Increase the space with photo wallpapers

Wallpaper expanding the space

Few of the owners of their own homes are satisfied with the number of square meters in it. Most apartments need improvement, which requires considerable resources and forces. Solve the problem "without noise and dust", without breaking the partitions and without making extra expenses for an expensive designer, correctly selecting wallpapers that extend the living space, freeing the interior of the accumulated rubbish.

Pale silvery, bluish, green shades relax, slow down. Those who are susceptible to depression, mood swings, they should not be used. Bright colors activate, help to overcome chronic fatigue, but do not always well affect people who are easily excitable. This is especially true for toddlers. Variegated wallpaper in the nursery will provoke the whims of a hyperactive child.

Picking up the color of the wallpaper, take into account, on which side of the world the windows of the room go. On the north side they use warm colors, gloss. The windows to the south will require a colder gamma with a matte effect. The ideal solution, greatly increasing the room volume, will be the choice in favor of pastel, transitional tones, light shades of natural wood, wool, tender pinkish, sand.  3D wallpaper in the living room Gray wallpaper in the hallway  Insert above the bed  3D circles on wallpaper  Drawing wallpapers  Textured wallpaper

The effect will enhance the minimum of furniture, the correspondence of all furnishings to the color scheme.

Influence of texture and texture on spatial perception

Demand is used for relief wallpaper, with which not only decorate the room, but also make the space more free. Discreet volumetric patterns are appropriate in any style, irreplaceable for those who prefer the classics.

The walls shine, the overflows fill the house with light, push the walls apart. The effect is enhanced by adding glossy or mirrored ceilings to the finish. It is only necessary to remember that a lot of small items of furniture in the interior will be doubled.

Intricate relief lines distract attention from the volume of the room. A small room looks winning, if it is pasted with textured wallpaper with a small picture. Such walls are pleasant to the touch, form a refined background. More preferably, the coating is in one color range.

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The most popular invoices are:

  • Linen. The surface of the wallpaper reproduces a dense fabric surface.
  • Dust. The surface is fine-grained, a good basis for decorating.
  • Canvas. The outer layer simulates a porous structure.
  • Plaster. Narrowly careless relief on the whole surface.

Linen wallpaper Wallpapers with silvery elements  Circle Wallpapers  Geometry on wallpaper  Wallpapers with silver pattern  Wallpaper for putty

Arrange modern accents, decorate the room in the old direction helps cover, masonry, brick, leather or metal. Interesting design creates structural materials that can be repainted more than once.

With difficulties in choosing smooth and textured coatings are easily combined.

Which pattern to choose

A well-known rule: decorate a room with light wallpaper without any drawings, and if it is, then only small and directed vertically, very much restricts the flight of fantasy, makes the room boring. Special techniques will allow using bright colors, and even a large picture.

  1. The base color really should be light. Others will take away from the room about 40% of its volume. White is also better not to use. A room of less than 8 squares will resemble a hospital or a bathroom. They are oriented on the color of carpets, furniture, basic accessories.
  2. Textured walls are desirable. Even a slight relief of "matting" creates a play of shadows, which makes you see more space.
  3. Use shiny coatings. If you like silk screen printing, you can safely apply it.
  4. Patterns are also not contraindicated. If they cover the entire room, the geometry should not be large. If the ceiling height is sufficient, the pattern should be directed horizontally, which will add room to the room. If you plan a bright carpet or a lot of pictures, photos, it is worth buying a solid wallpaper.
  5. Sometimes they use bright geometry, large prints. But then they make out only one wall. Allocate one of the functional areas, the head of the bed, TV, fireplace.
  6. The walls are pasted diagonally. The area of ​​the room will be added visually, if the drawing or texture is not directed in the same way as is generally accepted.

Horizontal small strips Vertical stripes  Combination of two kinds of wallpaper  Yellow and white stripes  Stripes wallpaper  Abstraction on wallpaper

Increase the room by combining wallpapers

Receiving a combination will help to increase the room in height and width.

  1. Coverage of one color scale, but of different intensity. Use both monochrome wallpaper, and with a picture. The lower part of the wall is covered with darker, the upper part - with light ones. In order not to "steal" the height, the border is selected thinner. The lower part of the finish should not exceed a meter.
  2. A room up to 10 squares can be trimmed vertically with two kinds of wallpaper. In a more spacious room, glue even 3 types of different materials. "Companions" should be well combined in color, pattern. With horizontal and bright combinations it is better not to "go too far", in a small bedroom, "ripples" should be better placed on the headboard so that it does not irritate the eye before going to bed.
  3. The accent wall, on the contrary, is located in the field of view. She is covered with expensive beautiful wallpaper and admires the beauty, sitting with a cup of coffee in the kitchen or relaxing on the couch in the living room.
  4. Sometimes attention is moved to the ceiling. Then it becomes a continuation of the accent wall. A small room is not trimmed with dark materials, so that the ceiling does not "crush" the psyche. The combination of "companions" is smoothed, redistributing attention to the surrounding decoration.
  5. A small bedroom can be pasted with dark wallpaper, only if it is in shape close to the square. The walls are made dark by the window or any other part of the room, except for those walls that must reflect sunlight.
  6. In close space, large flowers cut out from the wallpaper like wallpaper, pasted over a discreet background, silhouettes of a kissing couple at the head of a bed or a house, elephants in a nursery.
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Two kinds of wallpaper Birds on wallpaper  Bright wall in the hallway  Different wallpapers in the living room  Isolated wall above the bed  Several kinds of wallpaper in the bedroom

