Wallpapers in the hallway: 30 photos with modern ideas in

This kind of decoration of walls as wallpaper in the hallway existed many decades ago and to this day has not lost its relevance. In many ways, this is due to the fact that wallpapering requires much less time, effort and financial costs than other existing ways of decorating walls. The wallpaper creates a fairly cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the room, especially such as an entrance hall - after all, it is from its threshold that the first impression of a dwelling is formed. Deciding on the global repair of the apartment, many are faced with the question: which wallpaper is better to glue in the hallway, because the range of products in our days is simply huge. In this article we will try to understand the existing types and consider different wallpaper in the interior of the hallway with visual photos.

Which wallpaper to choose for the hallway: the difference in species by structure and their characteristics

Among all the diversity distinguish four main types of wallpaper, each of which has its own merits, this:

  • Vinyl wallpaper - the most "ancient" type of wallpaper, but, nevertheless, having a lot of positive qualities. In addition, in our time there are many modern interpretations of it, such as foamed or hot-stamping vinyl. Vinyl wallpapers in the hallway have high strength, fade resistance and are well tolerated by wet cleaning with detergents. Such a coating can be based on paper or non-woven fabric. The second option is most convenient in gluing, as it requires gluing only the surface of the wall, while paper wallpaper for the corridor and hallway (in the photo you can see different options) are applied to the wall as well with a layer of glue. The service life of modern vinyl wallpaper is about 8 - 10 years.
  • Steklooboi (fiberglass) is a completely new and quite popular kind of coatings, which has a special technology for manufacturing, when the material is knitted from the fiberglass (sand, clay, limestone, etc.) by weaving. Unique such wallpaper in the hallway is that they do not succumb to burning. Fiberglass is a particularly durable material that has the ability to protect surfaces from various mechanical damages.
  • Liquid wallpaper in the hallway - this type of coating has the highest quality characteristics, due to the presence of mainly environmentally friendly components (cellulose flakes, natural silk fibers, stone dust, etc.) and no chemicals in the main and additional compositions. To apply such wallpaper can be a thick layer (up to 5 mm), which does not require absolute leveling of the walls. It is worth noting that liquid wallpaper for the corridor and hallway (photos show samples of design) can be supplemented with their components to make a completely individual cover.
  • Natural wallpaper - a rather interesting finishing material, but, at the same time, has a relatively high cost. He is characterized by increased wear resistance and noise insulation. Natural wallpaper can be of several types: vegetable (including cane, jute, nettle, etc.), cork (cork veneer), bamboo, wallpaper with mica, and also made of natural veneer (cut of valuable wood). Natural wallpaper in the hallway, as seen in the photo, with the right choice of style, can significantly emphasize it and give a special atmosphere.

desktop wallpapers in anteroomdesktop wallpapers in anteroomliquid wallpaper in the hallwaydesktop wallpapers in anteroom

How to choose the right wallpaper color in the hallway. Using Combinations and Drawings

In order to properly choose the color of the wallpaper, you must first estimate the dimensions of the room - from which it will depend, whether it will require visual expansion. Each color can give a room a certain mood, for example, yellow and orange - inspire optimism, green - pretty pleasant to the eyes, gives a calming effect, red - speaks of luxury. All coatings can be divided into light and dark, which, moreover, can be monophonic or have a pattern. Consider how the wallpaper in the hallway of different shades can affect the overall appearance of the room.

Light wallpaper in the hallway

Light colors are universal. They can be used in premises with small and large area, with high ceilings or low. Especially good will look light wallpaper for a small hallway - they will give it a visual space and bring a cheerful atmosphere. Here, colors such as white, light blue, light green, beige and light gray will help in the best way, using different shades. The wallpaper in the hallway (as seen in the photo) in a light performance is well combined, combining different colors, which looks quite original and gives the individuality to the interior.

wallpaper for the corridor and hallway photolight wallpaper in the hallway

Dark wallpaper in the hallway

The wallpaper of dark shades is also quite applicable in the arrangement of a corridor room. However, experts do not advise to widely use dark colors in the design of small rooms, since such wallpaper in the hallway, can "reduce" the already small or narrow space. Dark tones are used mainly fragmentally, they should not be dominant, otherwise they will make even a spacious room gloomy and dull. If, however, the choice is stopped on dark wallpaper, you should properly think about the lighting and arrangement of mirrors, which, of course, will soften the interior and add comfort.

dark wallpaper in the hallwaydark wallpaper in the hallway

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How can I combine the wallpaper in the hallway: photo combinations of colors and patterns

Quite bold and worthy of attention is the combination of colors. And you can combine as close shades, for example, beige with cream, white or brown, and completely opposite. A successful combination of wallpapers of two colors is demonstrated in the photo, where the hall is harmoniously combined with black and white color. This gives the room an interesting visual effect.

