How to choose a suitable hanging lamp

Lamps and lamps are a key element in the design of any room and one of the most important factors affecting the functionality and comfort of your home. Choosing a quality luminaire that perfectly performed this or that task is one of the most important conditions for creating a harmonious interior, which (and most importantly) would give you a feeling of comfort.

Suspended light with shade

Hanging lamps are used in those areas of the house where it is very important to have directional lighting (for example, in the kitchen or above the working area of ​​the home office) or in rooms with high ceilings in which bright ambient lighting is required. The pendant lamp can completely change the atmosphere of the room: it can become an element of luxury, visually make the space of the room smaller or larger, perform a purely practical task. However, you should think about why you need such a lamp - for ceiling or floor lighting, for diffused lighting or directional, or simply as a beautifully shimmering piece of decor. In order to choose a suitable hanging lamp, it is worth considering several factors:

1. Suspended light with ceiling-mounted edges of the lampshade provide general ambient lighting and allow you to visually increase the space of the room.

2. Lamps with shade, directed down, create directional lighting and are ideal for illuminating work areas - for example, kitchen countertops, reading areas or table games. It is not surprising that often pendant lamps are used to illuminate kitchen islands.

Suspended light in the kitchen

3. Do you want to create a calm, relaxed atmosphere? Choose a lamp, andgouging soft, gentle diffuse lighting, which will present in a favorable light not only you, but also help to hide minor design flaws.

4. If you are trying to impress guests, nothing will look as spectacular as radiant pendant chandelier. A little bit of advice: place a couple of three built-in ceiling lights above the chandelier, and for the chandelier, use light bulbs.

5. When choosing a lamp, you should think about what kind of lampshades will suit you more - transparent or opaque. Transparent lampshades are great for diffused lighting, opaque - for clear, directional. Sometimes the radiance emanating from the translucent lampshades (especially from the colored ones) complements the decor of the room and creates a special atmosphere.

Combination of several types of lamps in the kitchen

6. Think about energy efficiency. It is necessary to admit that first of all, we buy those fixtures, which, in our opinion, look good. However, one must bear in mind that LED and fluorescent lamps are much more energy efficient than conventional ones. Therefore, it makes sense to look for the most attractive options in the section of environmentally friendly lighting fixtures.

7. It is very important to think and materials, especially if you buy bathroom fixtures. Fixtures installed in the bathroom, where air is almost always wet, should be made of strong, reliable materials designed specifically for such premises. Do not buy lamps with cheap painting or finishing - it will not last long in such an environment. This is the case when it is worth paying a little more expensive to get a quality and durable lamp.

Unusual pendant lighting in the kitchen

So, you have chosen the right pendant light. How can I make it as useful as possible? It is very important to choose a suitable height: too low - and it will turn into a barrier, too high - and it will get lost on the general background. If it is a question of lighting a dining table or a kitchen work surface, it is better if the lower edge of the fixture is about 80 cm above the work surface. If your ceilings are more than 2,5 m in height, you can hang the lamps higher, at the rate of 8 cm for every 30 cm above the usual ceiling height. If your ceilings are below 2.5m in height. Just make sure that the edges of the lampshades are not located below the highest vase or candle in the candlestick.

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