Bohemian chandeliers in the style of art deco (60 ideas of

The main difference of this style is the propensity to empire and cubism. Art deco chandeliers, as a rule, look luxurious, exquisite and quite volume.

Luxurious living room

Art-deco style is a contest "who has the best", so the lighting in the interior should be expensive and luxurious.

Ornate chandelier for the living room

Exquisite chandelier of fine crystal drops looks harmoniously in the living room with an art-deco style.

chandelier i art-deco style

An unusual chandelier I art-deco style for a room of small size. Ideal for the design of the hall.

In this article, read:

  • 1 Distinctive features of style
  • 2 Structure of a stylized chandelier
  • 3 Categories of fixtures in this direction
  • 4 Ceiling and suspended lamps
  • 5 Wall sconces and spots
  • 6 Table and floor lamps
  • 7 Luxurious lighting in Art Deco style. Video
  • 8 Proper lighting of art deco in the interior of urban apartments and country houses

Distinctive features of style

It is worth noting that art deco is a combination of several areas of the art of ancient cultures. Such lamps harmoniously combine in themselves the Egyptian motives, the Greek archaic, and the primitiveness of the African tribes. Chandeliers add to the interior avant-garde simplicity for a couple with exotic originality.

There are several basic principles of the direction of art deco in the chandeliers:

  1. Observance of clear, correct forms. Currently, especially popular are round, square, triangular, trapezoidal plafonds.
  2. Maintenance of gradation in the interior. Increasingly, in the design began to use podiums, niches, multi-level ceilings. To emphasize this design will be multi-level chandeliers or lamps with spiral crystal pendants.
  3. Radiance in addition to light. What could be more beautiful than the shiny, shimmering light of a luxurious chandelier? This effect is easily provided by crystal. All the glossy surfaces of the room will literally shine.

The "highlight" of this style is that he does not create a composition, but splits it into pieces, forcing to pay attention to every detail. And also balances the splendor and wealth at the expense of a calm color scheme.

An intricate, ornate chandelier in the style of art deco to decorate a guest room or bedroom.

An intricate, ornate chandelier in the style of art deco to decorate a guest room or bedroom.

Luxurious living room

Luxurious living room in the style of art deco and properly selected lighting for this stylistic direction.

Structure of a stylized chandelier

Artificial materials in chandeliers of this style are completely absent. A plafond and armature can vary: from the standard combination of metal and frosted glass to exotic - textiles and wood. These chandeliers are fastened with bolts, hooks or mounting plates. For a more advantageous lighting of the lamp, ordinary or halogen lamps are chosen for them.

The materials that are most often used to create lamps are expensive fabrics, Murano glass, crystal, wood, gilded or chrome-plated metal. Less often you can find leather or ceramics.

The colors of the style are predominantly white, gray, silver, beige, brown, black. Bright saturated colors should be added with caution.

Amazes the spread in the price category - there are both available chandeliers for several light bulbs, as well as expensive models with Swarovski stones. At the moment, the leaders of design can be called the companies Masiero, Maytoni, Kolarz, La Lampada. These brands annually produce an unprecedented beauty collection.

Living room in Art Deco style

A bright, pompous art-deco style in the guest room. Attention attracts an unusual chandelier, fully consistent with the style.

Chandelier in the style of art deco

Chandelier and lamps correspond to the best traditions of art deco style.

Restrained chandelier

Restrained chandelier in the style of art deco with classic shades - the perfect solution for a measure of pathos design.

Categories of fixtures in this direction

Due to its popularity, the relatively young style of art deco has already spread to all kinds of lamps. Chandeliers, sconces, table lamps, spots and floor lamps delight the eye with their sophisticated design. Their characteristic features are sharpness, angularity, minimum of smooth lines and ornate patterns, and the general form is close to geometry or abstraction.

A magnificent large chandelier, executed in a decorative style - perhaps the main contender for the dazzling decoration of the house.

Distinctive features of the chandelier in the Art Deco style:

  • soft drape of shade;
  • crystal inclusions;
  • frosted glass;
  • gracefully curved armature.

Contrary to popular belief, a large art deco chandelier is not an element of palace luxury. It is more suitable for a spacious cozy house with a rich decoration. Such chandeliers will fit perfectly into large halls, living rooms with high ceilings, wide staircases.

Floor lamp and chandelier in the lobby

The floor lamp and chandelier are harmoniously combined, creating a complete lighting system.

Massive chandelier

Chandelier in the style of art deco with imitation candles.

Correct lighting for the dining room

At the head of the composition is a stylish, eye-catching chandelier. The art-deco style, as usual, amazes with its luxury and sophistication.

