Design projects for the interior of the confectionery

Confectionery design

For those who are going to open a confectionery shop, to make a "fresh" repair in the already available, it is useful to know all about its beautification. Successful design is one of the most important items on which the success of this institution depends. A beautiful, recognizable, cozy interior attracts sweet customers, who in the future will become regular visitors.

When planning, technical aspects should be taken into account:

  • location of entrances, windows, zoning of the premises should be convenient;
  • lighting - is chosen such that the sweets in the window look as appetizing as possible, attractive;
  • a favorable microclimate, created with the help of air conditioners, fans - to make the room smell nice, to eat food was comfortable, comfortable;
  • temperature regime - use of lamps with low heat output, refrigerated display cases;
  • features of a particular facility - whether there will simply be a bakery, a cafe, a candy store.

Interior of the confectionery

Think about all the nuances, plan space, choose the "right" light, color design will help professional designers specializing in such institutions. The premise for a confectionery is better to choose where there are many people, and there are no similar institutions.

Bar stools at the counter  Brick walls in the interior  Window stand  Shelves on the wall  Built-in ceiling lights

Interior design project

When creating a design project, the following steps are distinguished:

  • meeting the designer with the customer, to discuss the idea, vision of the overall concept of the project;
  • inspection, measurement of the object to see whether it is possible to translate into it the wishes of the customer - something must be abandoned, something - supplemented;
  • initial sketches - they are made at least three, one - approved by the customer;
  • 3D-modeling - the customer is shown what will be the design of the pastry shop, its interior;
  • development of documentation - a complete package, which includes plans, drawings, technical description.

Interior design project кондитерской

Throughout the implementation of works on improvement, the author of the project accompanies this process - repair, finishing works are controlled by him.

The approach to planning a store for sweet tooth is mandatory individual - it can be very different from the concept of a cafe, a coffee shop, etc.

TV on the wall  Arch Wallpapers  Column in the interior  Showcase in the middle of the hall  Lamps over pictures

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Planning stage

At this stage, the designer actively cooperates with the customer, discussing all the nuances, correcting various points, taking into account:

  • type of confectionery - a separate building, a built-in room in a residential building, an office building, a cafe with a veranda, own parking;
  • type of establishment - whether it will be only cooked, the implementation of sweets or part of the room will be full-fledged cafe;
  • the characteristics of the enterprise - the expected productivity, the number of seats, working hours;
  • of the total area - it is determined how much space will be allocated to a bakery or a small bakery, spaces for accommodating clients, settlements, etc .;
  • Other technical information - an approximate range, the number of employees, the volume of warehouses, zoning.

The layout of the confectionery

For different rooms are supposed certain items of furniture, different equipment.

What functional areas exist in the bakery:

  • premises for buyers - foyer, hall, wardrobe, restrooms, etc .;
  • working area of ​​the staff - there is a direct cooking;
  • Auxiliary rooms - warehouses, cloakroom for employees, washing, acceptance, etc.

Slate wallpaper on the wall

If you plan to deliver fresh baked goods, confectionery products to your home, to other stores, you will need a well-equipped parking lot for the company's cars, developing convenient access roads, loading and unloading the goods.

Semi-laminate  Chandeliers above the counter  Chess floor in the interior  White chairs by the tables  Signs on the walls

Style step

First you should decide on the appointment of a confectionery:

  • a cafe;
  • coffee house;
  • Department of "sweet" cooking;
  • buffet;
  • cafeteria;
  • pancake or bakery;
  • "Sweet" bar.

Confectionery with a buffet

At this stage, volumetric modeling of the room takes place. Stylistics depends on the choice of the target audience. Mini-cafeteria involves a small area, a limited flow of customers, a student café - a simple setting, decorated in a youth style, a more expensive establishment - a solid design.

Chocolate color in the interior  Chandeliers above the window  Marble Countertops  Table by the window  Light furniture in the interior

Technological stage

At this stage, it is thought out how all the necessary technological equipment will be placed. For this, a detailed plan is drawn up, which indicates everything that will be located on the premises of the institution, namely:

  • Baking ovens, ovens, tandyrs;
  • flour spreaders, expansion cabinets;
  • kneaders, kneading-rolling machines;
  • refrigerated showcases, slides, baths;
  • dispensing lines, pancake machines, microwave ovens, coffee machines;
  • ice makers - if you plan to sell heavily refrigerated products;
  • conditioners, extracts;
  • plumbing devices for customers, staff, washing dishes, wet cleaning;
  • cash equipment;
  •  computer hardware of the managing personnel.

The existing electrical equipment is attached to the power supply system, sanitary - to the sewage and water supply points, gas - to the gas pipes. All available equipment, furniture items must have certificates of compliance with state sanitary standards, radiation safety. The project specifies the amount of production, permeability, of the given premises - this depends on the supply of water, electricity, capacity of ventilation systems.