In this case, it is not necessary to make the white color dominant, since various contaminants are possible, which will lead to frequent cleaning. Also it is worth noting that different combinations of wallpapers can expand the space (for example, dark wallpaper in the lower part of the wall and light at the top), create a bright, modern image of the room, break it into zones or select individual elements.

Particular attention deserves patterned wallpaper in the hallway - it can be a vegetable print, geometric lines and other drawings. On the canvases of "vegetable" wallpaper there are images of flowers, leaves of branches of trees and so on. In this case, large forms visually narrow the space, so that if the room is small, it is still necessary to choose wallpaper with a small pattern. As for geometric lines, they also play a significant role. Wallpaper for the corridor and the hallway (different versions are visible in the photo) with vertical lines make the ceilings higher, but at the same time narrow the space itself, but the horizontal ones bring back the effect.

Bright saturated drawings fit very well into the hallway, cheer and surprise the guests. They are able to give the interior a cheerful mood and carefree. Wallpapers with small images make the room more spacious and help to focus attention on interior items.

Patterns are diverse, and you should not try to "keep pace" with fashion trends - you can listen to them. Choosing wallpaper in the hallway, you need to rely on your inner world, preferences and lifestyle.

combination of wallpapers of two colors photo in the hallwaywallpaper for the corridor and hallway photowallpaper in the hallway interior photocombination of wallpapers of two colors photo in the hallwaycolor of wallpaper in the hallwaycolor of wallpaper in the hallwaywhat kind of wallpaper to choose for the hallwaywhat kind of wallpaper to choose for the hallwaydesktop wallpapers in anteroom фотоdesktop wallpapers in anteroom фотоwallpaper for corridor and hallway ideas photowallpaper for corridor and hallway ideas photowallpaper for corridor and hallway ideas photo

Modern design wallpaper in the hallway: photo of finished objects using the latest trends

Nowadays, in their projects, designers often resort to the combination of wallpaper with different types of decoration. Some of them will undoubtedly require considerable financial expenses, but, afterwards, are completely justified. A vivid example is the decoration of the hallway with decorative stone and wallpaper. Photos show how an extraordinary and stylish appearance can give the corridor such a combination. An artificial (decorative) stone means cement or gypsum with the addition of dyes. Cement has many advantages. It is not subject to combustion, is not afraid of mechanical damage, has a high threshold of durability and a long service life. Gypsum differs relative ease, so it is used for gypsum board walls that do not withstand heavy loads. The disadvantages of this material are the shock resistance and low moisture resistance. Therefore, in most cases, the coating is treated additionally with a special impregnation or lacquered.

Another interesting option that allows you to design an attractive design of the corridor, are wall-papers. In our time, these wallpapers in the hallway, are full of variety of subjects, including abstract images, nature, ancient cities and modern megacities. It is important to understand that something or other image should harmonize well not only with the main color of the hallway, but also with furniture, decorative details, lighting and textiles.

The size of wallpaper depends largely on their color. If the light palette predominates - it can be a panoramic wallpaper on the whole wall. Darker images should be placed in fragments, so as not to reduce visual space. Many at the same time ask themselves the question on which sections it is better to glue such wallpaper in the hallway. Photos of some ready-made interiors can suggest the most successful solutions.

And, at last, I would like to pay attention to such innovation as 3D wallpaper. In many ways, such coverage is an improved example of wallpaper. This is also a realistic widescreen image, but with a high quality of print, creating, so-called, "effect of presence", when it seems that the picture comes out of the canvas directly into the room. This design, among other things, is the best way to give the room an infinite space. In this case, materials that do not attract dust and are capable of resisting temperature and humidity changes are used. How beautiful can have images like wallpaper in the hallway, the photos clearly demonstrate the example of completed interiors.

wallpapers for a small hallwaywallpapers for a small hallwaywallpapers for a small hallwaydesign wallpaper in the hallway photodesign wallpaper in the hallway photodesign wallpaper in the hallway photodecoration of the hallway with decorative stone and wallpaperfinishing hallway wallpaperwhat wallpaper is better to glue in the hallway