Wood tunnel the dark hedges

This amazing place is located in Ireland - planted in the middle of the eighteenth century the avenue of beeches has long become a local landmark, a favorite place for a photographer and even a scenery for one of the scenes of the film.

A few facts about the Wood Tunnel: 1. Initially, it was conceived as a means to impress on visitors who drove to their mansion, where currently located golf Club.2. The amazing alley of beeches was planted by the Stuart family in the year 1750. Because of the closely interwoven branches of beeches, locals called the wood tunnel "Dark Hedges" (Dark Hedges), which in Russian is more correct to say "The Dark Alley" .4. These beautiful beech trees by age about 300 years grow near the village of Armoy (Armoy) in the county of Antrim (Antrim) of Northern Ireland.

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