Bedroom design 12 sq.m. - 50 photos of the interior

Light bedroom

The interior of the bedroom is the first thing a person sees every day after awakening. This is just one of many reasons to make your bedroom cozy and stylish. Unfortunately, in most apartments, its area is not too big. But the bedroom design of 12 sq m can also please owners in the mornings, the main thing is to properly organize it. Modern designers offer a large number of simple solutions to make this room not only a great place for a full night's rest, but also a functional part of a stylish modern apartment. How to visually increase the space and achieve maximum comfort?

The main styles for this place are:

  • Classical. Ageless style, combines pomp and love for expensive materials, with restraint and symmetrical forms.
  • High tech. Characterized by an abundance of modern technology, glass and chrome in the interior of the bedroom. Expensive in design style, requires constant updating of electronic devices on the newest models.
  • Country. This is a style of rural comfort, natural tones and many elements of the interior. In the country style, natural materials are used.
  • Modern style. Minimalism, functionality, direct forms - that's what you can say about it.
  • Pop Art. Bright style, whose goal is to emphasize the individuality of the owners and turn everyday things into decor elements.

Bedroom in Art Nouveau style

Color palette

The choice of color for any room is very important decision. For a small bedroom of 12 square meters it can become completely fatal. Above any fashion trends it is worthwhile to set your own tastes: the bedroom is a private space, where outsiders rarely intrude. Having chosen your favorite as the main color, you need to fight him a worthy combination. But from bright colors you should still refrain. This room is designed for relaxation, and relaxing with screaming walls will not work out very well.

Multicolored textiles

A suitable color solution can be:

  • beige tones;
  • blue maritime theme, tender turquoise;
  • combination of white and black;
  • green colors;
  • shades of gray with purple and purple;
  • yellow.

Light bedroom

The choice between warm and cold tones depends entirely on the particular room. If the natural light in the room is excessive, the overall picture is better complemented by cold light, and the absence of sunlight is better compensated for by the warm color of the surfaces.

White Bedroom

Type of house and bedroom design

The type of building in which the design of the bedroom 12 square. meters, is also important in creating an aesthetic interior of the room.

Bed-transformer with extension from the cabinet

There are 3 common options:

  1. The bedroom is in Khrushchevka. If the house is not made of bricks, then the bedroom will lack heat. Green plantations around such houses tend to close the windows of apartments, blocking the way to the rays of the sun. Proceeding from this, for Khrushchev it will be appropriate to use warm light tones of walls, having selected to them the most functional and practical furniture.

Closet in the bedroom of 12 sq. M

  1. Panel house. In comparison with the Khrushchev, there is not only more natural lighting, but also a higher ceiling. The additional temptation to use multi-level stretch ceilings is falling. So why should not he go? This design will look good with high ceilings, and will also open additional possibilities for built-in lighting.
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Spotlights above the bed

  1. A private house. Owners of private houses have the greatest freedom to choose a design. Essential difference of the bedroom can be not only the color, style, interior, but the very form of the room, made according to a special project. It is common to use the room as a bedroom-living room or even a bedroom-dining room.

The combination of textiles and paintings in the bedroom

Surface Finishing

Finishing is a stage of repair, which determines the design of any room. Depending on the chosen style, different materials and techniques can be used. Consider the finish of each surface separately.

Decorative panels in the wall decoration in the bedroom


Finishing the room starts from the ceiling. Until recently, the bedroom ceiling was lined and painted white. Such ceilings are familiar to us and simple to care for. To trim the ceiling, in this case, is easy with their own hands. But the idea of ​​a bedroom 12 sq.m. meters can be scooped from many sources and limited to simple painting is not worth it.

Design project bedroom 12 sq m

Staining requires a perfectly flat surface: for uncertainty in their abilities, it is better to invite a professional.

The combination of gray and white in the bedroom

A modern solution will be the use of a suspended or suspended ceiling design. Manufacturers offer the widest choice of colors for every taste. High ceilings will allow the use of several of its levels, which will additionally play a difference in colors and lighting.

Light bedroom

As a decoration of the ceiling can be used pasting wallpaper, plates of expanded polystyrene, finishing with plastic panels or sheets of plasterboard with finishing plaster.