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Equipment for confectionery

Interior decoration

The decor embodies the specialization of the institution: if most of the sweets sold in it are made on the basis of milk, different prints with a picture of a cow, milk drops, stylization under a dairy farm are welcomed in the decor. It is possible to develop the idea of ​​"milk rivers" with chocolate, gingerbread shores.

Berry motives in decoration are suitable for a confectionery, in which there are cakes, cakes filled with fruits and berries. For the "European" bakery are preferable colorful widescreen images of bread, all kinds of baking, on the facade or outdoor display windows, stylized figurines of bakers - at the entrance.

Decor in the interior of the confectionery

Decor materials are preferable natural and modern, suitable for style - natural, artificial stone, wood, MDF, various types of plastic, concrete, drywall, wallpaper.

Clock on the wall  Baskets on the floor in storefronts  Mosaic on the wall  Tree in the interior  Beams on the ceiling

Which styles are suitable for the bakery

The most commonly used are:

  • loft - brick walls, red-brown finish, high ceilings with thick beams, wooden furniture, bright prints with images of fruits, berries, buns;
  • High-tech - chrome details, silver laminate on the floor, an abundance of glass, glossy furniture on
  • country - checkered draperies, ashen colors furnishings, floor, wall tiles with the image of stylized cakes;
  • Provence - light scale, floral ornaments on tablecloths, curtains, halva furniture;
  • empire - luxury, solemnity, many mirrors, arches, gilding decoration, furniture from expensive wood species or its imitation;
  • east - suitable for tandyr-bakery, in which various sweets of the east are made. Bright fabrics, mosaic, low furniture, juicy tones;
  • modern - smooth asymmetry, ornaments with floral motifs, muted lighting, tables in the form of baking, the most modern decoration;
  • classics - natural finishing materials, a lot of light, pastel colors, heavy large chandeliers, large windows;
  • rustic - stylized Russian stove at the place where buyers are released. Traditional objects of the Slavic way of life, the sample of 16-19 centuries, on draperies - Slavic ornaments, light ceiling, walls, wooden floor.

Loft style confectionery

For any confectionary, preferably warm lighting regardless of the stylistic performance.

Living wall in the interior  Slate boards on the walls  Tile for brick in the interior  Sofa along the wall  Interior in a classic style

Appetizing color scheme

A hospitable atmosphere is created with the help of "appetizing" color combinations:

  • red-orange gamma of the interior raises appetite, raises mood, promotes "impulsive purchases";
  • желтый и все его солнечные оттенки успокаивают, радуют, позволяя подольше остаться в помещении a cafe;
  • white creates a sense of purity, disciplines employees, associates with ice cream, cream on cakes;
  • brown coloring has something in common with chocolate, cocoa products, coffee, but too dark shades in large quantities tire, reduce the efficiency of staff;
  • blue gamma relaxes, creates a sense of well-being, fits perfectly with the yellow;
  • blue, most shades of purple for catering facilities are not suitable - they discourage the appetite;
  • black, green is best used as separate accents.
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Confectionery in light colors

For the "Provencal" interior, a soft color palette is suitable - pale orange, gently violet, light-green, beige. Modernism, minimalism - a variety of earthy, chocolate shades, ohristye - resembling fresh pastries. Eastern - a variety of bright colors. If there is enough light in the room, penetrating from the street, the colors are cold, neutral. When there are almost no windows or they come to the north, all shades are chosen exceptionally warm.

Interior design should not distract customers from eating.

Wallpaper stripes on the walls  Counters under glass  Extract under the ceiling  Lockers along the wall  Ceramic tiles on the floor

Cafe equipment

The technical equipment of the cafe directly depends on its specialization. All furniture and equipment, standing in the hall, is selected in one style. If it is a cafe bar, then in addition to the usual tables and chairs, a bar rack is installed. It is combined with the place of payment or placed along one of the walls, in front of the window. Near the tables, for the convenience of customers, put on clothes hangers, and under the bar sometimes make hooks for bags. Containers for garbage collection are placed in closed closets near the entrance, urns - on the street. Racks or slides for the production of products, decorated with signs. Tables can be covered with tablecloths, suitable for stylistics, chairs, sofas, armchairs - bedspreads. Furniture, located inside the room, differs from the one placed on the terrace: in the hall - stationary, in the street - light, foldable.

Cafe in the confectioner's shop

Refrigerated, freezing showcases are preferable closed, except for establishments working on the principle of self-service. Equipment for heating food, brewing tea, coffee, baking pancakes, is located in the cafe hall, other appliances for cooking - in the kitchen. Air conditioners hang in several places in the hall - their capacity, the number depends on the total area.

Chandeliers over the tables  Wood on the walls  Marble floor in the interior  Decorative plates on the wall  Interior with decorative fireplace


The concept of decorating a good confectionery can be diverse, most importantly - recognizable by customers. Original color solutions, working form of confectioners, bakers, decoration of showcases - everything should be kept in one style. Comfort, originality, benevolent atmosphere will make buyers-sweeties come back here again and again.