Forged candlesticks on the wall - 25 photos with ideas of

Since ancient times art forging has pleased people with its beauty, elegance and uniqueness. The metal, heated to a thousand degrees of temperature, is transformed into works of art in the hands of a skilled smith. Forged wall candlesticks will give antique charm and originality to any room, add mystery and romance. Want to order forged candlesticks on the wall? Then see a selection of ideas for their design and a photo of wall candlesticks in the interior!

Forged candlesticks - photos of interesting solutions

Today, forged candlesticks add to the walls in the interiors of almost all styles. Classic models with fine, curved lines fit perfectly into the style of Provence, Country, Art Deco and luxury.

Forged candlesticks in classic style

For modern design, candlesticks are made with more even lines or creative forms, for example, a bicycle or bird cage.

Original modern forged candlesticks Creative forged candlestick Bicycle - photo on the wall

When viewing the following photos, pay special attention to the forged art compositions for the walls, which include several candle stands. A great way to bring a new accent to the interior design!

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Wall-mounted forged candlesticks in interior design

Forged candlesticks are often combined with forged window grilles, chandeliers, furniture trim, stairs etc. The use of materials such as wood, stone and marble in the interior will only emphasize their beauty. At the same time, fresh flowers and houseplants will create an interesting combination with wall candlesticks that will make the room more fresh and bright.

We offer you several options how to hang forged candlesticks on the wall:

  1. Place them on either side of the canvas and admire how the mood of the work of art changes;
  2. Hang some candlesticks over the ladder for its romantic lighting;

Forged candlesticks in the interior of a private house

3. Place them on the sides of the mirror or over the fireplace, giving the interior a mystery;

4. Install forged candlesticks on the wall in the kitchen to enjoy dinner in a muffled and relaxing atmosphere;

5. Create an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom, hanging them over the headboard and near the bed.

Forged Candlesticks - photo in the interior of the bedroom

But no matter what place you choose for them, the wall mounted candleholders combined with the bright flame of the candle will create an amazing game of light and shadow in the interior that will help you to abstract yourself from the noise and fuss, as well as plunge into the world of peace and romance.

See 10 more photos for inspiration!

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