination with the right color scheme, this wood always creates an aura of comfort, comfort and warmth in the house.

Wenge is a breed of wood, native to the jungles of West Africa, which has unique properties. Among them, producers and designers note:

  • high resistance to biological (pests, fungal formations) influences, mechanical damage;
  • strength to erasure, pressure;
  • unique texture and structure of the tree;
  • long service life with unchanged quality characteristics.

Kitchen corner color wengeWenge wood is a valuable and expensive material used for the production of elite furniture, carpentry, parquet (other types of floor coverings), overlays for guitar vultures, knife arms, and billiard cues. Wood harvesters know that the best quality is the raw material extracted by one batch in one place. Color wenge has long and successfully conquered the inhabitants of Europe, America, recently this valuable building material began to conquer the vastness of Russia. The color range of wood varies from brown-golden to deep black. Such a variety helps to choose the appropriate color, which when combined with others allows creating unique interiors.

Kitchen with white top and facades wenge However, it is worth noting that such a kitchen set will have a price above the average, because these types of cuisine are referred to premium class furniture. A little expensive? Then use the alternative option, when the facades are made from less valuable rocks that are covered with veneer veneer, and the most budgetary output is kitchen sets made from medium density fibreboard (MDF), the facing of which exactly matches the texture, the color palette of the wood .

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Light kitchen in combination wenge and white

Features of color scale

Psychologists noted that people who choose wenge color in the kitchen, have strong character traits:

  • conservatism;
  • severity;
  • brevity;
  • the desire to be the best in everything.

Kitchen with lighting and a combination of two colors-Wenge and white

Using wood from a variety of color shades of wenge, adds a kitchen set, the kitchen as a whole brutality, rigor, a sense of permanence.

The combination of metallic shades and wenge in a square kitchen

Designers like Wenge for the multicomponent color, the ability to vary the breed with other materials, textures, shades. For some, a wenge is a shade of dark chocolate, others see a smoky palette of dark spectrum. In general, the colors of this African wood can be divided into several groups:

  • coffee color;
  • shades of chocolate;
  • brown, dark brown;
  • dark purple with chocolate notes;
  • Deep black with patches of gray, brown.

Proceeding from the fact that the wenge wood is rather dark, visually it looks heavy, so it is not advisable to decorate the interior exclusively in this color. This kitchen will clutter up space, press the hosts with its darkness. The best option is to combine wenge with other contrasting, or similar in spectrum, colors.

White oak in the frame of wenge on the example of corner kitchen

Stylish Choice

Kitchen wenge - is part of the design decisions that are as close to natural as well as classic trends. Main among them:

  • etnostil;
  • modern;
  • high tech;
  • classic;
  • minimalism.

The kitchen of their lower wenge facades and the upper ivory

A distinctive feature of this breed of wood is the ability to combine it with almost any other material. Metal, glass, plastic or stone - all these materials allow you to emphasize the beauty of wood, fit into any interior, bring in the room a touch of sophistication, good taste. Due to its rich texture, it does not need additional decor, it is rather laconic, but expensive accessories. We combined wenge and metal - you have a kitchen in high-tech style. Made a glass apron, added a little highlight, and you have a kitchen in Art Nouveau style or in ethnic style. As you can see, the choice is wide enough, and only you decide on what direction to stop.

Small kitchen in wenge color

Planning a kitchen or how to avoid mistakes

When choosing the color scheme for the kitchen, in which it was decided to use wenge wood, several important recommendations must be followed, otherwise the result will be unexpected. Here are the main ones:

  • take into account the square meters of your kitchen, the smaller the area of ​​the room, the more inorganic and foreign will the dark facade of the headset look. For small kitchens choose light colors of wood, combining them with glass inserts and non-impressive dining furniture;
  • play on the contrast. Light walls, inserts in the facades, flooring is not dark colors, only emphasize the texture and color solution of the kitchen facades of Wenge. The combination of dark kitchen furniture and dark walls requires separate color accents, the correct location of which is subject only to professionals;
  • add a combination of all kinds of textures, materials, colors. Wenge loves it;
  • Table furniture should be chosen taking into account kitchen facades, design.
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Colors wenge - what are they?

The choice of shade of African wood, first of all, depends on the area of ​​the kitchen.

On small square meters, dark shades will visually reduce the room, and look cumbersome.

Classical U-shaped kitchen with a hood on the ceiling

In this case, it is better to use light shades of wood. Wenge in combination with beige, whitened oak, peach or the color of melted milk, will add a kitchen of comfort and warmth. An important aspect in choosing the color is also the location of the kitchen. This is important because when you hit direct sunlight on the facades of furniture, the color will eventually burn out and brightens. Please note that this precaution applies only to natural wood. For veneer wood, these warnings are not so important. To date, the market offers a wide range of colors of building materials that imitate this color qualitatively.

The combination of the facades of the Wenge kitchen with a light interior

Let's consider in more detail - a kitchen of color wenge combination design, what to use and what is not recommended.

Contrast in furniture

Kitchen in Wenge style, using dark tones, is a space with clear lines, simple, yet stylish combinations. We draw your attention to the fact that this approach to choosing an interior is possible only for large kitchens. Array the headset is best diluted with original accessories, glass inserts. Glass elements can be either transparent or frosted. Diluting facades with such structural elements will help make kitchen furniture visually lighter, airy.

Classics in Wenge style

The classical version - wenge and snow-white tones. When combined with a light wall decoration, separate light inserts in the furniture itself, the wenge looks just gorgeous. White glossy decorative components in such furniture receive new tones and the effect of "glow". Add a few elements for the decor and get a modern, functional and practical kitchen interior.

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Kitchen wenge in combination with orange Want more coziness, an atmosphere of home heat? Then try to combine dark wenge with the color of milk, beige scale or sand tints. Do you doubt whether such a combination would work? Look closely, these are the variants invented by nature itself. With a dark white variation of the kitchen set, the floor covering and the kitchen apron are better to choose in light colors. This combination of colors is most often used by designers in modernist kitchens.

Bright color accents

In addition to classic combinations, manufacturers also offer a combination of shades of wenge with bright, saturated colors, which are often used in modern design projects. An example of the original combination is the combination of Bordeaux and Wenge colors. This combination of colors is preferable for large rooms, and glossy facades will give the kitchen an aura of aristocracy and create a luxurious interior.

Combination of orange with Wenge color in a corner kitchen Young and active customers are increasingly choosing a combination of wenge and shades such as orange and lime. The facades of such kitchen sets create a dynamic interior, make the kitchen youth, ultramodern, but not provocative. Shades of green (khaki, malachite, citrus, lime, lime) and olive flowers, combined with the color and texture of the African tree, create a natural interior, which is so loved by admirers of ecological design.

Large classical kitchen in wenge color Another variant of the youth style is the combination of wenge and juicy, bright orange shades. Bright orange with a glossy surface, glass elements of facades, deep saturated color wenge, look great in the interiors of ethnol. Do you want variations on the theme of the sea? The combination of colors of wenge and sea wave, as well as cornflower blue, blue, deep blue, emphasize the beauty of wood and create a feeling of freshness, bring spring coolness to the house, give peace of mind.

Kitchen wenge in combination with light green

As you can see, with the right selection of the palette, textured elements, decorative materials - you can create a kitchen of your dreams, fitting into the budget allocated for repair. A wide palette of flowers of African wood wenge will allow you to beat the kitchen area according to your wishes. Do not stop only on kitchen facades, use this wood as a floor covering, material for making furniture, all sorts of decorative accents. Experiment, combine a variety of styles, colors, materials, and a shade of wenge will only help you.