Wallpapers with flowers +75 photo examples in the interior

Wallpapers with flowers in the interior

The history of wallpaper has more than 2000 years. Their invention followed immediately after the appearance of rice paper, which perfectly adhered and retained the pattern for a long time. Unfortunately, to this day no specimen of the art of ancient painting has survived. In the Old World, this type of decoration was first tested by the British. They were style legislators in Europe of that time along with France. Initially, the canvases were painted by hand, and stencils were used to reduce labor intensity.

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  • Features of using floral wallpaper
  • Choose the right print
    • With large flowers
    • With small flowers
  • Value and style of colors
    • With red poppies
    • With roses
    • Peonies
    • Other plants
    • Various flowers in bouquets
  • Wall decoration in rooms
    • In the bedroom
    • In the nursery
    • In the kitchen
    • In the living room
    • In the hall
  • Conclusion

Features of using floral wallpaper

Floristic motifs in wallpaper do not lose their popularity and are able to approach almost any room. To decorate the walls of the room decorated, their texture and color carefully selected. The wallpaper in a small flower will give the interior a touch of gentle romanticism, and large, juicy prints will create an elegant atmosphere. It should not be mistaken that buds and bouquets are exclusively feminine motifs. Yes, graceful motley grass of tender shades, watercolor drawings will decorate ladies' boudoir or bedroom, but large flowers on a gloomy background will suit even a stylish bachelor apartment.

Interior with flowers on wallpaper

Recently, dark colors of the "second plan" have entered into fashion, on which whole still-lifes are depicted on the whole wall. This coverage is ideal for Victorian and English styles. Small field bouquets are in harmony with aged Provencal furniture and rude elements of village motifs. Flamboyant eclecticism always welcomes light natural motives, and the ethnic style without them at all does not do. In modern style, writing a flower theme will be much more difficult. It can be a metallized wallpaper with gray buds, perhaps abstract shapes. Minimalism, who came to us from Japan, accepts paintings with flowers of cherry, lotus, hydrangea, wisteria, camellia or chrysanthemum. They differ in the juiciness of shades, which brings life into a meager environment according to the canons of style.

Window in the ceiling

With flowers you can not overdo it. If the pattern is small, then it is diluted with vertical strips, which make the situation less homogeneous. Wallpaper with large floral compositions glue only on one wall to make it accent. The rest are decorated with monophonic finishing materials.

Candlestick on the fireplace  Painting on chests  Work desk with a chair by the bed  Dark ceiling in the bedroom  Photo within the framework of the sofa

Choose the right print

Wallpapers with flowers in the interior are selected based on the aesthetic needs of the apartment owners. If you have an exquisite taste, then problems with the purchase will not arise. But what to do for those who doubt their design skills? It is enough to remember a few simple theses. To accurately not miss, you should choose the combined options. Bright is always balanced with calm shades. Dark tones and large drawings should be avoided in tight spaces, because they will make them even smaller.

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Wallpaper with a floral print in the interior Shelves with books along the wall  Golden curtains on the window  Orchid on the table by the couch  Chest of drawers in the hallway  Window sill as a table with lockers

With large flowers

A large floral print is used in photo wallpapers. These are not repeating patterns, but full-fledged paintings that occupy most of the wall. Combines such compositions as with artificial materials of furnish, and with natural. In solid, strict directions use dark floral prints: asters, gerberas, callas, hydrangeas, poppies, peonies. Do not forget that such photo wallpapers heavily burden the situation, so they will have to be balanced with pastel monotonousness.

Wallpapers with large flowers in the interior

Bouquets of tender field chamomiles, forget-me-nots, cornflowers or pansies look good in neat rooms that are decorated in a mixture of styles. Juicy compositions will dilute modern, and simple floral motifs will bring a touch of naturalness and immediacy in minimalism. Photobiologists with a bouquet of roses that occupy most of the wall, will approach baroque. Fantastic lobels, clematis, delphiniums, lupines and aconites decorate the walls in the northern, Scandinavian interior. Stone flowers are suitable for lovers of original solutions in the design of their house. These plants are neutral and ideal as a backdrop for bright furnishings.

Pillows on the floor in the room

With small flowers

The wallpaper in a small flower looks original when the room is divided horizontally by combined materials. Bottoms are pasted with a single-colored material, and the top is given for floral motifs. If the room has decorative niches or arches, they can also be "draped" with calm wallpaper, which slightly muffles the dominance of colors in the room. Practice and complete the decoration of all the walls with floral patterns, but in this case such a variegated background is combined only with monochrome, strict furniture. Bunches or buds should also be gentle, without aggressive shades. The English, for example, manage to use combined floral motifs: different flowers in textiles, decoration of walls and furniture.

