Bathroom design 6 sq. m. m with toilet +50 photo of interior

Toilet design with bathtub

The bathroom is a small but multifunctional room, especially if it is combined with a toilet. If the room occupies an average area of ​​6 to 8 square meters, it is easier for designers and planners to figure out how to place many necessary items in one place so that everything looks compact and stylish. With a competent approach, the arrangement of the bathroom involves the organic placement of communications, plumbing and the availability of space for free movement. Therefore, the layout and design of the bathroom 6 sq.m. is recommended to trust professionals.

In a room of 6 m2, it is realistic to put not one but two sinks, which is especially convenient for a large family. Along the wall are often placed capacious working pencil cases. Do not forget about the lighting, as the bathroom is the only room where there is not enough sunlight, although there are variants with windows.

Nuances of design

When creating a modern design project, consider all the nuances and features of a particular room. If the area allows, the bathroom is better divided into separate zones. So it will be more comfortable for perception and more convenient when using bathroom and accessories. Visual separation can be done by lighting, placing any shelves, mirrors, sanitary ware. If the bath in shape represents a square, fill the space better evenly, without overloading individual parts of the room. The fact that the bathroom is combined with a toilet does not at all mean that you can not install a decorative partition in the room.

Gray bathroom interior

Do not dispose of sockets and other electrocommunications near water. When planning to install a bath in a particular corner, do not design the wiring above it - do it on the opposite side.

How to place plumbing and equipment

To ensure that the bathroom does not resemble a littered pantry, but it looked harmonious, one should take care not only of buying beautiful and stylish sanitary ware, but also about the proper placement of all items. Thus, a considerable percentage of free space will be freed up, and the room will be spacious and comfortable.

Purple tiles in the bathroom Beautiful tile in the bathroom  Mosaic tiles in the bathroom  Classic bathroom decor  Brown wall in the bathroom  Combined bathroom in the house

Basic advice when placing:

  1. In order not to change the existing layout of water supply lines, it is better to install a bath opposite the door.
  2. The installation of a shower or a sedentary bath saves a lot of space, so if there are no lovers to lie in the bath in the family, it is recommended to stop on this option.
  3. When choosing a washing machine, buy small models that are easy to hide under the sink or put in a corner.
  4. If possible, buy corner models of sanitary ware - space saving is assured.
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Surface Finishing

The decisive importance in the design of the bathroom is what to choose the finish. The main factor is the taste of the owners, who choose the style they need and decide how to decorate the room with tiles, plastic panels, natural wood, what color range to choose. However, it is important to be guided not only by considerations of external perception, but also by practicality. Not all materials have moisture resistance, strength and are able to ensure hygiene in the room. You can make expensive finishing, and then fight with a touch, a fungus and other formations appearing on the surfaces. Experienced designers, after listening to the wishes of customers, can immediately offer possible options for finishing.

Blue tile in the bathroom

Ceramic and stone tiles

Tile is one of the most practical options for finishing the bathroom. Buying a tile, you should not save on the material, as any fake will soon be felt. Substandard materials quickly fade, chipped and cracked. Choose a pottery or stone - it's beautiful and reliable, such a bathroom will please for a long time if you do not plan to do repairs every year.

If, due to construction errors, the walls have defects, irregularities, roughness, the tile will hide everything behind a perfectly smooth surface. In addition, thanks to a huge assortment, you can choose any color range and texture of the tiles, turning the room into a place where you want to relax and enjoy water procedures.

Widespread sink in the bathroom Shower cabin in the bathroom  Wooden walls in the bathroom  Wooden chest of drawers in the bathroom  Shower cabin and bath  Stylish bathroom interior 6 sq. M. m.


Close to the tile for quality and durability is a mosaic. In some respects, such material is even more profitable. Since the mosaic tiles are small in size, it can lay almost any surface, not only flat. Modern design assumes the presence of flexible forms, smooth partitions. Due to the extensive color scheme, mosaic, you can "draw" all sorts of patterns, paintings, art canvases. Small tiles have excellent adhesion to all types of materials, which allows it to be applied even to unprepared concrete.

Red tile in the bathroom Tile for wood in bathroom  Bright bathroom decor  Compact bathroom  Orange walls in the bathroom  Large shower cubicle

Despite a lot of advantages, the mosaic has disadvantages - it takes a lot of time to lay it, work with such material is considered almost a jewelry. The ready mosaic is made of various materials: natural stone, ceramics, glass, metal, wood.

Plastic wall panels

Plastic panels are considered a budget option, since plastic is an inexpensive option, and the finishing of a bathroom with such material will be cheaper by two or three times than decorating with ceramic tile or mosaic. Plastic is resistant to high humidity, durable, long time does not lose its original color, it is easy to wash. Mounting wall panels from plastic is convenient, with such work you can often manage on your own.

Bathroom in baroque style

Modern plastic has a presentable appearance. In most cases, a bathroom with a plastic finish will not look cheap, but much depends on the quality of the material, the coloring and the rest of the decoration of the room, additional accessories. Of the minuses, we can note the issue of environmental friendliness, since plastic refers to harmful materials.

Natural wood

The lining of natural wood has very different characteristics. In terms of environmental friendliness with natural wood it's hard to argue - here it has no equal. In addition, the material has a high thermal insulation. It is no accident that a sauna is made up of baths and saunas - in such premises it is always warm and cozy.