Devices with shades made of lacy textiles or frosted glass will complement the bedrooms of pastel tones. If the room is decorated in several color solutions, it is worth paying attention to chandeliers with ornamental elements, crystal pendants or monophonic bright plafonds.

Ceiling and pendant lamps

Ceiling fixtures, unlike chandeliers, are rigidly attached to the ceiling. They are used for lighting small rooms or on low ceilings.

Ceiling lamps in the Art Deco style are able to turn a small hallway into a chic, light-rich hall. In the living room, they will help to divide space into functional areas, and in bedrooms, children's and dining rooms - will serve as the main source of light.

Designers from all over the world present a lot of interesting solutions: translucent fabrics with printed pattern, crystal pendants and beads, refined painting on colored glass, framing of textiles with soft folds, openwork weaving.

Restrained decoration in the style of art deco. The ornate chandelier fits perfectly into the overall stylistic composition.

Restrained decoration in the style of art deco. The ornate chandelier fits perfectly into the overall stylistic composition.

Chandelier for bedroom

Chandelier for decorating a room in a modern art deco style. Matte glass is advantageously combined with chromium-plated metal.

Chandelier for kitchen

Suitable chandelier for the kitchen in the Art Deco style.

Suspended light can be considered a subspecies of ceiling lights. The difference is that they are mounted on a short suspension device.

These original lighting fixtures always attract attention. They will look harmonious in the halls, bedrooms and hallways.

Stylized artistic elements: bronze lace, color paintings, ornaments, translucent folds framing the lampshade, perfectly combined with shades of fine textiles, frosted glass or mirrors.

Dining room in the living room

A luxurious chandelier and wall lamps with dark, non-translucent plafonds create a romantic atmosphere in a subdued light.

Living-dining room Art Deco

Chandelier in the style of art-deco in the old days - an ideal solution for decorating the dining room.

Wall sconces and spots

Art deco bra is always a game of contrasts in colors and textures. In them, ethnic motifs and light elements of ornament can be traced. The design of these lamps can be the most diverse - from metal, textiles, glass and crystal, with azhumi bronze, gilding and chrome.

In the interiors of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, executed in a calm color scheme, the sconce will become an elegant decor and will make an expressive note. Because of the general splendor, the light from the small lamps is rather weak. Therefore, they should be used only as additional sources of zonal illumination, for example, in places of reading and rest.

Decorative art touched even such modest fixtures as spots. Their laconic forms are played with openwork metal plafonds, ornamental frosted glass and unusual chrome appliqués.

Ideally fit these spotlights in a maid's bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. And also it is favorably underlined by a light glow of a place near armchairs, antiques and simply favorite things.

Original chandelier

Chandelier in the form of a flower from chrome-plated metal and frosted glass in the style of art deco.

Multi-tiered crystal chandelier

A multi-tiered crystal chandelier for an art-deco guest room emphasizes the luxury of the entire composition.

Stretch ceilings in several tiers

Multi-tier suspended ceilings with LED lighting and a heavy chandelier with elements of crystal accentuate the bombastic style of art deco.

Table and floor lamps

The form of plafonds of table lamps in the art-deco style is contradictory - one can meet both clear contours with regular geometry, and smooth asymmetrical figures and even traditionally familiar hemispheres.

The most common materials here - frosted glass or textiles in lace. Such lamps emphasize the fashionable color solutions of the room and the natural rudeness of wooden furniture.

Floor lamps in the Art Deco style are famous for their ability to combine traditional and exotic elements. They are able to combine artistic carving in wood and frosted glass, folds of a textile lampshade and pendants made of transparent and colored crystal, netted bronze weaving and elements of stained glass, patterned printing on a colored lampshade and gradual attenuation of this color on the foot.

Wall lights

Wall lamps in the Art Deco style are used for decorating living rooms and bedrooms.

Art Deco Lamp

Luminaire in the style of art deco to decorate the hallway or hall.

Multi-storey chandeliers

A subtle design move - lighting combines absolutely different in style chandelier and table lamps, which unites the art deco composition in one.

These floor lamps are unique in their kind due to the unification of seemingly incompatible details in them. A well-chosen floor lamp will decorate not only the floor, but also the bedroom or living room environment, and will be the final note of the perfect interior.

Decorative art in modern times is a synthesis of modernism and neoclassicism. It has found its reflection in the interior, and in particular in lighting devices. They bring color thanks to their expensive materials, strict contours, clear shapes, but at the same time generous ornaments, chic and glitter. Chandeliers in the art-deco style stand out in the room, are dominant.

Art Deco Table Lamps

The classic combination of black and gold always looks profitable, especially in the interior in the style of art deco.

Interesting lampshade lampshade

Noble red in the style of art deco.

Luxurious lighting in Art Deco style. Video

Proper lighting of art deco in the interior of urban apartments and country houses