Wallpapers with small flowers in the interior

Ready interior is obtained with a tangible touch of the classic Victorian era. It is important to know. Flower motifs are considered one of the ways of zoning space. The sharp contrast between strict wallpaper and fresh, spring print will immediately make it clear that in one room there are two completely different functional areas.

Turquoise curtains in the bedroom

Value and style of colors

In floristry there is a whole floral alphabet, it is used not only for living bouquets. Each plant species carries its own unique energy. In some rooms they can put pressure on a person, cause a feeling of discomfort, and in others create a unique coziness. More details about the language of flowers will be told by the ancient oriental science of Feng Shui, which helps to design the space correctly so that the owners feel at home "at ease". Many rules of this practice are guided by modern designers who multiply them by elementary standards of interior decoration.

Wallpapers with bright colors in the interior Mirror over the table in the bedroom  Vase on the window  TV in the kitchen on the wall  Mirror on the table near the wall  Lamp on chests

With red poppies

In ancient Greece, the god of sleep was depicted with a poppy in his hands, and the kingdom of Morpheus was decorated with wreaths of these flowers. Red buds with a black center were a symbol of tranquility and pacification. At us poppies grow up in house gardens basically as a decor. They are favorably allocated scarlet heads among other colors. In feng shui, poppies are considered a symbol of love, which helps to establish human relationships. These are eccentric flowers that have powerful energy and are capable of even helping people to gain self-confidence. The wallpaper with bright poppies will emphasize the decor of the bedroom, but only one accented wall should be glued to the room. Too many bright spots will negate the entire soothing effect and turn into an irritant. The original looks great flowers for the whole human growth, although poppies are suitable for small patterns, but again they can be recharged in the eyes.

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Wallpapers with red poppies in the interior The floor in the living room  Wisteria in the corner of the room  Bookcase against the wall  Living room with office  Lilac armchair in the interior

With roses

In floristry, a rose is considered a flower-egoist, it has such a powerful energy that it simply will not tolerate other rivals in the interior, crush them and muffle them. Red roses bring a touch of catchy elegance. A room with such wallpaper can look defiantly beautiful. White roses are more gentle and calm flowers. They are suitable for children's rooms and bedrooms. The background is chosen pastel shades, so as not to spoil the atmosphere of comfort and tranquility with bright colors. Pink buds come to sensual interiors with elements of noble luxury. "The Queen of Flowers," as it is sometimes called, personifies courage, purity, nobility and honor. Wallpapers with roses in the room are ideal for English style, because in the misty Albion heraldry can not do without this element.

Wallpapers with roses in the interior Wood burning stove in the living room  Lamps on bedside tables near the bed  Red wallpapers with white roses in the interior  Vase on the table by the couch  Figurines on the window in the bedroom


В Китае пион считается царским цветком, к которому всегда относились с трепетом и уважением. Букеты из него были обязательным атрибутом богатых и зажиточных домов. Peonies бывают самых разнообразных оттенков. Фотообои с розовыми или белыми цветами создадут романтическую атмосферу в спальне. Отделочные материалы с мелкими пионами фиолетового или желтого оттенков внесут свежесть в гостиную и кухню. Экспрессивные обои с яркими пятнами красных бутонов будут оригинально смотреться в ванной комнате. Пышные пионы в любой обстановке будут притягивать взгляд, они однозначно станут центром интерьерной композиции.

Peonies in the interior White nightstand with a lamp by the bed  White mat on the gray floor in the living room  Lamp on the table in the interior  Chest of the sofa  Table, armchair and sofa in the bedroom

Other plants

The world of flowers is rich and diverse. In it everyone can find an image for himself. In addition to the golden troika, which we discussed above, are very popular:

  • Sunflowers. Bright, sunny flowers symbolize youth, beauty, warmth and easy audacity. They are invariably associated with the careless atmosphere of a rural house. Ideal for interiors with motifs of the French outback;
  • Lily. It is good for any room, but it looks especially impressive on the walls of the bathroom. A water flower is associated with purity, so it creates a "river" illusion during the shower;
  • Tulips. Flowers, ascending, they resemble bright arrows that stretch to the sky. In Holland, the tulip boom still has not died down. There were times when for bulbs of a rare variety, people parted with their property. Photo wallpapers with a composition of bright tulips suitable for rooms with low ceilings. They visually extend them;
  • Gerberas. Their heads look like big chamomiles, which are painted in the colors of the rainbow. The flower in all respects is modern. Wallpapers with small bouquets of gerberas are beautifully shaded by monochrome backgrounds, so they are suitable for partial decoration of decorative elements;
  • Lavender. It is subconsciously associated with France and its boundless, fragrant violet fields. Lavender perfectly blends in with the aged tree: traces of white "peeling" paint on the furniture look great in combination with bright colors on the wallpaper;
  • Lotus. A flower of wisdom and a symbol of gentle beauty. It fits into strict and calm interiors.