Place for reading on the windowsill


In most apartments, the walls are covered with wallpaper. This is a good choice for a bedroom of 12 sq. M .: a wide assortment of various colors and textures will allow to select wallpaper in any style and create any desired effect. Preference is given to give a small picture - he visually "distant" the walls of the room and expand the space. Large parts will reduce the already small room.

Solid walls and wallpaper

Fashionable trend in the form of a wall without finishing with a "bare" brick or concrete - not a very good solution for a bedroom. Such a detail, included in the interior of the bedroom of 12 sq., Does not fit too well with the warmth and comfort that must be inherent in this room. But even this design can be beaten.

The combination of wallpaper in the bedroom

But the accent wall at the head of the bed - a successful and very popular trend of modern design. To achieve such an effect is not difficult. If the other walls are painted in monochrome, then for the accent wall, wallpaper with the original print in tone will suit. In addition, draw attention and give the wall the use of the surface relief. Excellent fit wooden panels, especially for a private house.

Painted wall in the bedroom


Considering the specifics of the room, almost any floor covering will look good in the bedroom. The choice is limited only by the imagination of the tenant and the desired budget of the finish. The only thing that is not used in the bedroom is tile. Here he absolutely does not need anything.

Carpet on the floor in the bedroom

Floor covering of the bedroom can serve as:

  • Parquet. Takes an honorable first place in popularity, thanks to its price, environmental friendliness, simplicity of care and appearance.
  • Cork cover. It becomes more and more accessible. It combines all the advantages of a parquet and carpet, has the properties of heat and noise insulation.
  • Vinyl. An unpretentious and easy-care material.
  • Laminate. It perfectly imitates an expensive wooden covering, has all the necessary properties for a bedroom.

Carpet in the bedroom

The floor covering of the bedroom is often covered with a carpet. It is worth thinking about this when choosing the finishing material. As for the picture of the cover, it is best to beat the space of 12 square meters. meters can diagonal drawing.

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Stretched ceiling

Elements of the interior of the bedroom

Design of a small bedroom 12 sq.m. meters should not be overloaded with details. Do not forget that its main function is the recreation area. Before considering the options for planning a bedroom, you need to determine the main elements of it.

Bedroom in minimalist style

  • Double bed. The main part of the room, the central element around which the entire bedroom composition is built.
  • Cupboard. A separate dressing room is very convenient. But not every home has a place for it. In this case, it will be appropriate to place a closet in the bedroom for storing clothes, linen, etc.

Bedroom in white tones

  • Chest of drawers. Thanks to this element, in the bedroom it will be possible to find a place not only for clothes, but also for a large number of small things. Including, ladies' accessories.
  • Bedside tables or coffee table. A very convenient object, where gadgets and other small things are put up for the night.
  • Dressing table. Can be combined with a chest of drawers. It is desirable that the sleeping part of the room is not reflected in the mirror - this can cause discomfort.
  • TV. Located opposite the bed.

Two-level ceiling

Room layout

Depending on the number of desired elements of the room, the location of the door and windows, there are several basic layouts of the bedroom 12 sq.m. meters:

  • With a classic layout, the bed is in the center of the room. One of the side walls is empty, there is a window in it. Along the other there is a closet, next to it is a doorway.
  • When the door is in the wall opposite the bed, it is rational to use the built-in furniture along the entire side wall. Minus is an asymmetrical arrangement of elements in the wall with the door.
  • The symmetrical layout looks like this: on the sides of the bed, as the main part, there are small nightstands, and at the opposite wall, the TV, on either side of the storage space (cabinets or chests of drawers).

Bedroom with two windows

  • Minimalism is suitable for the option when the bedroom performs only its primary function. In the interior of the room there is only a bed with two bedside tables.
  • If both the door and the window are located on the same wall, then an interesting solution will be to put the bed in front of the window. Would not it be great to look at the sky instead of a TV screen? Built-in furniture is located on the side.

Dark blue walls and white ceiling

Selecting a bed

The main furniture in the bedroom will be a double bed. The width of a standard bed can be from 160 centimeters. With a bedroom area of ​​12 square meters, the choice of a bed more than 200 cm will be an error. In addition to well-chosen dimensions, they must match the style of the room and be comfortable.