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Wooden decoration looks rich, luxurious, noble, unlike some modern design novelties. Many believe that over time, under the influence of moisture tree can be rotted and other negative effects. For the treatment of wood today, there are a lot of special means that protect the material: various impregnations, varnish, oil, wax, etc.

Gray tiles Blue bath  Green tile in the bathroom  Large mirror in the bathroom 6 sq. M. m.  Bathroom design in apartment  Bathroom in the attic

Combined ways of finishing

Very interesting look original techniques for finishing the bathroom with a combination of different materials and techniques. A clear preliminary picture is necessary, when the designer initially understands what should happen in the end, rather than selecting materials in the course of the work. One of the most popular combinations is the union of tiles and plastic panels. For example, as a decoration for the walls choose a ceramic tile, and the ceiling is made hinged from the plastic "lining" or tension. Often combine and finish the walls themselves. Up to half the height, the wall is decorated with wood, and the top part is covered with decorative plaster.

Sand walls in the bathroom

Color palette

As in the design of any other room, an important aspect in the design of the bathroom is the color scheme. In the "coloring" of a small room has its own characteristics. It is not recommended to focus on the dark - thus the already small room will visually diminish. In addition, it is important to stick to a single style, not combining what is in a clear imbalance.

The ideal color for bathroom finishing is:

  • classic white and its shades;
  • noble black (suitable for a large room);
  • red (in combination with white);
  • салатный;
  • blue.

Black walls in the bathroom with toilet Elegant bathroom decor  The layout of the bathroom 6 sq. M. m.  Wooden floor in the bathroom  Beautiful tile in the bathroom  Arrangement of furniture in the bathroom

Light colors

Light color is preferable for finishing the bathroom, as a light color visually increases the space, creates an environment that is comfortable for the eyes. This room becomes "airy", conducive to comfortable rest and peace. Popular light shades - white, beige, milky, pink, blue, salad.

Bright colors and motley drawings

Bright colors in the bathroom decor is less likely to be chosen than calm. In general, colorful design is ordered where there are children who love everything bright and cheerful, or where pastel colors reigned for a long time and the owners just wanted something new, "invigorating."

Bathroom Decor

In the variegated coloring there is nothing contradictory or unusual, the main thing is to correctly combine the colors. If bright colors fill the entire space, after a while you just do not want to go into the room - so provocative and oppressive the atmosphere becomes. If you decide to brighten the walls, combine them with a monophonic top - leave the calm color islands for rest to your eyes. Also, do not use a lot of bright mosaics and an abundance of mirrors in a motley design for the same reason.

Choosing as the primary colors bright red, blue, green, take care to balance them with something light. It looks beautiful combination of bright red, orange and white, and light should prevail. Stick to the basic rule: include more white in the design, and fill the rest with colorful, bright.

Combined bathroom in a private house

Black and white - contrast interior

Contrast in the interior has always been and remains in fashion. Especially it concerns directly opposite colors - black and white. Most often this combination is used for floor and wall design in English style, laying a tile in the form of a chess board, but here the main thing is to guess with its dimensions.

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It looks good contrast design in other geometric patterns and figures. With the help of seeming contradictions one can play with visual expansion or reduction of space. As you know, horizontal stripes make the room wider, and vertical - on the contrary, add to it the heights.

Mirror in the bathroom Layout of the combined WC  Black shell  Simple bathroom design  Wide shower room  Corner shower cubicle

Mirrors in the interior

Reflective materials are often used to visually expand space, especially when each meter counts. To decorate the walls with mirrors is the best way to visually increase the area of ​​the bathroom. In addition, without such an important accessory it is difficult to imagine a place for water procedures. What size and shape should be a mirror, depends on the particular style of the interior and area. If it is a rectangle, the width should not exceed the dimensions of the shell. In other cases, act at your own discretion. The main thing in this "realm of mirrors" is not to feel like a general review, everything should be tasteful and moderately.

The mirror is organically combined with ceramics, so decorating the walls with tiles, some elements can be made mirror. Do not forget about the lighting - so the mirrors look more beautiful, and cosmetic procedures are more convenient.

Decor and Lighting

Which decor to choose for your bathroom depends on the style. Modern and loft inherent in the abundance of metal and glass, for minimalism the usual rosary corners, even shapes. If you prefer eclecticism, buy a large mirror and a lot of decorative accessories.

Coffee tiles in the bathroom

As for lighting, the bathroom loves the scattered, maximally natural light. To create a cozy and quiet environment, buy built-in lamps of not too large size, you can place an additional source with directional lighting around the mirror. All available furniture, as well as plumbing should be evenly illuminated, to avoid injury along with high humidity. If the bathroom has a window, you should take this into account and competently combine natural lighting with an artificial one.


When designing the design and layout of a bathroom with an area of ​​six square meters, listen to the advice of specialists. Browse the catalogs with photos, videos with examples of interiors - you will find a lot of useful and practical. What kind of decoration, decor, lighting - all these questions already have answers, the main thing is to find them and realize them in your own apartment. Entering the bathroom, you should have a sense of harmony, comfort. When you visit this room, your day starts and ends - let the sensations be pleasant.

When designing a bathroom, a non-standard idea can often arise that contradicts all the rules of interior design. Do not immediately abandon the creative impulses - and suddenly you are on the verge of opening a new style that will become a trend for the coming years? Consult with experts, weigh all the pros and cons and come to a common decision.