These are only the main representatives of the world of flowering flora, which boasts a much larger "assortment". Exotics, too, quite comfortably fits into the decoration of the house. Such rare flowers with unusual beauty, like phalaenopsis, petunia, primula, azalea, crocus and even carnivorous sundew find their admirers.

Wallpapers with sunflowers in the interior

Various flowers in bouquets

The floral potpourri can be sustained both in bright colors, and in calm shades. In bouquets often collect flowers from one "class". Expensive roses are combined with no less luxurious gerberas or asters, and less pretentious bells coexist with forget-me-nots, periwinkles or daisies. Bouquets can be variegated on the walls or on the contrary shade bright furniture with their quiet motives.

Wallpapers with bouquets in the interior

Wall decoration in rooms

In each separate room, finishing materials are selected individually. The premises can be decorated in completely different styles, which means that the flowers will also differ in shades, texture, manner of image and energy, which they bring with them to the room. The atmosphere of each room is formed on the basis of its functional purpose.

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Wallpapers with flowers in the room

In the bedroom

A place for rest and sleep should have peace and relaxation. Here fit wallpaper in a small, not very bright flower. They will be in harmony with the snow-white bed, which is covered with "blockages" of small pads. Practice the use of floral collages of roses, orchids and lotus, which are placed on the "leading" wall at the head of the bed. Bedspreads, curtains or padding upholstery can repeat the floral pattern to complement the overall picture of natural harmony.

Wallpapers with flowers in the bedroom Carpet on the floor  Floor lamp in the bedroom by the window  Armchairs in the chest  Orchid on the table by the window in the bedroom  Wallpaper and curtains with the same pattern in the interior

In the nursery

In the design of the children's room, floral wallpaper is at hand. This is a real way for a long time to do without changing the walls covering the room for the girl. Flowers will suit any age, while from bunnies and bears on the walls the child will sooner or later grow up. In children's rooms, where babies live, such wallpaper will bring with it a feeling of tenderness, freshness and spring. Preference is given to field flowers and their compositions.

Wallpapers with flowers in the bedroom Shelf with toys on the wall  Lamp above a cot  Table with a computer by the window  Bright carpet in the nursery  Cabinet and chest of drawers along the wall in the nursery

In the kitchen

The kitchen is usually made using juicy wallpaper. They occupy one wall, to which adjoins the dining area. The choice of colors should be taken seriously, because in this room, the mood that creates the interior is especially important. A good appetite and inspiration for culinary feats visits only in a cozy atmosphere. For the kitchen the compositions of warm shades of yellow, orange, pink will suit. Flower motifs can find their own stylistic continuation on the kitchen apron or in the ceramic tile on the floor.

Wallpapers with flowers in the kitchen Table-island in the interior  Parquet on semi  Window wash  Chess floor in the kitchen  Clock on the wall

In the living room

Sakura branch with flowers, which stretches across the wall of the living room, will emphasize the oriental spirit of the interior. If you use a material with a raised coating or with the technique of applying halftones that create an invoice, the room will be transformed even more, and the guests will have a sense of presence in the Japanese garden. The hall is often divided into zones: a playground for watching movies, a corner with books, a place for more active leisure and tea drinking. You can distinguish a large room with the original wallpaper. In one part of the room the wall is glued with a coquettish and bright strip, and another area is covered with a coating in a small flower. The game of contrasts will help without unnecessary effort to divide the living room into zones where each of the domestic people will find a place.

Wallpapers with flowers in the living room Orange chest of drawers in a light interior  Table and chairs in the bay window  LED Ceiling Light  Painting over the sofa  Living room in classic style

In the hall

The hallway is always the first to welcome guests and hosts. So nice after the turmoil of a big city to go into the house and plunge into a warm atmosphere, which the plants will help create. The wallpaper in a small flower is combined with a vintage style and elements of a retro direction. With their help, you can reproduce the unique "aura" of the 50-60s of the last century. Stylish wallpaper with exquisite buds and luxurious furniture will emphasize the elegance and high cost of the interior. Simple little bouquets of wildflowers on the finishing material in combination with the furniture that had seen the kind and a couple of pots with "originals" on the contrary will be transferred to a simple but cozy hallway from the outback.

Wallpapers with flowers in the hallway Hanger on the wall  Mirror in the hallway  Laminate flooring under the tree on the floor  White doors in the interior  Niche with illumination in the hallway


Wallpapers do not lose their positions among other finishing materials for decades. Every year they are on the contrary, they are only improving. If before there was no other basis except for short-lived paper, now the market offers a wide variety of options: from laminated films to fabric and foil coatings.

Interior with burgundy wallpaper in white flower

Fashion for drawings, colors and ornaments changes periodically, but the floral theme remains outside of these trends in the role of ageless classics. In what modern apartments a person does not live, but he will still be drawn to the natural images, the embodiment of which became flowers.