10 incredible garages with amazing interiors

Motorcycle in the garage

When they plan to reorganize the household, they think about the garage last. Homeowners do not think that this sometimes littered space can be turned into an organized and valuable addition to your home.

We believe that our advice and concrete examples will change your attitude to this particular territory. So, a selection of original garage spaces.

1. The Transfiguration

Glass Garage Doors

This is a variant of the room, brought to the level of a work of design art. By investing additional funds in electrical and decoration work, turn it into a comfortable room for family and friends.

Instead of the traditional door that closes the light, put the garage doors with glass doors.

2. Releasing a place

Storage systems on the wall in the garage

In the nearest supermarket, select the devices designed specifically for the organization of space in the garage. Place them as you like, so that the necessary tools are easily accessible.

3. The embodiment of dreams

Cafe in the garage

Turn your garage into a territory that matches your desires and tastes. Here you can equip, for example, a meeting place for Coca-Cola lovers.

4. In a single ensemble with the house

Tiled floor in the garage

Cover the floor with tiles! This unusual solution will connect it to your house. This garage design looks fantastic!

5. Male territory

A room for men in the garage

Give your man a room for his studies. He will work here or have fun with friends, it will only be his own space.

6. Workshop

Workshop in the garage

Create an ideal workplace for all your projects. Tool cabinets, materials for finishing works, a simple table top can be bought at a local hardware store.

7. Arrangement of an ancillary laundry room

Laundry in the garage

Is there no laundry in your house? Invite a locksmith, install cabinets, and a large garage room is ready for washing dirty clothes.

8. Garage zone

Rest zone in the garage

The parking lot of the car, equipped from floor to ceiling, as in the photo, is not just a garage, but a universal and comfortable area in the house.

9. Elements of vintage style

Garage interior in vintage style

Gather in the garage your favorite items from your past. Open shelves and racks, marine lights, an aged tree - all this will be a successful combination of creativity and practicality.

10. In the style of agent 007

Sliding wardrobes in the garage

Install along the walls and from floor to ceiling smooth sliding-door wardrobes. Fill them with gadgets, your favorite trinkets and James Bond himself will envy you!

Material courtesy of Shane Inman.