High bed with a soft headboard

Modern manufacturers offer a wide choice of beds. The design of a rectangular bedroom of 12 m2 qualitatively ennobles the original back of the bed at her headboard.

Wooden bed headboard

The bed frame must be strong and durable. The best option is a wooden, forged and metal construction. As a filler, preference should be given to hypoallergenic materials.

Original bedroom decoration

The important part of the bed is a drawer. This detail is not only a convenient storage place, but also has a direct value for the interior of the room, unloading it from unnecessary details. Not a drawer adjacent to the floor, can make the construction lighter and airy.

Wood and concrete in the bedroom


The illumination of the bedroom depends on the height and type of ceilings. But, no matter what option is considered, the bedroom does not belong to a single source of light. At a minimum, it should be a central luminaire on the ceiling and bedside night light. It is convenient to place it on the nightstand next to it.

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Mirror cloth above the bed

If the room has an armchair, then it is good to place a light source near it: for a comfortable reading of a book or magazine. In this capacity, you can use a floor lamp or an ordinary lamp mounted on the nearest wall.

Niche from plasterboard

It is convenient when it is possible to change the brightness of the main lighting. For this, there are special regulators. In the bedroom, this function will be the place.

Spacious wardrobe in the bedroom

If the design of stretch ceilings is used - spotlights along the perimeter visually expand the space. And if you add lamps of different colors to this ceiling, you can create a unique romantic atmosphere in the room.

Painting on the wall above the bed

Elements of decor

The view that a small bedroom of 12 square. meters does not need an additional decor error. Correctly selected parts of it can miraculously transform the interior, not only not "making it" heavier, but visually "unloading".

Bedroom design 12 sq. M

The decor begins with the central object - the bed. Bedspread should be chosen based on the style of the room. You can supplement the main motive, or you can do the opposite - make a contrast due to the print or texture. It is appropriate to use decorative pillows to decorate the bed.

Sconce and chandelier in one style

Curtains - no less important detail. The choice of beautiful curtains is a whole art. The ideal option will be window textiles made to order specifically for the design of a modern bedroom of 12 sq. M. meters. Long heavy curtains should be used very neatly, due to the small area of ​​the room. They are able to take a large amount of natural light, making the space smaller.

Elements of decor для небольшой спальни

The head of the bed is considered the accent wall of the bedroom. If it was not highlighted during the finishing phase, then it's time to do it now. To emphasize the style of the room can be paintings, unusual designs, installations or plaster decor items.

Wall decoration with bamboo panels in the bedroom

Freshness of the room will add notes of eco-style as fresh flowers on the windowsill or near it. This is especially true when choosing a brutal or strict bedroom design 12kv.m: the greens will help a little soften it, will focus on the connection with nature.

Bedroom combined with balcony

Bedroom design with balcony or balcony

Bedroom design 12 sq.m. m with balcony - this is a good opportunity to expand the small space of the room. The downside is the cost of dismantling the wall. In addition, the demolition of the floor is very dirty and dusty work. It must be carried out at the initial stages of repair, before leveling the surfaces.

Modern bedroom

The balcony can become as a separate functional area of ​​the bedroom, in which it is convenient to arrange, for example, a comfortable reading space, a wardrobe or a mini office. Another option is to completely demolish the dividing wall and continue the area of ​​the sleeping room.

Cozy small bedroom with a combined loggia

For a better effect, when uniting a bedroom 12 sq.m. meters with a balcony, leave a few centimeters on the perimeter of the former wall, creating an arch effect.

The loggia zone should be made in the style of the main part of the room. It is also necessary to equip it with additional lighting, since the arch will become an obstacle to direct rays from the central lamp of the bedroom.

Workplace in a loggia with a combined bedroom

If you want and expand the bedroom space, and keep a separate balcony with a cabinet, then a good option will be to glaze the overlap between the rooms. This additionally adds to the bedroom with a loggia of natural daylight.

On the balcony

Re-planning of the room should take place in accordance with the housing and communal services.