Tips for visually increasing height

A low ceiling, especially in a small kitchen or hallway, is able to make them even tighter. To visually lift it, use the following techniques:

  1. Wallpaper with a glossy surface will increase the height of the room, will make the space deeper.
  2. Vertical drawing will pull the walls up. Borders at the same time it is better not to use.
  3. The ceiling is pasted with wallpaper, depicting the sky above.
  4. If the walls and ceiling have a shade finish, the border between them is blurred, the eye does not fix a certain boundary, the space visually increases.
  5. Furniture should be chosen light, you can with glossy facades. They prefer a cornice backlight, have LED stripes around the perimeter, under the cornices there are LED lights. Dot illumination of hanging cabinets is directed to the ceiling.
  6. Doors and windows maximally stretch. The ceiling is made multilevel, combining its parts with mirror tiles, "heavenly" photo wallpapers, equip it with a false window.

Vertical pattern on wallpaper Bright vertical stripes  Extruded doors and windows  Volumetric drawing to the ceiling  A picture on the wallpaper under the tree  Geometric figures

Photo wallpapers and murals

The quality of photo wallpapers is now much different from those offered in the era of the USSR. Modern photographic paintings, now fashionable murals are of excellent quality, realistic, serve for many years. Any room will become more spacious, original, warm, if you use materials with the correct drawings.

Stylish cloths are made to order, in accordance with the size of the room, the overall situation. Consider not only the design, but also the purpose of the room. For the kitchen, images of flowers, fields, waterfalls are suitable. A picture with a terrace, a space story is appropriate in the bedroom. In the living room are popular urban, natural subjects. The visibility of the three-dimensional space will create patterns of 3D format.

Wallpapers with the sea Photos of puzzles  Horses on wallpaper  Wallpapers with a view of the river  Elephant made of stone  Fresco flowers

To expand a close space, it is important to choose not only the drawing, but also its location.

Frescos used in decoration are applied according to different technologies, they have different sizes and shapes. Even in a small room they can occupy the ceiling or one of the walls completely, provided that the image will have a perspective, imitate an open balcony, a retreating alley, sea open space. Theme is selected based on the style of the room.

We select canvases for rooms of different configurations

The wallpaper is used not only for decorative purposes. With their help, you can change the visual perception of space, increase its height, extend or extend. Professional designers think through combinations of colors, drawings, and choose wallpapers of various qualities. With disproportional rooms there are certain difficulties, but following the established principles of selection and adjustment, even the most awkward room can be given an original stylish look.

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For a narrow room

  1. Correcting a narrow space is easiest at the expense of playing colors. A narrow wall is decorated with bright canvases, light glue is applied to the long one.
  2. If you want wallpaper with a picture, choose small-sized ornaments that do not crush color.
  3. Geometric images, for example, rhombuses of small size, slightly blur and expand the space.
  4. An old reception with stripes is applicable in narrow rooms. What they will be, the stronger the effect.
  5. A win-win option is choosing a light palette. In a wallpaper shop, a material with an indistinct chaotic pattern is selected.
  6. Use 2-3 transitional colors from top to bottom from light to dark, add, if desired, narrow borders.
  7. "Push" one of the walls will help correct selection of colors, the use of photo wallpapers. The long wall is trimmed with a vertical pattern, the short one by a horizontal drawing, and the curtain is hidden behind a beautiful drapery.
  8. The best "friend" of the room volume is good illumination.

Good lighting Mirror Wallpapers  The effect of an outgoing room  Horizontal stripes in the kitchen  Wallpapers with leaves  Interesting geometry

For a dark room

  1. Actual light colors, many light sources. It is desirable to cover the ceiling with a canvas for a couple of tones lighter than the walls.
  2. When using photo wallpapers, attention should be paid to images with the increase of some small object (birds, shells), landscapes with perspective. It is important not to spoil the effect of high furniture.
  3. Avoid dark tones, shades of green and blue, gray, white are preferred. On the north side, the lack of light is compensated by "sunny" glossy wallpaper.
  4. Combine wallpaper of a neutral color and with a geometric pattern on one of the walls.
  5. It is desirable to use furniture with a mirror surface, transparent glass decor elements.
  6. We must abandon the variegated carpets, heavy opaque curtains.

Light photo wallpapers Photo wallpapers with arches  Autumn wood on wallpaper  Photo road the road goes into the distance  Black and white street on wallpaper  Wall decor wallpaper

For a small square room

  1. As in previous cases, it is desirable to avoid dark, saturated bright colors, not to violate the rules of proportion.
  2. Small floral prints in combination with a large one on one of the walls will make it bigger.
  3. A small room will be more spacious if the traditional color of the ceiling is replaced by a bright or dark color.
  4. A low ceiling is leveled with a glossy, better mirror, coating.
  5. A large-format picture on one of them, a mirror in front of the window, murals, photo wallpaper will spread the walls.
  6. The floor should also be light with longitudinal or diagonal lines.
  7. Avoid large furniture, focus on its compactness, multifunctionality. A bright piece of decor is placed in the far corner to create a perspective.

Combining wallpaper with a fresco Photo wallpapers and mirrors  White ceiling and minimum furniture  Wall-papers and white walls  Photos of the city on wallpaper  Geometric patterns on wallpaper


Since it is not always advisable to break down partitions, it will be more productive to implement several useful ideas and it is not so costly for the family budget. When decorating a room, do not use all the helpful tips at the same time. It is always better to be guided by taste and common sense, take care of your preferences, the feelings of the household.